College Football Rankings Week 3: Which Teams Got Absolutely Screwed?

Randy ChambersAnalyst ISeptember 8, 2013

College Football Rankings Week 3: Which Teams Got Absolutely Screwed?

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    The latest AP and USA Today Coaches Polls have been released and there are some shockers that will upset a few fan bases.

    Just because a team loses one game does not mean they aren't worth the hype and deserve to fall out of the polls. There's also a couple of teams that aren't even mentioned in the polls that should be getting a lot more love.

    But as usual, voters overreact from week-to-week.

    If your team lost in Week 2, there's a good chance they were screwed by the pollsters.


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    AP Ranking: 18

    USA Today Coaches Ranking: 20

    Yes, the Gators had a performance against Miami that was worthy of knocking them out of the polls all together. However, the Hurricanes went from being unranked to No. 15 in the AP Poll. Obviously, voters were high on Miami but were waiting for a marquee victory.

    Here you are.

    But since Florida lost to a solid team on the road, was it really worthy of falling six or 11 spots? Better yet, could UCLA, Northwestern or Nebraska beat Florida on a neutral field?

    The offense is brutal and improvements need to be made, but let's not act like the Gators are a bottom-feeding team due to losing a game where they beat themselves with five turnovers.


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    AP Ranking: Nine

    USA Today Coaches Ranking: 10

    Georgia has had the toughest two weeks of any team in the country, playing both Clemson and South Carolina. The Bulldogs showed major flaws in the Gamecocks defense and was one possession away from finding a way to knock off the Tigers.

    This team could be 2-0 and would have a legitimate argument for the top spot.

    But even at a 1-1 record, Georgia has proven more than plenty of teams ahead in the polls. The offense is one of the best in the country and the defense has shown flashes of consistency and growth.

    The Bulldogs will continue to gel as the season goes on and will once again make a strong run for an SEC title.

Arizona State

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    AP Ranking: NR

    USA Today Coaches Ranking: NR

    Arizona State should have begun the season ranked, but the Sun Devils still can't get any love two weeks into the season. Granted, a 55-0 win over Sacramento State doesn't amount to much, but with USC, Texas and other teams failing to live up to the hype, Arizona State should have sneaked into both polls.

    The defense shined by forcing four turnovers and quarterback Taylor Kelly was flawless, completing 74 percent of his passes for 300 yards and five touchdowns.

    The Sun Devils are a legit Pac-12 contender and could take it to more than half of the teams in either poll. Eventually, the voters will give in and start paying attention to this underrated squad.

Ohio State

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    AP Ranking: Four

    USA Today Coaches Ranking: Three

    Wasn't Ohio State the favorite to reach the national championship this season?

    What happened since then?

    Ohio State has beaten both of its opponents fairly easily and showed nice depth by beating San Diego State 42-7 without quarterback Braxton Miller. Still, the Buckeyes fell one spot in each poll. What's interesting is that they still have the second most first-place votes (two) in the USA Today Coaches Poll.

    Winning is everything and the Buckeyes haven't shown many weaknesses for anybody to jump off the bandwagon. However, it seems like many voters are slowly shying away from Urban Meyer and company.

Notre Dame

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    AP Ranking: 21

    USA Today Coaches Ranking: 21

    Notre Dame was one of the most impressive losers of Week 2. The offense scored 30 points on a solid Michigan defense and actually looked like a balanced team for the first time under head coach Brian Kelly. Sure, the defense could have made more plays, but if a couple of questionable calls and a few bounces went their way, the Irish could have easily won.

    Notre Dame looks like a better team than Florida and Wisconsin at the moment. Falling seven spots in the AP Poll and eight spots in the USA Today Coaches Poll is a little harsh, especially when you consider a road game against Michigan isn't easy.

    The Irish held their own against the Wolverines and should be given a little more credit.