5 Great USA vs. Mexico Matches

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistSeptember 9, 2013

5 Great USA vs. Mexico Matches

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    Mexico is set to face the United States on September 10 in the hopes of keeping their 2014 World Cup qualifying chances alive.

    The rivalry between these two teams is undeniable. The USA have come a long way since the 1990 World Cup and are now a very respected team in CONCACAF.

    Mexico is going through a crisis that has to do with the mentality of the players rather than with the quality.

    Before their next clash, let's review five great matches between them.

1995 U.S. Cup

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    Mexico traveled to Washington with a full squad that included the likes of Jorge Campos, Ignacio Ambriz, Alberto Garcia Aspe, Luis Garcia and Luis Robert Alves.

    The United States welcomed back Tab Ramos after he was sidelined due to a skull fracture at the World Cup. A young Claudio Reyna showed how talented he was and Kasey Keller came back to the team after a three-year absence.

    This has been the biggest margin of victory for the United States against "El Tri." Ultimately “The Stars and Stripes" won the tournament and Mexico finished third.

1995 Copa America

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    The United States showed that they were capable of becoming a first-class team after the 1994 World Cup, where they advanced to the round of 16 for the first time since 1930.

    A year later they participated in the 1995 Copa America held in Uruguay. The group stage was a dream: two wins and a draw. It was enough to qualify as the best team of Group C, ahead of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

    Their next rival: Mexico. The archrival qualified as one of the best third places of the tournament.

    The game was decided in penalties as none of them took advantage of the opportunities. “El Tri’s” nightmare was here again and, as it had happened before, the Mexican side lost.

2002 World Cup

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    Mexico advanced to the World Cup round of 16 for the third time in a row. The good news, at least before the match, was that the United States were the rival.

    "Los Verdes" had a tough time during the qualifying tournament because they had to bring in coach Javier Aguirre at the last minute.

    "El Vasco" managed to qualify the team in the second place of the Hexagonal; while in the World Cup the team advanced as the best of Group G.

    It seemed like an easy task, but no one saw coming a very well-planned strategy by Bruce Arena. 

    The nightmare began early with a great goal by Brian McBride. Landon Donovan secured the win with a superb header.

2011 Gold Cup

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    Mexico got to the 2011 Gold Cup final undefeated. Three wins in the group stage and two more in the knockout stage sent them straight to the last clash.

    The United States advanced to the quarterfinals as second place of Group C. However, the team had improved significantly throughout the stages.

    And they showed it from the beginning of the match. Two early goals by Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan put "El Tri" in distress.

    But Pablo Barrera and Andres Guardado stepped it up and tied the game.

    In the second half Barrera scored his second and Giovani dos Santos pulled an individual effort that only few players could have done.

    It was one of the most exciting wins for Mexico because it came in an official game and away from home.

2012 Friendly

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    Mexico received the United States at the Estadio Azteca for a friendly game on August 15, 2012. "El Tri" seemed overconfident from the beginning and "The Stars and Stripes" took advantage of the situation.

    As a well-structured and organized team, Jurgen Klinsmann's boys stayed patient and fought hard. Michael Orozco scored the winning goal on the 79th minute, while Mexico kept trying but with no luck.

    The United States joined Costa Rica as one of the few teams to have ever defeated Mexico at the Azteca.