Dear Tim Tebow: It's Time to Realize Your NFL Career Is Over

Mike Freeman@@mikefreemanNFLNFL National Lead WriterAugust 31, 2013

First, John Elway said no.

He may understand a little something about the quarterback position. Elway decided he'd seen enough of Tim Tebow. Tebow was sent packing to the New York Jets.

Then, Rex Ryan said no.

Ryan knows nothing about quarterbacks, and even he tired of the circus and the 10-second delay on the throwing motion, and the hype that never matched the talent level.

Then, in New England, the former Florida Gators star's biggest supporters told him to kick rocks.

Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first round in Denver, 25th overall—a pick that stands as one of the worst in recent league history. After McDaniels got fired as Denver's head coach, he ended up back in his old job as offensive coordinator with the Patriots. Tebow and McDaniels were paired again. McDaniels couldn't save him.

Bill Belichick expressed admiration for Tebow. Owner Robert Kraft stated almost pure love for him. Then, they cut him. They had to. There was no way Belichick could maintain credibility in the same locker room that has Tom Brady if he kept Tebow, who completed 36.7 percent of his passes, was picked off twice and was sacked seven times in preseason action. No way. Belichick is no fool.

So Elway, Ryan, the man who drafted him, the man who respected him and the owner who adored him all said goodbye. There's a message for Tebow. It's screaming. It's blaring, begging to be heard.

It's over. It's truly over.

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In the recent history of the NFL, there are three quarterbacks who got repeated chances to play but didn't deserve them: Matt Leinart, Ryan Leaf and Tim Tebow. For whatever reason, NFL general managers and coaches kept handing them the football despite those players constantly failing.

Leaf failed because he was a miscreant. Leinart failed because he was a party dude who didn't take his job seriously until it was too late. Tebow failed because he was never as talented as people wanted him to be.

Sure, he had his moments in Denver, but those instances in hindsight look more like anomalies.

I've written before that scouts believe Tebow will never play quarterback again on any professional level, including Canada and Arena, and there is no need to beat that dead Equus ferus

I'm also not going to tell a grown man to give up his dream, but this is just reality. It's proven now that Tebow can't play the quarterback position because of his horrid throwing accuracy and sidewinder delivery. This is a fact. This is the truth.

There is also no joy in criticizing Tebow. He's a good human being. But this is a football matter. It's a cold, brutal sport, and what's happened with Tebow that didn't with other players who couldn't, well, play was that Tebow was able to extend his career riding a wave of sentimentality.

It was indeed always interesting to see how Tebow was ascribed an almost mythical status as being one of the NFL's few good guys, almost like he was the only one. There are hundreds of good men playing in the NFL who don't rob banks or cheat on their significant others and who work hard. Tebow was always portrayed by some in the media as one of a few good ones when he was actually one of many.

In the end, what we saw was a player ill-equipped to handle playing quarterback in a league that has put more pressure on passers than ever before.

What happens now?

Tebow could still be a blocker somewhere, but he doesn't have the speed any longer to play a skill position. One scout said there was a 5 percent chance another NFL team gives Tebow yet another opportunity, but a far greater possibility is some Canadian or Arena team offers Tebow a shot in order to make a big splash. The scout compared such a possibility to when Terrell Owens signed with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

Someone will use Tebow as a prop, a ticket-seller, then they will see what Elway and Ryan and McDaniels and Belichick did. They will see, unfortunately, that it's over for Tim Tebow.