Top 10 Reasons Why I Love the Eagles of the '90s!!!

Jay HavisContributor IMay 14, 2009

09 Dec 2001 : Philadelphia Eagles flag is presented during the game at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeat the Chargers 24-14. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Doug Pensinger/Allsport

A lot of people ask me, "Why are you an Eagles fan? Don't you live in New York?" I always respond with five words: "Randall Cunningham and Jerome Brown." I have always said that the Philadelphia Eagles had the "hearts of champions," but it wasn't until I actually started paying attention to Eagles football, that I realized that they were so much more than that.

I watched as Randall Cunningham made people miss and flick a football sixty yards like it was nothing, I became amazed when I watched Andre Waters (R.I.P.) almost  single-handedly destroy opposing offenses with the help of the "Gang Green" defense, all at the behest of the original "mad scientist," Buddy Ryan. The Eagles, although they never won a Super Bowl in this era, were consistently in the top of the league in terms of offense and defense. They were always a force to be reckoned with. The Eagles are the team that continues to define football for me. The tenacity, swagger, blue collar work ethic, and heart of this team, is what will always define football for me. Just in case you didn't know, here are my top ten Eagles of all time:

(Let's see where we match up.)

1. Jaws

2. "Concrete Charlie"

3. Randall Cunningham ("the original human highlight reel")watch "Monday Night Football" to understand.

4. The Gang Green Defense

5. Brian Dawkins

6. Brian Westbrook

7. Herschel Walker

8. Donovan McNabb

9. Ike Reese

10. Tra Thomas


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