20 Facts About Brazilian and AC Milan Midfielder Kaka

...Senior Writer IApril 11, 2008

I saw an article in the "Kick" magazine entitled 40 facts about Kaka. I trimmed it down to 20. Some of them were useless facts like what type of food he liked and so on, so I omitted them.

1. His real name is Ricardo izecson Dos Santon.

2. He was born 22 April 1982 in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

3. His older brother Rodrigo called him 'Caca' as he couldn't say Ricardo.

4. He began his club career with Brazilian side Sao Paulo when he was only eight.

5. He made his full first team debut in 2001 and scored 12 goals in 27 appearances.

6. The same year, he led Sao Paulo to their first and only league title.

7. In his career at Sao Paulo he played 118 games and scored 58 goals.

8. Unlike many Brazilians, Kaka came from a wealthy background.

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9. Generous Kaka paid for his brother's education at the best college in Sao Paulo before Rodrigo himself became a football player.

10. Kaka is a committed Christian. His goal celebration, in which he points to the sky, is his way of saying thanks to God.

11. Kaka's career almost ended at the age of 18 when he jumped off a diving board into a swimming pool and fractured his spine. But he recovered. Phew.

12. He played his first game for his country in 2002 against Bolivia.

13. A fan asked Kaka to marry her once, but sadly he had to reject her.

14. ... Because he is already married to Caroline Celico. There were 600 people at their wedding.

15. His hero is Milan legend and teammate Paulo Maldini. He says he eventually wants to replace him as captain.

16. Since November 2004, Kaka has worked for the UN as an ambassador against hunger.

17. Kaka says his most beautiful goal he scored was against Argentina at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium. He dribbled around almost the entire Argentinean team. Crazy.

18. He took the job because he believes footballers have a duty to help the poor.

19. Kaka grew up short and thin, but he worked hard in the gym and gained 10 pounds of muscle.

20. Kaka is sizzlin' with BOTH feet. Watch out defenders..

Note: Real Madrid apparently made a whopping £60M bid for Kaka.


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