Why Tim Tebow is Emerging as a Lock to Make Patriots Roster

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistAugust 4, 2013

Love him or hate him, you have to admit Tim Tebow makes for one heck of an interesting story—especially when married to the secretive club headed by Bill Belichick known as the New England Patriots

Much has been said of Belichick's decision to bring Tebow on board, as he's a player who also comes with his own fanatical fanbase and a swath of media attention usually reserved only for the loudmouths in New York who don green jerseys.

There are plenty of reasons why Tebow won't make the roster, including a spotty throwing motion, questionable accuracy, better options on the roster, and the media distraction that comes with him. 

The negatives seemingly outweigh the positives, but here is why Tebow will shock the world and make the Pats roster for the 2013 season. 

The Josh McDaniels Connection 

Tebow's arrival in New England trumped most of what the organization is known for, and it's a safe bet a major figure behind the signing was the man responsible for making Tebow a first-round pick. McDaniels drafted Tebow No. 25 overall in the 2010 NFL draft as head coach of the Denver Broncos

Tebow and McDaniels parted ways but are now reunited, where McDaniels acts as the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. Tebow sits No. 3 on the depth chart behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett. 

McDaniels is known for having a superb offensive mind. Combined with the rest of his staff, you better believe he is in Belichick's ear telling him there is something to be had from Tebow down the line. 

The time spent with McDaniels and his staff has not gone to waste. Tebow has already shown improved form, as noted by Steve Balestrieri of Patsfans.com:

The new-found form from Tebow is great. There have been reports of inconsistency and inaccuracy, such as this one from NESN, but it's not as if he is auditioning for the starting role. If he can continue to show improvement and be versatile in other areas, cutting Tebow would make no sense. 

The Read-Option 

Have you heard of the read-option before? It's kind of a big deal. Not as big of a deal as Tebow himself, but the two go hand-in-hand at this point. 

The read-option is the latest craze to sweep the football world, but not in a Wildcat sense. The Wildcat fizzled out once defenses figured it out. That may not be the case for the read-option because players like Robert Griffin III can actually beat teams with their arms as well. 

As you're probably aware, Tebow is adept at running the football, making him a prime candidate to execute the read-option offense. 

No, we are not suggesting the Patriots dabble in the formation or any silly subpackages. Rather, Tebow is an excellent way for the Patriots to prepare for the read-option itself. In fact, Tebow has already been running it in training camp, according to Derek Havens of Patsfans.com:

The Patriots face a few different teams in 2013 that may use the read-option. AFC East rival Buffalo could end up using it with rookie quarterback EJ Manuel. The same could happen with the New York Jets with Geno Smith. 

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers certainly use it. Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins dabble. Who's to say the Patriots won't encounter a team in the postseason that runs it effectively? 

Granted, Tebow is not one of the read-option QBs who can beat defenses with his arm, but it still puts the Patriots in a great spot having someone to effectively emulate the offense for the first-team defense. 

Bill Belichick, the Mad Genius 

Outside of the preceding information, understand one thing: Belichick does not make a move without reason. 

For one, Belichick fully understands the advantages of having a guy like Tebow around when it comes to schematics. Tebow can help prepare the defense for wrinkles. He can also be a valuable asset on special teams. 

And now he has the chance to pick Tom Brady's brain, which he has been doing since getting signed. According to the Associated Press, (via USA Today), Josh McDaniels commented on the Brady-Tebow dynamic: 

I think Tim probably picks everybody's brain ... I'm not sure exactly the volume of questions that he asks per day, but I'm sure Tom probably puts a strict limit on that. ... Every year it's the same with Tom. He hasn't lost his passion for the game. He's out there early, he's staying late, he's doing extra. He listens as much as he ever did.

Belichick also understands he may have to trade backup Ryan Mallett soon. Mallett's contract is up after 2014, and it's a safe bet Brady will still want to play. Mallett will likely either leave via free agency or get traded. 

Perhaps, above all, Belichick knows the locker room now needs some guidance after the negative attention brought on by the Aaron Hernandez scandal(s). 

Tim Tebow is not just some camp body to soak up repetitions. If he were, he wouldn't be spending the majority of camp as a quarterback. If the Patriots wanted a camp body to soak up reps, they could do much better in the passing department. 

Belichick and his staff have something in mind for Tebow. Whether that's down the line or immediate is hard to say, but Tebow will be a member of the Patriots' 2013 roster. 

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