25 Questions For New York Giants' QB Eli Manning

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMay 10, 2009

For me, it’s the New York Giants, and since Plaxico Buress is no longer a Giant and I can’t ask him what the heck were you thinking, I’ve decided to go for Eli Manning. I’m sure I’m not the only aspiring New York Giants scribe who will choose him. 

After all, he is the quarterback, he was a Super Bowl MVP, but most of all, he’s had a lot of drama in his career.

1. When big brother Peyton was drafted first overall in 1998, you were only in high school.  Did you imagine that that would be you eventually?

2. With the Chargers having the first pick in 2004, it became apparent that they would be the team that drafted you, but you said you didn't want to play for them and would prefer the New York Giants.  Did you just not want to play for San Diego or did you just want to play for the Giants specifically?

3. Follow up.  Did you want to play for the Giants because of the team as a whole, or just want to play in New York?

4. Did you fully anticipate the scrutiny of playing in New York?

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5. Kurt Warner was the starter your first season and led the team to a 5-4 start, yet Tom Coughlin chose to start you, a rookie, while having a winning record.  What was the thinking behind that?

6. What did you learn from Kurt Warner and did he resent you when you started over him?

7. You lost your first six starts.  Final game of the year, home against the Cowboys on prime-time, how important was it for you to get that first win that night and how did it feel?

8. You have another brother, Cooper, who is not a football player.  Does he ever feel left out with two famous quarterback brothers and a quarterback father?

9. What was it like playing against Peyton opening night, prime-time, in 2006?

10. Besides your father, what quarterback or player did you emulate as a child?

11. How did Tom Coughlin's switch in coaching style in 2007 enable you to win Super Bowl 42?

12. You were the first team to win a game outside of North America.  What was it like playing in London and do you think it's a good idea for the league to assign one game each year to be played there?

13. How much pressure did you feel to follow Peyton not just as being his brother, but as the number one pick, and him being a Super Bowl champion and MVP?

14. In the summer of 2007, now retired Tiki Barber called you out by criticizing not only your play but your leadership.  Did that set a fire under you and give you renewed determination, and do you have any type of relationship with him now?

15. For the NFC Championship game in Green Bay, you told your fiancee that she HAD to sit in the stadium out of being superstitious, or as you've called it "little stitious", of losing with her sitting in a private box. 

She ended up sneaking out of there and going up to a box during the game. Had you lost the game to the Packers, what would your reaction have been with her?

16. Besides the Super Bowl, which is your most memorable game?  (Suggestions, the comeback win against Denver at home or the comeback victory in Philadelphia in 2006) AND what was your most frustrating loss? (Suggestions, the Carolina wild card game, Minnesota game, Philly playoff losses)

17. What was going through your head during that final drive in the Super Bowl, specifically David Tyree's helmet catch?

18. You have played the Minnesota Vikings three times in your career and lost all of them? Two of those games you threw multiple interceptions. Is it safe to say that Minnesota is your white whale so to speak?

19. Who has been your favorite receiver to work with?

20. If it's Plaxico Burress, follow up with how he feels about the way things turned out, him catching game winning Super Bowl and less than a year later, he's off the roster?

21. Every year there are comings and goings on a team.  What was the hardest loss for you not only professionally but personally?

22. Besides Giants Stadium has there been a stadium or maybe city that you've really enjoyed?  Like have you said "Wow, I'm playing in Soldier Field, I'm playing in Lambeau Field?"

23. What was your reaction to former teammate Michael Strahan predicting the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl last season?

24. How do you block out the boos and jeers from the crowds on the road, specifically San Diego and Philadelphia?

25. Going into the 2007 season, you were seen as a bust and the Chargers were looked at as the winners of the trade that sent you to New York.  Before the 2007 season and even now perhaps, have you ever wondered what would it have been like had you played in San Diego?

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