NASCAR Fans Will Be Staring Down a Giant Pro-Marijuana Ad at the Brickyard 400

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 26, 2013

Hey, NASCAR fans—do you like beer but hate getting hangovers? Then MPP has the product for you!

MPP, short for Marijuana Policy Project, is a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Its newest campaign is “New Beer,” and its next target is NASCAR fans at the Brickyard 400. 

Motorsport enthusiasts at Indianapolis Motor Speedway this Sunday will be treated to the video playing on a Jumbotron, according to Bruce Horovitz of USA Today

The main thrust of “New Beer” is to demonstrate how marijuana is “the new beer,” with fewer negative side effects and drawbacks than drinking alcohol. 

The perks of burning one down instead of tying one on? According to MPP, less gut fat, fewer lawsuits and no army-crawling to the porcelain the next day.

The ad touts cannabis as a “zero calorie,” “no hangover” and “no violence” alternative to cracking an ice cold brew. The ad does, however, neglect to mention the calories from Cheesy Gordita Crunch ingestion often associated with smoking marijuana.

The advertisement itself is 31 seconds of stock footage and took three days and $350 to make. The real question, however, is how much does it cost to throw a pro-marijuana advertisement directly into the eyes of about 600,000 NASCAR fans?

According to Horovitz, the ad placement is costing MPP a lean $2,200, as the group has secured a “nonprofit” rate. 

Undoubtedly, some NASCAR fans will be offended by the ad. Unfortunately for them, the Jumbotron isn’t owned by the racetrack or located on track property and therefore cannot be censored. 

According to Rick Chandler of Sports Grid, NASCAR has had previous issues with the devil’s lettuce in the past. In 2010, NASCAR pulled the plug on advertising spots for Cannabis Planet TV, disallowing the team from using its marijuana leaf logo around the track.

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