Stock Car Racer Dragged Down Track After Confrontation with Other Driver

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 15, 2013

The term “road rage” doesn’t even begin to encapsulate the nastiness that occurred Friday at a late-model stock car race in North Carolina.

A slick track and a touch of bumpers were all that was needed to provide fans at Bowman Gray Stadium with one of the most ridiculous knockdown, drag-out “fights” ever witnessed at a race track.

The incident occurred between drivers Mike Robertson and Derek Stoltz, according to, and it provides us all with an important lesson about knowing when to calm down and literally let things go.

Hostilities rose after a minor collision between the two drivers put Robertson in the wall. The incident sent caution flags up around the track, and Robertson charged Stoltz’s car as it idled past.

Their exchange (if any occurred at all) was inaudible, but between Robertson’s body language and the way Stoltz swerves at the man as he runs onto the track, it’s clear that these two men don't go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding.

Robertson latches onto the driver’s window as Stoltz attempts to pull away, and that’s when it happens—the engine lights up and Robertson is dragged down the track at 20-30 mph.

The crowd screams in horror as Stoltz veers toward the wall, as though he plans to rub the man off the car like he’s playing Zombie Highway. Fortunately for everyone, Robertson finally lets go and does a barrel roll into the wall.

Who’s the bad guy here? Certainly dragging someone alongside his vehicle didn’t do Stoltz any favors, but Robertson probably should’ve saved the confrontation for after the race.

Stoltz would go on to win the race, proving the age-old rule that nice guys finish last, while mean men chew Big Red, wreck the competition and wrestle victory to the ground like a demon cobra.

Stay safe out there everyone, and remember what we learned today: Don't. Grab. Moving. Vehicles.

Only you can prevent track burn.