Five Questions I Would Ask Tennessee Titan's Quarterback Vince Young

Cody DaltonContributor IMay 8, 2009

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 09:  Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans throws a pass during warm-ups against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on November 9, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Many journalists out there try their hardest to be the best they can possibly be, but fail to realize their potential. They have trouble asking the tough questions that need to be asked, and it seems only the best out there do it.

This all begs the question—If given a chance to interview an athlete on the Tennessee Titans, who would I ask and what would I ask them?

There are hundreds of choices, but I would personally choose Vince Young from the Titans.

Facts are the guy has been surrounded by tons of controversy and now “rides the pine” behind the veteran comeback quarterback Kerry Collins. Young is explosive and has the potential to be a great player, but potential can only get you so far.

So, if I was given a chance to sit down with Vince for a one-on-one or even group interview, these are the five questions that I would ask him:

1) How has playing with former college teammates Bo Scaife, Michael Griffin, and   Ahmad Hall helped to ease the burden of playing in the tough NFL?

This would be a nice start off question. I want to try to ease myself into the interview with Vince and this would be a perfect softball question. I expect a typical answer, but I’d personally be really interested in what he says.

2) What have you learned by being a back up and seeing Kerry Collins lead the team to a 10-0 start last year?

This is a somewhat tougher question. But the fact remains that Young is now a back up quarterback and who knows how long it will last. It’s going to take either the retirement of Collins, his injury, or his complete fallout in order for Young to get a chance at regaining the spot he once held.

3) If you could go back and change one thing during your NFL career so far, what would it be and why?

This is a typical “what if” kind of question, but sometimes they make for some of the most interesting answers. Some people might expect his answer to center around the mental problems and supposed depression he suffered towards the beginning of last season. However, he might say something that most people may not have seen coming.

4) When you entered the league in 2006, you were under the leadership of Norm Chow as offensive coordinator. Two years later, Mike Heimerdinger is the leader of the offense. How much of a difference is there between those two coaches and have you had any problems transitioning between the two?

Working with one offensive coordinator when you enter the NFL is hard enough, but when you are a young player and have to transition, it makes it even harder. I would want to get Vince’s opinion on working with the two men and his ability to move from Chow to Heimerdinger.

5) Can you go into detail about the events that happened following the season opener against Jacksonville and your mention of suicide?

Clearly the big question everyone is wondering about. That incident has seemed to mar Young’s early career so far. There was not a lot said or talked about and getting everything into the air would be informative to the public and potentially helpful to Young’s development as a player.

Other questions that could be asked:

Do you keep in touch with Matt Leinart?

What are your thoughts on the Jay Cutler situation?

What player on another team would you like to see suit up for the Titans?

What is your personal opinion of Kerry Collins?

Who are your favorite and least favorite players on the team?

If you weren’t playing with the Titans, what would you be doing?

It would definitely be interesting to get his views on all of these questions. His opinion would help to answer some questions and issues, while other answers would help bring some different issues to light.


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