Favre to Vikings: Inevitable?

Jerome HarrisonContributor IMay 7, 2009

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of days, you have certainly heard of the latest news surrounding the Brett Favre soap opera. After the New York Jets moved up in the draft to select USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the No. 5 overall pick, they granted Favre's wish for an unconditional release.

This came only after Favre assured the Jets that he would not be coming back for another season. However, when the Jets asked him who he would consider playing for if he did come back, Favre responded simply, "Minnesota Vikings."

It has been well-documented, since the Packers-Favre saga last summer, that Favre wants to play for the Vikings—badly.

When the Packers made sure Favre could not be a Viking last year, he accepted his fate as the Jets quarterback for a season. And until he injured his right biceps halfway through the season, Favre played extremely well.

Despite Favre's insistence that he was done playing, he still pleaded with Jets management to grant him his release. Well, Favre got his wish. Now he is free to sign with any team in the NFL, and to the Packers dismay, it looks like the Vikings are in hot pursuit.

ESPN's Ed Werder reported Tuesday that Vikings head coach Brad Childress will meet with Favre in Mississippi sometime this week to discuss playing this season. Check out this video on ESPN:

Some people question whether Favre can play an entire season at a high level. Last year, Favre started hot and got the Jets off to an 8-3 start, only to finish the season awfully, ending with a 9-7 record and missing the playoffs.

Much of Favre's second-half struggles can be attributed to a tear in the biceps of his throwing arm, which Favre elected not to have surgery on this offseason. Favre has historically been a fast healer, but at 39 years old (he turns 40 in October), this is no longer a young Favre.

Whether or not Favre signs with the Vikings will probably depend largely on the health of Favre's throwing arm and whether or not he passes his physical. Injured throwing arm or not, it is hard to argue that Favre would be the best QB on the Vikings roster and give them the best chance to make a deep run into the playoffs.

The burning question that I have is this: Why does Brett Favre want to play for the Vikings? Does he think he has a great chance at one more Super Bowl? Or does he just want to stick it to the Green Bay Packers?

I think the answer is both. Clearly, the Vikings are close to being a legitimate contender—they just need a QB. And obviously, since the Vikings play the Packers twice a year, including a week four Monday Night Football match-up at Lambeau Field, Favre will have plenty of opportunities to get back at the Packers.

Why does Favre want to "get back at the Packers?" Simple. In his mind, Packers GM Ted Thompson was pushing him out the door ever since he drafted Aaron Rodgers in the first round of his first draft.

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Whether or not that is true, or a fair assessment on Favre's part, that seems to be Favre's driving motivation right now. As a competitor (and, let's face it, an egomaniac), Favre wants to prove that the Packers organization was wrong in not accepting him back.

As a Brett Favre fan, I would love to watch him play another season. No player in the NFL is as fun to watch as Favre.

But as a Packers fan, I am pissed off. To see Favre playing against the Packers in a Vikings uniform on Monday Night Football would be just about the most outrageous thing I can imagine. Favre will have gone from Wisconsin's biggest Hero to Wisconsin's biggest enemy.

Here's hoping Favre jumps back on his lawnmower and grabs a beer.


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