Brett Favre: On Second Thought, Maybe Purple Is Your Color

Kristin HamlinSenior Analyst IMay 6, 2009

You didn't really think he would go away quietly, did you?

Rumor has it that Minnesota has taken interest in Brett Favre’s release from the Jets. Reports indicate that Favre and Vikings head coach Brad Childress are scheduled to meet this week.

Something tells me this meeting isn’t going to be about deer hunting.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, none of this has actually been confirmed by either party. However, if I am reading the signs right, my guess is that we should be expecting another “un-retirement” by No. 4 shortly.

Here is why I say this.

After being released from the Jets last week, Favre made this statement: “At this time, I am retired and have no intention on returning to football”

At this time? Those three little words right there say a mouthful.

Suddenly, I am back in July of 2008.

Remember when there were all those “rumors” about Favre wanting to come back and play with the Green Bay Packers, and they were dismissed by his agent?

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Bus Cook’s exact response was, “As far as I know, right now, Brett Favre is retired, and until he tells me something different that’s what it is.”

Let’s just for fun say that my intuition is correct and Favre ends up signing with the Vikings. He would play his former team twice in the regular season. Coincidence?

It really is no secret that the only reason he would sign with the Vikes is to smear it in Ted Thompson’s face.

“Part of me coming back last year, I have to admit now, was sticking it to Ted,” says Favre. No offense Brett, but I don’t think that was much of a secret.

I don’t believe Thompson really felt the effect of Brett “sticking it to him” last season, considering both teams failed to even make it to the playoffs and Brett didn’t exactly perform how many thought he would.

It's safe to assume Favre is still hungry for revenge.

The question is, will it even be worth it? Does Brett even have the strength or the mobility to play in the NFL

On top of that, let’s not forget that he was rated No. 21 last season. Sure, it’s still the Brett Favre who has thrown 88 touchdown passes in four years, but it’s also the same Brett Favre who in those four years also threw 84 interceptions.

So is Brett really the answer the Vikings are looking for?

My mind could be easily swayed though, as I am a huge fan of Brett Favre. I know it seems as if I am ragging on him, but I am just trying to be realistic here.

I know how bad he has been the past couple years, but I also know he probably has more passion, hunger, and competitiveness than any other QB out there. He is still the toughest competitor I have ever seen play the game.

Last year, he signed with a below average Jets team. NY fans and teammates were hoping he would be the answer they needed to take them to the playoffs.

Brett had a lot of weight on his shoulders.

This time around, it’s a little bit of a different situation. The Vikings have Adrian Peterson, who is the best running back in the league, and along with that they have the No. 1 best run defense. They went 10-6 last year and were good contenders going into the playoffs. They aren't exactly looking for a miracle here.

The weight is suddenly lifted.

I mean, it’s not like Brett can really go down any worse than he already has, right?

Clearly, I am torn about this whole "rumor." On one hand, I would like to see Brett sign with GB so he can retire a Packer. On the other hand, I would love to see him go out the way he deserves.

Love him or hate him, if he does come back, at least you will have something to look forward to on Sundays, because I am sure any sports fan will be glued to their TVs come Green Bay/Minnesota time.

Let the games begin.

***Update - Apparently, a close source to the Viking's has told reports that Favre made a call to Childress to let him know he wanted to stay retired.  Again, this has not been confirmed by either party.  I suddenly am having de-ja-vu

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