2009: A Browns Offseason Odyssey

Tyler RossContributor IMay 6, 2009

BEREA, OH - MAY 02:  Head coach Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns looks on  during rookie mini camp at the Cleveland Browns Training and Administrative Complex on May 2, 2009 in Berea, Ohio.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Back in January, when BROWNS HIRE ERIC MANGINI AS HEAD COACH rolled across the bottom of ESPN, I was a bit upset. Hearing how he treated his players in New York and the way the Jets finished the season made me worry about our in-coming coach. 

However, recent reports of camp going well and the positive changes to the roster have made me a happy fan.

But, let’s go back to the trading of Kellen Winslow, Jr., which I still don't fully agree with.

K2 had behavior problems, but when healthy he was a vital point to our offense. I immediately saw the offense going from potential powerhouse like in 2007, to one-dimensional.

Wide receiver Braylon Edwards was, and still, is a question. Will he go back to his Pro-Bowl status? Will he even be on the team?

If not, we're then left with a running back in the last few years of his career, two young, expensive quarterbacks, a thin offensive line, and a thin receiving core.

Free agency rolled around and I think I speak for all everyone when I say we wanted an impact name. As fans, we needed some hope and all hungered for a Bart Scott or T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

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Needless to say, we didn’t get one.

What we did get were the Jets' leftovers. However, our roster has improved and although there are still many holes, there are some spots of light in each position.

With the fifth pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Browns chose to trade their pick to the Jets. Seeing what we got after the dust has settled, I think we should have gotten more.

Of course, we get their 17th overal pick as well as their second round pick. I also like safety Abram Elam, he has so much upside. Then there’s defensive end Kenyon Coleman. The ruling on him is still out in my book—He could be great or be bad.

Now we come to quarterback Brett Ratliff. I get he’s young and has potential, but we already have two of those! Give us something else.

I mean honestly, why do we need him? Let’s say Ratliff isn't included in the trade. We should have at least gotten their third round pick instead.

Now we're up to date, and in rookie camp. We drafted pieces we need and all seems to be falling into place.

James Davis looks to be promising and I hope he pans out. Mack, who isn't my first choice, is going to be good. The second rounders have nothing but upside to them, and hopefully we have a diamond in the rough in a sixth round pick.

Sorry this has been lengthy and all, but it’s my first article and I had a lot to get off my chest. My overall view of the new regime in Berea is that they're on the right track. I grade them out at a B+.

If they want to keep that grade, they'll do three things:

1) Don't trade Braylon Edwards, a fan favorite and always a deep ball threat.

2) Do not sign anymore wide receivers; you can only play so many at one time.

3) Finally, don't make our beloved Browns into the Cleveland Jets. We want our own team and want to have our own style of football.

Believe in the Browns.

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