Vikings: Game-By-Game Predictions for the '09 Season

Tanner ThomsSenior Analyst IMay 6, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 21:  Pat Williams #94, Chad Greenway #52, E.J. Henderson #56, Kevin Williams #93 and Jared Allen #69 of the Minnesota Vikings look on against the Carolina Panthers during their NFL game at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on September 21, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Panthers 20-10. (Photo by David Sherman/Getty Images)

One of Minnesota's newer writers, Mitchell Timp, wrote an article about this a few months back. He did a slide-show, but I'm keeping it old-school.

Week One: Minnesota Vikings Vs. Cleveland Browns

Minnesota starts out the season against a very average team. Cleveland is no push-over, but they aren't a team that will scare you by any means.

Cleveland's offense improved in the draft with the additions of Brian Robiskie and Alex Mack. With that said, they are still a weak team all together.

The Vikings will use Adrian Peterson to run all over their defense in this one. Look for Minnesota to take an early lead and never let up.

Vikings 31  Browns 16

Week Two: Minnesota Vikings Vs. Detroit Lions

Minnesota starts out the '09 season with two road games, it's a good thing that they're against bad teams.

Detroit won't be nearly as bad as they were last year, but they still won't win any more than five games. Their defense is just way too pathetic.

The Vikings defense will look to shut-down Calvin Johnson, and if they do so, Minnesota will be able to handle everything else.

Vikings 20  Lions 13

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Week Three: Minnesota Vikings Vs. San Francisco 49'ers

This game actually scares me a little bit. Minnesota often loses to teams that they actually should beat.

San Francisco's offense will be much better with Michael Crabtree as a play-making receiver. Frank Gore should also have a much improved season.

This game could go down to who has the ball last. The Vikings just need to be able to not turn the ball over.

49'ers 21  Vikings 24

Week Four: Green Bay Packers Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Ah, the most hyped game during the Vikings season. As always, it should be a classic game.

Green Bay's defense is going to be scary next season. They added B.J. Raji to the defensive line and Clay Matthews to an already studly linebackers core.

The Packers could pull the upset on the road if they use Aaron Rogers to the maximum, but Minnesota should be able to squeak one out at home.

Packers 28  Vikings 31

Week Five: Minnesota Vikings Vs. St. Louis Rams

St. Louis isn't a good football team, come on, everybody knows that. They hardly improved in the draft either.

Jason Smith will be a good offensive tackle for years to come, but he won't make the Rams a playoff team any time soon.

The Vikings will be able to force turn-overs and take advantage of them, as they do so many times.

Vikings 30  Rams 14

Week Six: Baltimore Ravens Vs. Minnesota Vikings

This could quite easily be the first loss of the Vikings season. Baltimore is a very good team on both sides of the ball.

Baltimore drafted Michael Oher with their first-round-pick in the draft. He is a very under-rated player who will help improve both the run and pass game.

Minnesota and Baltimore will have a battle with each other. I just don't know if Minnesota's offense will be able to do enough.

Ravens 21  Vikings 17

Week Seven: Minnesota Vikings Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Super Bowl champions are easily going to win this one, right? I smell an upset in the making.

Pittsburgh isn't an un-beatable team. Minnesota will look to come in and make a real impact to prove a point.

Adrian Peterson might not have a great game, but look for the Vikings defense to be the key to success.

Vikings 23  Steelers 20

Week Eight: Minnesota Vikings Vs. Green Bay Packers

It's very rare to see the Vikings defeat Green Bay twice in a season, but they have a good chance to accomplish it this season.

Minnesota must rely on Adrian Peterson to have a great game, if he does not, the Vikings will for sure lose the game.

Vikings 26  Packers 28

Week Nine: Bye Week

Week Ten: Detroit Lions Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota should have a much easier time at home against the Lions, compared to how they did on the road.

Daunte Culpepper will be forced into making mistakes, like turn-overs and fumbles. Minnesota will not let up all game long.

Lions 10  Vikings 24

Week Eleven: Seattle Seahawks Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Seattle is another mediocre team that Minnesota should have an easy time to beat, but they can't take the Seahawks too lightly.

Aaron Curry is a great defensive player who will be a major impact player on Seattle's defense.

The Vikings defense will be too good for Seattle to do anything through the air, or on the ground with.

Seahawks 17  Vikings 26

Week Twelve: Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Chicago will be a much better team than they were last year with the addition of former Denver Bronco Jay Cutler.

The Bears receivers are the only problem that their offense will face during the 2009 season.

Minnesota should take this one at home, but they need to not turn the ball over whatsoever.

Bears 19  Vikings 27

Week Thirteen: Minnesota Vikings Vs. Arizona Cardinals

Usually when a team loses the Super Bowl, the following season is a major disappointment.

Arizona's offense is still a cause for concern. Will Kurt Warner be as good as he was last year? Does Anquan Boldin end up being traded?

Minnesota won easily against the Cardinals next year, but can they pull it off two straight years?

Vikings 35  Cardinals 30

Week Fourteen: Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Cincinnati could be a surprise team next year. They will have a much better defense.

Michael Johnson and Rey Maualuga are two great draft picks that will team-up well with Keith Rivers at linebacker.

Minnesota's defense and passing game will be the key success to this game. Whoever is the quarterback for the Vikings next year must do well in this game.

Bengals 16  Vikings 20

Week Fifteen: Minnesota Vikings Vs. Carolina Panthers

Carolina had a great run last year that was up-ended by the Arizona Cardinals in the divisional round of the playoffs.

The Panthers offense will be very good next year. Steve Smith is an explosive weapon, and their running game is one of the best in the league.

Minnesota will have a tough time dealing with the DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart combination.

Vikings 13  Panthers 24

Week Sixteen: Minnesota Vikings Vs. Chicago Bears

Chicago hardly ever loses at home during the cold times in the "Windy city."

Minnesota needs to use Adrian Peterson often, but not let him get hurt on the slippery surface of Soldier Field.

Vikings 20  Bears 27

Week Seventeen: New York Giants Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Like last year, Minnesota faces the Giants in week 17 of the season. Will this time bring a new result?

The Giants will likely be 12-3 or 13-2 at this point in time. If so, they will rest their starters for most of the game.

Minnesota must rely on their defense to stop the Giants from putting up a lot of points on the board.

Giants 23  Vikings 31

Minnesota would have a record of 12-4 if this happened. This seems like a reasonable record for the Vikings this season.