Wade Barrett: Did He Trade the Intercontinental Title for Money in the Bank?

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIJune 25, 2013

Wade Barrett may have lost the Intercontinental title, but his future may still be bright. (photo courtesy of wwe.com)
Wade Barrett may have lost the Intercontinental title, but his future may still be bright. (photo courtesy of wwe.com)

Wade Barrett lost the Intercontinental title in a triple threat match at WWE Payback, but the long-term impact of the loss could result in a win at Money in the Bank 2013.

Barrett has been a three-time Intercontinental champion. He defeated Kofi Kingston twice for the belt and his third reign came during the April 8 edition of Raw, one night after losing the title to The Miz at WrestleMania 29.

Like other recent midcard champions, Barrett lost countless non-title matches against the likes of Randy Orton and Sheamus, among others. He was perceived as a weak champion as a result, which should not have happened after Barrett showed so much potential during the early days of his WWE career.

It was the leader of the Barrett Barrage who won the inaugural season of NXT and led the original Nexus and Corre factions.

In February 2012, Barrett suffered an injury that left him out of action for approximately six months. During these six months, WWE held Money in the Bank, and Barrett obviously could not participate. With so much potential and success already, Barrett could have been a favorite to win a briefcase last year.

Now that he is healthy, Barrett has the opportunity to participate in a Money in the Bank match. We already learned of the briefcase match for an opportunity at the WWE title. However, there is still hope that the company will book a ladder match for the World Heavyweight title.

The questions that still remain, though, are whether the company still sees that potential in Barrett and if there will indeed be a second Money in the Bank ladder match. If there is only one, Barrett might not have a match at all during the July pay-per-view.

For all fans of the Barrett Barrage, though, there is still hope that Barrett was booked to lose the Intercontinental title in order to win a Money in the Bank briefcase and be pushed to the main event scene.

It is not rare for a WWE Superstar to drop a midcard title in order to be escalated to the main event scene. When The Miz won Money in the Bank in 2010, he was United States champion. However, he would drop the title to Daniel Bryan before cashing in on Randy Orton.

Therefore, WWE did not have to take the Intercontinental title off Barrett in order for him to win Money in the Bank. The reason for taking the title off Barrett could have dealt more with pushing Axel rather than punishing Barrett.

With less than three weeks remaining until WWE Money in the Bank 2013, WWE fans will learn more about the future of Barrett in the company. Did he trade the midcard title for a Money in the Bank briefcase? Or did he get demoted from midcard star to someone jobbing to them?

Do you think Wade Barrett traded the Intercontinental title for Money in the Bank? Or is he just another superstar heading down the demotion ladder? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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