Dumbest Sports Fans Ever Interviewed

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2013

Dumbest Sports Fans Ever Interviewed

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    Let's face it, we all want to share our opinion on sports.

    Whether that's through a personal blog, over a few beers with buddies or just amongst co-workers during lunch, we assume we always get it right.

    But sometimes, that stubbornness and ignorance comes out in the worst way, making one look really stupid.

    That's unfortunately what happened to these fans, as they made the wrong decisions when put on television.

Sandra Bullock Is No Sports Fan

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    Actress Sandra Bullock might be a well-known star among Hollywood elite, but if you want her opinion on sports, you're out of luck. She can't even act as if she knows a thing about them.

    Admitting that she attended a hockey game the night prior was a good start, but after falling flat on her face in the follow up questions, it's clear she has no damn idea what she's talking about.

A Non Sports Fans Answers Sports Questions

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    In this day and age, I have no idea whatsoever how someone can stake claim in not being a sports fan?

    With the overbearing news on TV, Internet, social media and yes, even radio, it's inescapable to hear trending topics and news.

    For this poor guy though, he proves it's possible to know nothing about the games we love so much, stumbling over some of these simplest questions.

Any of These Types of Sports Radio Callers

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    As someone who often listens to sports talk radio to get through my day, all these types of callers are all too familiar.

    From the guys who try to talk themselves into an impossible trade to the ones who think they can dissect the most accomplished of athletes, I really hope to never come across any of these guys in my lifetime—though we all know it's almost unavoidable.

Who Invited This Guy?

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    Why so serious?

    Unlike many of the others interviewed in this piece, it's not what this self-proclaimed Colts super-fan says that makes him dumb, his attire just makes him look absolutely ridiculous.

    Here's a little word to the wise; if you're going to don garb that makes you look like a compilation of recycled goods and a hoarder's basement, at least go the full nine yards and give the matching persona of a wild man when speaking.

Don't Count These People Amongst the Millions Watching the Super Bowl

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    Millions of people tune in to watch the biggest of football games on the planet each February, hosting parties and, at the very least, seeing some hilarious commercials.

    But if you're any of these people, why watch at all? They already knew what happened a full week prior to the game actually being played.

    Maybe we should just call these people Nostradamus, huh?

*Crazy Kobe Bryant Fan

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    OK, so I put an asterisk next to this one because sadly, it wasn't actually real.

    But it's not too far-fetched to think it could be.

    There are actually people out there who would do something like this—especially if you've ever read any creepy Tweets to celebs—so although this one might be fake, the guy still does look like a jackass.

Fight On Trojan Fans

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    Southern Cal students might be some of the brightest in the country, but if you test their sports knowledge off of this video, they wouldn't score too high.

    When thrown a couple fake questions about their school's sports teams (and of course, Tim Tebow), these fans fumble the answers, not knowing what the hell they're talking about.

    Seems like these Trojan fans are lacking some serious school spirit.

Liam Neeson Gets Taken

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    Hailing from across the pond, one might forgive actor Liam Neeson for not completely falling in love with American football.

    But that doesn't mean he had to stumble over his words like a school boy looking for an excuse when caught ditching class.

    To Liam's credit, he does "appreciate the athleticism" that occurred during a 34-0 pounding the Jets took at the hands of the 49ers. On the other hand, that probably didn't convince many Gang Green fans to go see the movie he was promoting here, Taken 2.

San Antonio Spurs Fans

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    Jimmy Kimmel is just ruthless.

    After going after Heat fans just a few days earlier, he sent out a correspondent to the streets to talk to Spurs fans during the Finals, just to get their thoughts on some of the players and strategies of the team.

    There was only one problem—it was all made up. You wouldn't know it based on the confident answers of these "true fans."

Crazy UGA Football Fan

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    I promise that I'm not trying to kick this kid while he's down, but in my opinion, there's probably a good reason why he's standing alone.

    I've been to Athens. It's a very pretty campus with even prettier and more educated people.

    It's too bad this guy represented the school.

    His presence and intensity is like a pro wrestler who is trash-talking before a cage fight, and, had he had his shirt on, he probably would have torn it to shreds a la Hulk Hogan, just to really get his point across.

Miami Heat Fans

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    In case we already didn't know, the Heat fans from Game 6 of the NBA Finals proved a cardinal rule of sports—never walk out early—especially when your team has LeBron James on it.

    For some of these South Beach supporters who ditched their seats a bit too early, they actually got caught on camera distraught over the loss that never happened. To top that off, they missed out on one of the finest NBA playoff games in the past couple decades.

    Dumb move all around if you ask me.

Real Giants Fan at the Super Bowl Parade?

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    It's not uncommon for the emotions of a win to overtake someone, leaving them speechless as to what to say when asked a question.

    If only this was actually one of those times.

    After the Giants won the Super Bowl in February of 2012, this girl showed how big of a fan she was by saying she wanted to see her favorite quarterback at the victory parade.

    Even if he plays for that other New York football team.

Super Bowl or STD?

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    As long as there is live TV, there will always be people who want to get a little bit of face time.

    But if there are any journalists out there struggling with how to handle a passerby, maybe they should take a page out of reporter Jessica Sanchez's book, as she completely punked this 49ers fan during the Super Bowl this year.

    Give Sanchez credit for quick wits and creativity in making this poor lady's 15 seconds something she'd rather forget.