Brett Favre Considering a Return with the Minnesota Vikings?

MJ Kasprzak@BayAreaCheezhedSenior Writer IIMay 4, 2009

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL - FEBRUARY 28:  In this handout photo provided by Disney , Brett Favre, who recently announced his retirement, lounges with Goofy on February 28, 2009 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Favre, who holds multiple NFL records including most passing yards in a career, is at Walt Disney World this weekend for 'ESPN The Weekend,' a sports-themed fan event held at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.  (Photo by Matt Stroshane/Disney Via Getty Images)

For years, we admired Brett Favre's childlike love of the game and enthusiasm on the field. It is no wonder he was recently photographed on a lawn chair next to Goofy...

Now that he has been granted his request to be released by the New York Jets, speculation is flying that he will indeed attempt one more comeback and pursue his well-documented wish from last season to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

If he does, he is dead to me.

Let me start out by saying that I would have taken Brett Favre over any other quarterback to build my team around. I was outright belittled for putting him on a plateau with the likes of Joe Montana.

But if you don't have a good line in front of Joe, you better have a great backup QB like Steve Young (simply not feasible in the modern salary-cap era), because he will miss time. He played behind the likes of Jesse Sapolu, Randy Cross, and Guy McIntyre, and still missed two seasons.

You are not much good to your team if you cannot be under center. Favre never missed a game, despite playing behind many suspect lines early in his career. Even when the Packers won the Super Bowl, he had three different left tackles that season.

However, while I will still assert that Brett is on par on the field with any quarterback, he appears to leave a lot to be desired off of it. Sure, he's not "making it rain" in the nightclubs, and even quit drinking over a decade ago. But he is looking like as big a prima donna as any quarterback of his era.

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I wrote much on this as it pertained to the Packers, and will not rehash it. But we can now add another chapter based on his time with the Jets...

First, he admitted that he had wanted to be play for the Vikings or the Bears for revenge. But I was willing to let that go when he admitted it and conceded that it was not the right thing to do: Brett is an emotional player, and the team's response to his announcement that he was coming back was not only unexpected but disappointing. He reacted emotionally.

But then over the season, we receive a credible report that he fed information to his former team's opponent. His denial was followed it up with the assertion that even if he had done it, there were no rules against it. Why would one make this point if one did not commit the offense?

Later, he had an issue with coach Eric Mangini for being too harsh. He went rogue late in the season and cost his team the playoffs, throwing nine picks against two scores in the final five games en route to four losses. He even drew the ire of teammates.

Now, after costing his new team a third-round pick, he retires, but then demands his release.

I do not want to jump to conclusions, but I am only human. What would make a retired player's release urgent if he were not planning to return?

And since he wanted to play for the Vikings and they are completely lacking a QB, why would he not want to stick it to his former team twice? They are the only contending team he would greatly improve since they have no established quarterback.

Given all that has happened, if he is healthy it is hard to see him not going to the Vikings. I hope I am wrong, because right now what he has done for us outweighs what he has done to us.

But if I am right, I will be leading the charge to keep him from entering the Hall of Fame as a Packer.

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