Edmonton Sun Prints Regrettable Concentration Camp Joke in Headline

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 13, 2013

Image via @Wittmeier
Image via @Wittmeier

Unfortunately for print journalism, it’s not easy to take back words that have been inked in 64-point font on the front page of your latest edition.

Editors cannot just call down to a flock of newsies singing show tunes in the town square and order them to steal the paper back from their customers, which is what I’m sure the Edmonton Sun wishes it could have done after a recent headline snafu, via Rick Chandler of SportsGrid.

In the name of previewing its readership on the progress of the Edmonton Eskimos, the publication printed this headline regarding the CFL team’s participation in a preseason training camp.

Hmmm...that “pun” tastes like regret, with a smack of insensitivity some could mistake for antisemitism. 

If you’re missing the boat on this one, the Sun’s “Camp Concentration” headline was considered by readers to be a play on words concerning Nazi concentration camps implemented in World War II. 

People weren’t too jazzed about it, probably because most people like football with their football as opposed to loose allusions to 20th century war crimes.

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The Sun apologized via Twitter about the headline gaffe, saying it was an “error” and “extremely insensitive.”

Mistakes happen, and in this instance, I highly doubt a Canadian newspaper was looking to stick it to the Chosen People with a front-page story about a local football team.

With that being said, they might want to cool the jets on the cleverness until this whole prison camp thing blows over, lest they risk the wrath of Snape. 

Print media isn’t dead, but outlets aren’t doing themselves any favors when they begin testing the Holocaust waters.

It's been 70 years, and yes—it’s still too soon.


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