2009 Fantasy Football Questions Answered: Impact Rookies

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IMay 3, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: First round draft pick wide receiver Jeremy Maclin #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles practices during minicamp at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

When you think about the NFL, you think about its premier draft held every April. And when you think of the premier fantasy football website that offers you outstanding, FREE advice throughout the year, who else is there to think of besides the Bruno Boys?

While the “so called” experts have already taken your money, packed it in, and said “see you in a few months,” we here feel that it is our duty to offer up Bruno Boys Nation our opinion of what just happened in the 2009 NFL Draft so you can remain light years ahead of your fantasy football competition.


NFL Draft Burning Questions!

1. The Oakland Raiders surprised everyone, not only in round one when they took wide receiver Darius Heyward-Bey over Michael Crabtree, but also when they selected little-known safety Michael Mitchell in the second round. Does the NFL need to step in and take the whip out of Al Davis’ hands?

Bruno Boys Cavigs:  It's not the NFL's job to tell anyone how to run their teams, so I feel they shouldn't touch the mess that Al Davis has created in Oakland. Being a Bay Area native and a San Francisco 49ers fan, we love seeing the so-called Silver & Black continue to fail. In fact, I hope Davis lives a long life and never gives up his power in the Raiders franchise.

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Looking at this from the business side of things and not my hatred for anything Raiders, someone in the franchise needs to convince him to take a step back and let some fresh blood call the personnel shots. Davis has done nothing but make bad decision after bad decision since he traded his head coach Jon Gruden to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the future doesn't look bright in Oakland.

Bruno Boys Ziza: While I understand how you would love to see this happening, Marc, I really think that the NFL should at least attempt to do something. I am not saying they should tell them how to run a franchise, but there has to be some type of testing or what-not to see if someone has lost it.

I am not just talking about Al Davis either, but the Detroit Lions' William Clay Ford is another example. The Lions were a great organization until WCF took over, and 50 years later he still has had only one playoff victory. The difference between the two though is that WCF is not calling the shots, he is just too trusting.

Davis, on the other hand, you know he always has his hands in the cookie jar. No chocolate chip for you Mr. Davis.


2. The NFL has been in talks of possibly moving the NFL Draft into prime time a few years from now. It would be broken into three nights possibly. Although the format is far from being set in stone, it is rumored that the first day would be the first round, the second day would be the second round, and the third day would be the final four rounds of the draft. Would you be for this or against it?

Bruno Boys Cavigs: Go for it, Roger Goodell. There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning and watching the NFL Draft for 12 hours, but if they move to this format it means all of us die-hards get an extra day of football.

Plus, from a fantasy football content standpoint, it gives the Bruno Boys Nation an extra day to read our draft day analysis. If Goodell feels the draft will get good ratings on a Thursday night in prime time, then it's worth the shot. We all know the NFL continues to grow in popularity and this is just another move to make the brand bigger.

Plus, what would you rather watch on a Thursday Night in April...the NFL Draft or Grey's Anatomy?

Bruno Boys Ziza: I am pretty torn on this. I do agree that this would give us die-hards a more spread out three day event, but at the same time I am not sure.  I think round two deserves a day and round three through seven is the third day.

What I would like to see is perhaps a day for round one, rounds two and three on one day and then rounds four through seven as most people don't pay attention to the latter rounds as much anyways.

What I would love to see though is that they provide a little more information on how trades developed and such, if general managers were willing. Maybe a few more feel-good stories. I don't know. But anything to get away from Mel Kiper once in a while would be a good thing if you ask me.


NFL Draft – Draft Selections (Who'll Have Biggest Fantasy Impact for 2009?)

1. Matthew Stafford vs. Mark Sanchez

Bruno Boys Cavigs:
SANCHEZ. If Stafford was given the starting position from week one, he'd be my choice, but the Lions are expected to ease him into the mix, so Sanchez is the pick.

He doesn't have the weapons that Stafford has surrounding him, but Sanchez is an accurate quarterback with a big-time arm. Plus, the Jets offensive line is one of the best in football, so this should give their rookie quarterback enough time to sit in the pocket and make smart decisions. Still, let both options gain experience before you rely on them being your fantasy football QB.

Bruno Boys Ziza: BOTH. I really do believe that somehow, some way, Matthew Stafford will be thrown into the mix at some point this year, most likely before week eight to give him a half of a year to groom before starting to try and make a push in 2010.

I say if you have Mark Sanchez, he will be the better of the two on the fantasy football year, but that is mainly because he will have a full year worth of stats. Keep in mind, though, that Sanchez has not won the job yet. Either way, if Stafford does play during the second half of the season, he would be the quarterback that I would want during the second half.


2. Knowshon Moreno vs. Chris Wells vs. Donald Brown

Bruno Boys Ziza: WELLS. Just the situation itself lends a different degree of probable success to Chris Wells, but he must stay healthy to do that. He is pretty injury-prone and you have to take that into account.

Now, while all three should have a solid rookie year, I do not see a Joseph Addai or Maurice Jones-Drew type of rookie campaign in the making here. If I were rounding out a fantasy football roster right now, neither of these three would warrant much attention from me until RB3 in deeper leagues.

Bruno Boys Cavigs: WELLS. He was drafted behind both Moreno and Brown, but couldn't be in a better situation to get immediate playing time. The Arizona Cardinals struggled running the football in 2008 and Wells should get the first crack at being the primary option. The team released Edgerrin James and is not sold on Tim Hightower being an every-down back, so a healthy Wells should propel him to being the top rookie rusher.


3. Darrius Heyward-Bey vs. Michael Crabtree vs. Jeremy Maclin

Bruno Boys Cavigs:
CRABTREE. You think he isn't taking it as a slap in the face that he wasn't the first wide receiver taken in the 2009 NFL Draft? Diva or not, Crabtree is the best pure wide receiver out of the bunch and will make the most of every opportunity he gets in San Francisco. Think 50-60 receptions for 700-800 yards for the rookie out of Texas Tech.

Bruno Boys Ziza: MACLIN. All three of these wide receivers bring a different type of game to this position. While I do think if they are groomed right, all three will be successful, I like Jeremy Maclin.

Unlike the running back position, the wide receivers' success depends greatly on who is throwing the pigskin. No offense to the Raiders or the 49ers, but I think Donovan McNabb beats out your quarterbacks just slightly. Ok, I think he does a lot. And with Maclin going to an offense who already has some talent around him, he is going to help keep the defenders off of his butt some.

If I were to have to draft one of these three wide receivers in a fantasy football draft, I would feel most confident with Maclin as I think he will be the most consistent from week to week.




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