Kenyan High Schoolers Clear 2-Meter High Jump with Feet-First Leap

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 29, 2013

No pads, no cushions. No nothing.

This Kenyan high school doesn’t need anything squishy and soft for its high jumpers to land upon, considering these guys can clear six feet without even bending their back.

According to Sportige, these two young jumpers were competing in a high school track meet in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya when this video of their feet-first jump technique was taken. The jumpers leap over what is estimated to be a solid two meters. As you can see, it’s not exactly the style of leaping that we’ve come to expect from high jumpers.  

With a twist of the hips and a splash of scissor kick, these high schoolers have single-handedly murdered an entire Mazda ad campaign.

They’re not using the back-first Fosbury flop technique, and they don’t need it. Who wants to land on their back on a cushioned pad like a pansy? That leaves you vulnerable.  

Every underage partier in America who has ever ran from the cops and ended up racking their groin on a chain link fence wishes he or she could do what these two young men can. This kind of skill would’ve came in handy that time Officer Reid chased you out into the backyard and probably saved us all several stern talks and late-night phone calls for a ride home. 

After seeing this footage, it’s hard to believe that a Kenyan man has never even managed to snag a medal in an Olympic high-jump contest.  

Perhaps with a few years to grow and train (and maybe even acquiescing and learning the Fosbury flop, if need be) these young men will be able to bring home some high-jump hardware to Kenya.

Until then, they'll just have to content themselves with being the only kids in Kenya making their mark on SportCenter's Top 10 plays.

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