Roman Reigns: Could He and the Usos Reform the Samoan Swat Team?

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Could Reigns form a stable with family members The Usos? (photo courtesy of tumblr.com)
Could Reigns form a stable with family members The Usos? (photo courtesy of tumblr.com)

Roman Reigns is one half of the WWE tag team champions, but uniting with fellow Samoan family members The Usos could bring back an old wrestling faction. 

Before they were the Headshrinkers in WWE, the Superstar later known as Rikishi and his cousin Samu, were the Samoan Swat Team. They wrestled with the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. The Headshrinkers, Reigns and The Usos are just a few members of the famous Anoa’i family.

Other notable Superstars in this family include Rosey, Umaga and the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, The Rock.

Reigns recently had a few run-ins with The Usos as all three Superstars are currently in the tag team division. In order for there to be a reformation of a new Samoan Swat Team, Reigns would have to be on the same side as Jimmy and Jey Uso. 

Chances are, this is not a situation that will occur anytime soon. Reigns is part of The Shield, which is one of the most successful and interesting groups in WWE today. However, eventually Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Reigns will go their separate ways. When that happens, Reigns can become a leader of a new group with his fellow family members.

Reigns may not be the best talker in The Shield, but he has shown signs of a bright future. He is a powerhouse with a spear who has taken out the top Superstars in WWE. A partnership with the Usos would promote Reigns as a successful singles competitor, while helping out Jimmy and Jey.

The Usos have been two of the most underutilized Superstars on the current roster. They are the only traditional tag team in the company. Unlike when WWE takes two Superstars and throws them into a team together, Jimmy and Jey Uso are brothers who look and act like a real tag team. It certainly helps to have a father in one of the original members of the Samoan Swat Team, Rikishi. 

The Samoan Swat Team was known for portraying savages, who wouldn’t sell any moves attempted at their heads. Reigns and the Usos can bring back this old tradition. Reigns has the aggressiveness that he could easily transform into a barbarian.

The Usos have been treated as jobbers and would require time to build themselves into a legitimate tag team. However, they could also transform into beast-like characters who act like their father and his former partner.

Perhaps, prior to reforming the SST, the Usos will get an opportunity at the tag team titles. In fact, a huge twist in the storylines could see Reigns eventually turn on Ambrose and Rollins. There may be those who see Ambrose breaking away, as he was the one who was chosen for the singles title. Others may have thought Rollins would break away and become a babyface.

However, has anyone thought that Reigns would break away and join The Usos?

Probably not.

What are your thoughts on a possible reformation of the Samoan Swat Team involving Roman Reigns and The Usos? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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