Royals Fan Rushes Field, Steals Rosin Bag Because He's Quick Like the Bunny

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 24, 2013

Is there a family of “Quicks” on your block? Do you live in Kansas City?

If so, then you might know the fan who ran onto the field during the Royals-Angels game on Thursday night, May 23. He was quick as the bunny rabbit, and at least one cop ate dirt as he pulled off the ultimate baseball heist of stealing the rosin bag, according to Larry Brown Sports

It was the bottom of the eighth when the game ratcheted up to Benny Hill chase levels. Angels reliever Michael Kohn was on the mound when the fan hit the field. It was a spectacle only fans in the stadium were able to see in its entirety, but the camera did capture the pivotal moment—the heist.

Sliding into the frame with a cop on his tail, the field-rusher snatched the bag and changed directions like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. It was the real-life equivalent of a Star Fox barrel roll, and the pursuing officer missed his mark and ended up sucking dirt as he crashed down onto the bump.

In short, everyone loved it:

If we come back and win this, the rosin bag thief should be the new manager. #Royals

— Fake Rex Hudler (@p90rexHud) May 24, 2013

Sometimes you just need a good run, a rosin bag & a pair of handcuffs. Check, check, check. And to think people left the @royals game early.

— Jake's Journal (@JakesJournal) May 24, 2013

Never go for the rosin bag...#KC #Royals #Baseball twitter.com/JasonGrill/sta…

— Jason Grill (@JasonGrill) May 24, 2013

Welp, a fan decided to run from right field to the mound, steal the rosin bag, then get arrested. Can that convert to a #Royals run?

— Megan Armstrong (@meganKarmstrong) May 24, 2013

Unfortunately, all good myths must come to an end, and security caught the man shortly thereafter when he slipped on the field. That was where Ocean's Fourteen ended, falling short due to mechanical difficulties. The perfect crime was was cut short due to the fact he wore his PF Flyers (the original Crazyquick).

Something else to note: Cameras didn’t show a lick of this guy’s run until he hit the mound, leaving us to deduce they’re doing everything in their power to discourage people from running onto the field.

It’s interesting to see baseball taking the stance that some people have on reporting sensational acts of violence—don’t show it and it won’t happen anymore.

Either way, this is one Royals fan whose quick feet managed to pull off a one-of-a-kind stunt. I hope that officer’s ankles are OK, because he hit the brakes hard.

Always do a barrel roll.


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