Golfer Wins Car with Amazing Hole-in-One, Immediately Breaks Car's Windshield

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 20, 2013

Photo Credit: Mike Miller (via
Photo Credit: Mike Miller (via

One golfer proved to be both highly accurate and extremely unfortunate all on the same day. 

Busted Coverage spots a story that proves luck can run out in an instant, because one golfer broke the very car he won for hitting a hole-in-one. has a full report on Mike Miller, a 21-year-old amateur golfer who "aced the 16th hole at Knollwood Country Club during a Lincoln Pro-Am Series event, holing out from 165 yards with a 9-iron."

Hitting a hole-in-one is cause for celebration at any course, but to do so at a Pro-Am event must have been all the more remarkable for Miller, so we understand his joy when he found out he won a car because of the shot. 

Miller gets a two-year lease on a black Lincoln MKZ, a prize that will not hinder his amateur status. Not only that, he gets to upgrade over his Pacifica he claims has over 205,000 miles. 

At this point, we would accept a great many things: Miller jumping for joy, shedding tears of happiness or even hugging his car in a restrained manner. 

I say restrained because Miller attempted to hug the car in much the same way Rich Beem did in 2007. Instead, Miller cracked the windshield with his butt. Apparently, the young golfer ran to the car and jumped in an effort to embrace his new ride. 

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I completely missed the hood and landed on my backside in the middle of the windshield, Miller said. I am so thankful it didn’t completely shatter or I would’ve gone straight through.

The mood went from everyone being all excited to, ‘Oh my God, what did you just do?’

For clarity, here is how one successfully hugs their car, via Rich Beem. 

Here is what happens when you do so with far too overzealous an approach. 

Per the report, the car is already getting repaired, but there is no mention of which party will be forced to pay. 

If you are already confounded by the story, it gets better. It seems Miller has aced this hole before and has two other hole-in-ones on his career. 

Not only that, he also had two eagles before dropping his car-winning shot on 16. So you can indeed prove to be both extremely talented and incredibly unfortunate all on the same day. 

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