49ers 2009 Draft: Thanks For Not Getting Mark Sanchez!

Ryan FridayCorrespondent IApril 28, 2009

It's over. Hello, Michael Crabtree.

I gave this year's draft an B/B+ only because of the absence any offensive linemen in this draft. I don't like it so much that the team drafted a running back in the third round, but I suppose that seemed to be the best thing on the board at the time.

If the Niners had a second round pick, I'm sure they would have drafted a good available OT/G.

But hey, there was not one mock draft out there that predicted the 49ers taking Michael Crabtree at No. 10.

What were the Raiders thinking? More so, how in bloody hell did Mark Sanchez get drafted higher than Crabtree? Oh well, good for us. Why? Read the following:

There are more successful juniors out of college that are non-quarterbacks than there are  quarterbacks. I can name two right now (both from Cal, whoo-hoo!) Marshawn Lynch and Desean Jackson. (Though I know Desean could be a sophomore slump depending on that QB situation.)

Of course, I do not deny there are QB's who were drafted as juniors who indeed are doing well as QBs in the NFL:

Aaron Rodgers, yeah one good season, but it was a pretty consistent season with a not so superb supporting cast, and we cannot forget Big Ben Roethlisberger. But please pay attention that these players have at least two great seasons of college play.

So yes, I am so glad we did not get the opportunity to draft Mark Sanchez. For you people that wanted this, no.

First of all, he is no where near the likes of Matt Leinart (and look at him now, he was a much better player than Sanchez), Carson Palmer, or even, John David Booty.

You cannot draft a guy who has started for only one full season. You always want to draft a guy who has been consistently good in more than just one season because we unfortunately have one year wonders in football.

Just look at four year starters Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. They were senior draftees. Need more?

C'mon, even Alex Smith had more college starts and look at him, and again, he was also a junior when drafted.

Though I actually like Alex Smith, and I believe he has yet to have a real second (or third) chance to prove himself.

As I said before, even though there are a few QBs who have had success with nothing but two years of college experience, that doesn't compare to the number of junior flops who we all thought were going to be good players.

Help me out with this one, are there any good NFL players with fewer than two seasons of college play?

No, you cannot say Matt Cassel (ironically also from USC) for two reasons: One, I already said it and two, because he got to learn from Belichick for several seasons.

From whom would Mark Sanchez get the opportunity to learn from and be great?

Usually top 10 draftees start as soon as the middle of their rookie season, but no his situation would have been bad for himself, the 49ers, and ultimately the fans.

I mean who is he going to be learning from now? Didn't Favre retire? I sure hope so. (Refer to a previous article of mine, it is nasty.)

So anyway, welcome Michael Crabtree, and yes, I know he is a junior. However, I'm okay with this because look who he gets to play with: future Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce.

And by the way, I think getting Isaac Bruce was one of the best moves this team made in the past several seasons.

And maybe Crabtree won't have a star quarterback, I think it's worse to have a QB flop than anything else. In this case, Crabtree doesn't have to—though he probably will—automatically be the starter. Even if he is, there are still other weapons on the field so there wouldn't be as much pressure put on him.

This is a fantastic and lucky thing to happen to the 49ers. I hear that this can potentially be the next best WR to Terrel Owens. Maybe not big enough but it's nice to have a guy who brings some promise.

As to why that other guy got drafted over Maclin and Crabtree, everyone was puzzled.

But of course, we have the worse case scenario: Injuries, injuries, and injuries. I sure hope to heck that Crabtree doesn't become a guy with plaguing injuries who we'll never get to see him to his full potential.

But let's think positive. Let's think about the offensive lineup, which will be of the following and, no doubt in my mind, would be awesome:

WR Isaac Bruce

WR Josh Morgan

LT Joe Staley

LG David Baas

C Eric Heitmann

RG Tony Wragge

RT Marvel Smith

TE Vernon Davis

QB Alex Smith

HB Frank Gore

FB Moran Norris / Zak Keasey

WR Micheal Crabtree

Isn't it beautiful? 

I honestly think with better coaching this offensive line will be fine. Perhaps there is someone we can pick up prior to summer camp, but all in all, it isn't as bad as it seems. 

Oh Vernon, where is your breakout season? He has been mediocre or less. But the good thing is teams are still scared of him, and when he does get the ball, it is a thrill. 

Frank Gooore, you'll be running more, but you've got fine back-ups.

Well you might put Arnaz Battle instead of Josh Morgan, but Morgan made some good plays last season.

And, of course, there's Michael Crabtree all alone.

At least teams may actually have to worry about the receivers and stop getting to keep eight in the box every play. 

I'm truly thinking more optimistically than I usually do, but I feel great. I feel good. The good 'ol GM didn't piss me off this season. So far.

So again congrats, Crabtree, and congrats to the 49ers. Please make this year count for us.


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