Lakers-Jazz Live Twitter Event: First Half Recap

Tim CarySenior Analyst IApril 28, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 19:  Lamar Odom #7 of the Los Angeles Lakers moves the ball as he is covered by Matt Harpring #15 of the Utah Jazz in the first half of Game One of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on April 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

BleacherReport.com writer Tim Cary is providing instant analysis of tonight's Lakers-Jazz Game Five on Twitter.  Follow along at Twitter.com/TimCary or search for the hashtag #LALUTA.

Here's how the first half went down, in episodes of 140 characters or less:

Coming up soon: my on-the-spot analysis of the #Lakers and #Jazz. Follow, tweet back, and enjoy the #NBA #Playoffs with this fan in Ohio!

Editor's note: "On the spot" refers to instant and unscripted, not dead on and insightfully accurate. I do have some amount of humility :)

Experimenting with a hashtag for the #Lakers-#Jazz game. If you want to follow along, search for tweets related to my live-blog at: #LALUTA

No Luke Walton tonight for Lakers; out at least a week (read: LONG TIME) with partially torn ankle ligament. Will #4's absence hurt? #LALUTA

Does sound like Ariza will play, which is good unless Lakers wanted to go with no small forward whatsoever. Radmanovic, where are u? #LALUTA

Regular-season script: Pound to bigs early, goof around with everyone getting involved from early 2nd to early 4th, Kobe close 1on5 #LALUTA

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#LALUTA Script didn't change until Game 4, when Kobe was ticked off enough with 5-24 to start shooting every trip down the floor. Tonight?

When I watch Kobe, I can usually tell in 1st 2 trips if he's all-scoring or all-playmaking. Happy medium would be great, of course. #LALUTA

TNT has finished up with Heat/Hawks, and my 60-inch screen is ready for the #Jazz and #Lakers from Staples. Any LAL fans following? #LALUTA

#LALUTA #Jazz start Williams, Brewer, Okur, Boozer, and Kirilenko. For #Lakers :KB, Fisher, Ariza, Odom, Gasol. Announcers: Marv & Reggie.

#LALUTA Who decides which uniform the Jazz (or any other NBA team) wear on a given night? I know with the Cubs, it's the starting pitcher...

Kobe shoots, Kobe scores. It's going to be a scoring night for the Black Mamba. #LALUTA Look for him to establish offense early, then pass

In game 4, Kobe was a scorer thru-out. Tonight, his ideal would be 3 or 4 minutes strong, then hitting bigs out of double-teams. #LALUTA

If Fisher, Brown, and Farmar don't have enough quickness to guard D. Williams...then Lamar Odom definitely doesn't. #LALUTA

Off-topic in the NBA: The Hornets are down by over 50. At home. That's an embarrassment to basketball everywhere. #playoffs

Can you imagine if Pau Gasol was the #Lakers' best 3-pt shooter? Meet Mehmet Okur, Utah Jazz center. #LALUTA

I love Marv Albert's line, "He thought he was fouled". In the NBA, 2009 version, he could use that line on every single possession. #LALUTA

Kirilenko looks good for Jazz early. Hitting outside, plus "trying" to slow Kobe on D. Hard to believe he wasn't starting earlier. #LALUTA

Reggie's talking about "Kobe's approach: Facilitator or Mamba". Isn't something wrong when EVERYONE knows there's no middle ground? #LALUTA

Marv: "Crowd a little impatient early on." What's he talking about? Everyone knows #Lakers fans don't even show up until 2nd qtr. #LALUTA

#LALUTA Jazz have an assist on all six field goals. Translation: that's a team with a good point guard. #nba #playoffs

@LakersSuperFan Agree that Kobe can pretty much score whenever. I've always thought mixing up defenders on him is opp's best bet. #LALUTA

@LisaHorne are you watching the Lakers? I'd appreciate your input if you get the time. Good one early at 18-17. #LALUTA

#LALUTA Love how anytime the guy with ball falls down, it has to be a foul. Isn't it possible for players to just flat-out trip anymore?

# of Vujacic playoff fist pumps = # of Vujacic made playoff field goals. Can't we save it for just the big shots? #LALUTA

Commercial break at 26-all. Time to find out who all's following. Which do we have more of, Lakers fans or Jazz fans? Let me know. #LALUTA

RT @jemelehill "Marv Albert could make turtle fighting sound exciting." #LALUTA Now if they only had #playoffs in turtle fighting... #nba

Sometimes I wish Bryant could hear what announcers are saying: "really bothered Kobe with his wingspan". If he was wearing an earpiece...

...he'd be dropping 81 about now. #LALUTA Remember the Jazz "shutting him down" in game 4? #lakers #jazz #playoffs #nba

Lakers 4-8 from distance...good sign. Lamar Odom stroking it from deep...GREAT sign. Lakers get first six of second qtr. #LALUTA

Looks like #Lakers and #Jazz fans both following along- if you have any questions, thoughts, etc. for this "live-Twitter", send them #LALUTA

The fallaway Bryant just bricked was twice as difficult a shot as the one he passed up mid-air to try and force the ball to Powell. #LALUTA

@BilooftheLC Who on the Jazz do you think does the best job defending Kobe? If you were Sloan, who would get the call on No. 24? #LALUTA

Marv: "Vujacic thought he was fouled; actually looked like HE jumped INTO the defender". How can R. Miller listen w/ straight face? #LALUTA

#LALUTA Miller was notorious for jumping into defenders; surprised he hasn't put out an educational video series on topic. Marv must know?

From a Jazz fan's perspective, who should guard Kobe? RT @BiloOfTheLC "Def a mix of guys". So we agree on that. #LALUTA

#LALUTA Of course, I think D.Williams isn't the best option, because the USA Olympic relationship helps motivate Kobe to school others, IMO

@LisaHorne Do you think Kobe's propensity for shooting too much or passing too much makes the Lakers less of a threat to win title? #LALUTA

Reggie discussing which team will give #Lakers more problems, HOU or POR. I think it's the Blazers, no question. #LALUTA

#LALUTA Regular season struggles, especially @ POR. Huge rivalry, unfriendly on both sides. Blazers seem to have Lakers # more than most IMO

Trevor Ariza is quickly becoming the new-look Lakers' version of the old-look Lakers' Rick Fox. Underrated D + big shots. #LALUTA

Ariza is obviously more of an athlete than Fox ever was. With somebody as skilled as Kobe attacking rim, shooters are always key. #LALUTA

RT @BiloOfTheLC "Wish Sloan would learn the importance of the three point shot." True, but I still like 2 watch FLEX offense in NBA. #LALUTA

When do you think was the last time Jack Nicholson missed a #Lakers #playoffs game? #LALUTA Wonder if he has any impact on visiting coaches?

Difference in the #Jazz #Lakers game so far? LAL 6-12 from behind arc, UTA only 2-6 from 3. Follow instant analysis and chime in at #LALUTA.

Great pass from Ariza to trailing Odom. Lakers up a dozen in the last min. before half and it could be more...forwards playing big. #LALUTA

As a numbers guy, it amazes me that more teams don't get 2-for-1. With 36 to play, Lakers should attack and try to score in 7 secs or less.

That extra possession could be huge, IMO. Teams just don't crunch the numbers enough. Get more shots, score more points. Simple. #LALUTA

Of course, getting the rebound would help, too. Hard to score without the ball (although Kobe has done so many amazing things, who knows?)

Speaking of Kobe doing amazing things-that last shot before halftime was flatout ridiculous. Aren't you supposed to face the basket? #LALUTA

Remember, for second-half playoff action, follow Twitter.com/TimCary or search #LALUTA.  The full live-Twitter transcript will be posted on BleacherReport.com after the game.


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