Denver: Why The Broncos Draft Picks Will Change The Franchise

Bryce BedingerContributor IApril 27, 2009

From what I've read, most Denver fans were disappointed with the decisions the Broncos made in this years draft. And to those of you who feel this way, I say cheer up! I've recently done research on our new additions to the team. So all of of you people that can't seem to smile after the draft, I'll give you reason to.

Robert Ayers- DE (18th overall)

Ayers started all four years of his college career. In these four years, he had 112 tackles, and nine sacks. Ayers has even had an interception his senior year. I'm not sure about you, but I'm satisfied with those stats.

Alphonso Smith- CB (37th overall)

Alphonso Smith also started all four years in college. In his four years, Smith had 174 tackles, four forced fumbles, and 21 interceptions. he also had four touchdowns in his four years at Wake Forest. I'm almost surprised he didn't go in the first round.

Darcel McBath- CB/S (48th overall)

Darcel was another pick to start all four years, so he has the experience. In his career, he's had 214 tackles, 12 interceptions, and two interceptions. Also in the 2008 season, his college team won all but one game, where he had six interceptions, and a touchdown in one season alone.

So far all of these picks have been towards helping the defense, which people said our new head coach barely did in this years draft.

Richard Quinn- TE (64th overall)

You have to hear me out on this one, even though his stats don't make him look like should have even been drafted.

Like most Broncos fans, I was not satisfied with the stats that Quinn had to offer. I couldn't figure out why we even considered him, and I needed an answer.

So I looked him up on YouTube. His highlights weren't of him scoring or making amazing catches. What I saw was Richard Quinn laying out guys all over the field (In other words, he's an amazing blocker).

This addition could be key considering that we had drafted Knowshon Moreno. It's clear that what McDaniels was doing was helping our running backs (maybe to help prevent losing 7 running backs to injured reserve again or something).

This convinced me that McDaniels probably knew what he was doing.

David Bruton- FS (114th overall)

Again, McDaniels helps the defense with another great pick. Bruton has accomplished 210 tackles, two forced fumbles, and seven interceptions in all four seasons. David has even had a sack, which isn't saying much, but decent considering that he's a safety.

Since the Broncos acquired Brian Dawkins in the offseason, Bruton makes a great secondary for the Broncos.

Seth Olsen- OG (132nd overall)

Call me a homer, but I was excited when the Broncos drafted Seth, knowing that he was from Iowa.

Though Olsen was a Iowa Hawkeye, I was excited for more than just that reason that we took him. Seth Olsen allowed very little tackles, and was key to why the Hawkeyes won so many games. Olsen should be a good addition to the offense.

Kenny McKinley- WR (141st overall)

Granted, the Broncos already have amazing receivers (A- in most polls), It's not like Players don't get injured (or tired), and Kenny McKinley would be a reliable sub for when (if) this happens.

McKinley has had 207 receptions, 2,781 yards, and 19 touchdowns in his four years at South Carolina. His ability to make quick decisions, and tough catches makes him a good fit with the other Bronco Wide outs.

Tom Brandstater- QB (174th overall)

Tom Brandstater is a big, strong QB from Fresno state. A lot of people thought this was a dumb decision by McDaniels considering that we just got Kyle Orton and Chris Simms in the offseason. But after releasing Patrick Ramsey and Darrell Hackney, the Broncos were in need of a third QB.

Brandstater has thrown 6,857 yards, and 47 touchdowns. Pretty legit considering he only started three seasons.

Tom also rushed for four touchdowns last season alone. Pretty good pick for the sixth round (not to mention that he's a QB).

Blake Schlueter- C (225th overall)

After the retiring of Tom Nalen, the Broncos were in need of a center. Denver got just that in the seventh round of the Draft.

Blake Schlueter is very mature, and is crazy fast for an offensive linemen. His strength and agility make him a reliable center to help guard our new quarterback.

In addition to these draft picks, McDaniels picked up 12 extra players in free agency. So again, I say cheer up! McDaniels knows what he's doing.


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