Mayweather vs. Guerrero: Breaking Down Turning Points of Main Event

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIMay 5, 2013

Robert Guerrero had a solid start to the main event but couldn't handle Mayweather's turnaround in the third.
Robert Guerrero had a solid start to the main event but couldn't handle Mayweather's turnaround in the third.Al Bello/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather was nothing short of "money" on MayDay as he took down Robert Guerrero in a bout that went the distance and was awarded to Money via unanimous decision. Mayweather's absolutely ridiculous winning streak has ballooned to 44 straight victories and the champ shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to run through opponents at 36 years young. 

The battle started off with the strong, confident Guerrero putting up a pretty solid fight. He came out firing on Mayweather and was able to get some solid shots on Money, running him to the ropes and landing a a couple of big power punches on a few separate occasions. 

Guerrero would continue to bring the fire in the second round and, for a moment, it looked like Money might have lost his touch during his long absence. It looked like Mayweather might have put too much time and effort into being accompanied to the ring by Lil Wayne and wearing snakeskin trunks and not enough time on preparing for his opponent...

Until the third round. 

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The third round was the major turning point of MayDay's main event. Mayweather showed the millions why he's the man to beat. He showed why he's got a big fat zero in the loss column. Guerrero kept throwing bombs, except now, Mayweather was laying in wait. You could almost see Mayweather start to time out the Ghost's punches, getting more perfect as the fight went on. He made himself almost untouchable while sticking Guerrero with solid shot after solid shot until Guerrero was split open above the left eye. 

Money May would go on to dominate Guerrero, who should be commended for the effort he put forth. Guerrero kept it interesting, landing some big shots here and there, but Mayweather was simply too fast and too good to leave himself open for anything too devastating. 

Once Money shook a little of the rust off and settled down in the third round, he never looked back. Guerrero gave a valiant effort, but just didn't have enough to beat the best and keep things rolling after a decent start. 

Mayweather showed once again that he's the best the world of boxing has to offer and he certainly shushed his critics after his amazing performance against Guerrero in the main event.