Derrick Brooks: A Seahawk

NFL News And RumorsAnalyst IApril 27, 2009

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 19:  Derrick Brooks #55 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers greets a fan during the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Raymond James Stadium on September 19, 2004 in Tampa, Florida. The Seahawks defeated the Bucaneers 10-6. (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

With Seattle releasing LB Leroy Hill, allowing him to walk for no compensation, one would assume they have something up their sleeve to get him back, or replace him.

Maybe we will see a Ray Lewis/Ravens deal go down; Lewis balked at the Raven's three year $24 million dollar offer thinking he could get more money. The market was frozen for him, so he returned.

That was awhile ago.

Since then a lot of free agent dollars have been allocated elsewhere. The draft has been concluded; many teams have filled out their rosters with their fill of the FA’s they desired, and the draft picks they coveted.

The Seahawks current offer is for 6 years and $36 million, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of a third in guarantees.

Leroy, if you don’t like it, fine, go elsewhere, and you will see they are offering you a good deal, unless you would take less.

They now have 8.3 million dollars off our books; none has to go to signing top draft pick LB Aaron Curry because of the rookie pool.

They would not have let him walk if they did not need to use the money, in other words, Ken Lucas, welcome back, finally.

I don’t expect them to use even half the amount to snag Lucas, and with WR, OL, and a QB drafted, it appears they are fairly solid across the board except at Hill’s now vacant spot.

There should be one name that is blatantly obvious that would be a perfect fit.

That would be former Bucs’ LB and future HOF Derrick Brooks.

The Tim Ruskell tie, the Casey Bradley tie, the mentoring possibilities of Curry, even Lofa Tatupu, all make it a tempting proposition. Who better to learn from then a Super Bowl winning future HOF LB?

Heck, in the short time, he would be more useful then Hill, he has the experience and leadership qualities you cannot teach, and that Hill does not even possess.

He fits the style of the Seahawks defense; obviously, it’s going to be the Tampa Cover Two.

He has three to four years left in the tank, and paired with a Ken Lucas signing, makes this defense solid on all fronts.

Ruskell, bring back one of the ones you hand molded to Seattle, sign Derrick Brooks.

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