Denver Broncos Drafted Poorly? Nope

D PContributor IApril 27, 2009

I honestly dont understand the frustration in almost all Bronco fans during the NFL draft this weekend. Maybe because they needed to go towards the defense? Or maybe because Denver was adding depth instead of the holes? Think again...

Round 1, Pick 12 - Knowshon Moreno RB

At first I was with everyone else on this pick. Thinking about why in the world did Denver just added another running back.

Having Correll Buckhalter, J.J. Arrington, LaMont Jordan, Ryan Torain, and Selvin Young. Then I asked myself again, are they all legitimate running backs?

When was the last time we saw one of those running backs go over 100+ yards? We all know Moreno can easly prove that.

LaMont Jordan had three 100+ rushing yards in the last 3 years, his age has shown him that he can no longer be the dominant back he was in the past, this is year 11 for him.

Correll Buckhalter only had four 100+ rushing yard games in his 9 year career, now entering his 10th. J.J. Arrington.... has he even rushed for over 50+ in a game? Probably once or twice. And returning Denver Bronco running backs Selvin Young, Ryan Torain. 

Young has just two 100+ yard games (Both against KC in 2007), but can he even stay healthy? Finally Ryan Torain, basically missed all of the 2008 season and had a fairly decent game against the Browns in the first half.

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Last season the New England Patriots ran the ball very...very effectively and with that in mind, McDaniels might have a well balanced attack using the best rookie running back Knowshon Moreno, LaMont Jordan, and Correll Buckhalter.

The passing attack will mostly consider the wide receivers and tight ends but will feature J.J. Arrington, Knowshon Moreno and Peyton Hillis at times.

Round 1, Pick 18 - Robert Ayers DE/LB

Very good pick by Denver. A defensive playmaker that can play both ways, defensive end and outside linebacker. He will most likely be playing defensive end most of the time along the side with Darrell Ried and Kenny Peterson. Probably will stand up at times.

Round 2, Pick 5 - Alphonso Smith CB

While I saw this decision be made, Many people hated this because Smith is a undersized cornerback that doesn't have much speed and so on.

Denver traded their first-round natural pick to Seattle in return for the 37th pick in the draft, which ended up being Alphonso Smith.

Has first-round talent that is an absolute ball hawk that had I believe 22 career interceptions which is an ACC record. Now tell me thats not good, seriously.

Round 2, Pick 16 - Darcel McBath SS

Not much of a speed type player, but he is like Alphonso Smith, he is a ball hawk. A safety that can also play cornerback at times which really helps Denver in case of a backfield injury, he will provide with help. Great player

Round 2, Pick 32 - Richard Quinn TE

This was the 2nd time I was all, "Wait? They already got Daniel Graham, Tony Scheffler, and Jeb Putzier. Why did they add another tight end?"

This was actually an incredible pick because Tony cant block at all but is a threat to linebackers and safeties. Putzier is a well balanced player but is becoming a poor athlete as his career goes.

Richard Quinn provides extra run blocking strength/pass blocking strength that is needed in Goal Line formation and also in third-and-2 or fourth-and-1 situations.

There was a situation in New England when they had the same fit. Having Kyle Brady, Ben Watson, and David Thomas. Brady and Thomas are complete blockers but lacked in the passing game, while Watson was the threat.

Round 4, Pick 14 - David Bruton FS

Interesting pick here, they went with another safety. I actually like the pick though because David is some athlete with a lot of speed and adding more competition in the free safety and strong safety position. He is helping Denver in injury wise and preparing for the feature.

Round 4, Pick 32 - Seth Olson OG

With Denver having Hamilton and Wiegmann going into retirement mode some time, they are considering a guard at this time which is a pretty decent pick.

Round 5, Pick 5 - Kenny McKinley WR

Great wide receiver at 6'0" 200 pounds with great hands and speed. Probably will fill in when Brandon Marshall gets an 8 game suspension this season, good choice here. Can also return punts and kicks which is what Denver needs.

Round 6, Pick 1 - Tom Brandstater QB

Say hello to our future quarterback Tom Brandstater. Maybe McDaniels thought if he drafted a guy name Tom then he'll turn out to be like Tom Brady (who was drafted in the 6th round). Ill put some facts out there for some people who dont know this person.

A 6'5" 220-pound quarterback out of Fresno State. Played all 4 years in college. Started to play in his Sophomore year having 1,490 passing yards, 13 passing touchdowns and 14 interceptions. His Junior year was a bit better having 2,654 passing yards, 15 passing touchdowns and only 5 interceptions.

His Senior year was to go out there and prove hes a 1st rounder or 2nd rounder but instead struggled... throwing 2,664 yards, 18 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions.... sound a bit familiar kind of?

Round 7, Pick 16 - Blake Schlueter C

Last and final pick ends up being another offensive lineman. Blake can bring more competition for a possible starting job next year, this guy is a pear football player, simple as that.

Now, I bet a lot of you are very disappointed in this year's draft considering they did not go after the defensive line or linebacking corp at all except grabbing Ayers in the first round. Saying Mc"....." is the worst coach ever and blah blah blah. Well in case you didnt notice, this guy KNOWS what he is doing, trust me.

I've commented on alot of peoples mock draft's and so on that Denver does not need to go after a linebacker, which i was right that they didnt go after one.

Simply because they have way to much depth at the inside and outside linebacker positions right now, and they are all very talented as well.

I was hoping Denver would have at least get 2 defensive ends during the draft, Robert Ayers is like a Darrell Ried, playing defensive end and outside linebacker which is fearly good, and having Kenny Peterson who I believe can be a potential starter.

I have 100% full trust in the Denver Bronco organization and if this is what they believe to have on there roster, then so be it.

I grade this draft a B because they did an excellent job filling in needs in game situations, not because they were adding depth. I will be very disappointed if anyone says this is the worst draft ever or doubtful comments like that.