The New York Jets Make Two Great Picks For the Offense in Sanchez and Greene

Bryce BedingerContributor IApril 26, 2009

Though the New York Jets have only had two draft picks so far in the 2009 NFL draft, I believe the additions that they have made to the team have already enhanced their offense. It strikes me as amazing how they acquired two previous year bowl game champs in both the early first round, AND the early third round.

Maybe I'm being bias to the fact that Shonn Greene was on the Hawkeyes, but the guy is amazing.

Greene started every game last year, and with that I'll add the fact that for every one of those games he rushed for over 100 yards, the only player in college football to accomplish this.

Last year alone, Shonn rushed for 1,850 yards, two games of which he rushed for over 200, and had 20 touchdowns.

In the Iowa-Wisconsin Game last year, that I attented, the Hawkeyes dominated 38 to 16. In this game, Shonn rushed for 217 yards and had 4 touchdowns. Nobody could stop Greene on this day.

Shonn Greene is a good blocker, quick runner, and hard-hitter. These are the reasons that make me believe the Jets were smart to take him.

It's my opinion, I guess, but I think the Jets made a smart decision trading to get Mark Sanchez (especially since Brett Favre retired).

As I watched this certain draft take place, I saw that some of the Jet fans at the draft seemed disgusted by the pick. I couldn't help but think what idiots they were.

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Like Greene, Sanchez has also previously won a Bowl game, and aside from the one loss last season, Mark dominated every single game.

In the 2008 season, Mark passed for 3,207 yards, had 241 completions, threw 34 touchdowns and rushed for 2. This guy is amazing, and this is only from one season!

With these two picks alone, the Jets are already more of a threat than they were last season.

Coach, Rex Ryan, I applaud you. I will continue to watch your team grow with the next few picks to come.