The 49ers' Draft Grade After Three Rounds Is a D+

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IApril 26, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses with with San Francisco 49ers #10 draft pick Michael Crabtree at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

The San Francisco 49ers came in with a lot of needs in the 2009 NFL draft. They quickly improved one of their biggest weaknesses over the past six years in the drafting of Michael Crabtree from Texas Tech University.

Many experts had Crabtree gone well before pick number 10 and when the Oakland Raiders selected Demetrius Hawyard-Bay over Crabtree it became clear that he was going to San Francisco.

The grade for drafting Crabtree for the 49ers: A

The 49ers had the 43rd pick in the draft but traded it to the Carolina Panthers. This move does not make any sense even though the 49ers did get Carolina's first round pick in the 2010 draft.

The 49ers could have gotten a player to help their pass rush in Clint Sintim who was expected to be drafted by the 49ers because he fit in the 3-4 scheme run by the 49ers.

In the trade the 49ers also gave up their 4th and 6th round pick in the draft as well. So, the overall grade for the second round is a big fat F. Scott Mcloughan the 49ers General Manager continues to show he does not know what he's doing.

The reason why the 2010 first round pick from Carolina isn't the best is the fact that Carolina will be a playoff contender so its not going to be a very high pick for the 49ers. Somewhere in the high teens to low twenties.

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Sure the 49ers could look to move up or down in the draft like the draft experts stated when the trade was made, but at the time Sintim was clearly player who could have helped the 49ers immediately specifically their pass rush.

The third round pick was Glen Coffee a taller back with good power. Yet, was he really the best player avaliable for the 49ers? Even at running back was Coffee the best choice to compliment Frank Gore?

The 49ers would have been better off with drafting Kory Sheets instead of Coffee. Coffee may have been the physical back the 49ers were looking for, but he's not going to make as big of an impact as Sheets would have or even the 49ers could have drafted Javon Ringer the definition of a workhorse in college.

Overall grade for drafting Coffee: D

So the 49ers grades have been a A, F, and a D. That's not saying much to help improve the team. Specifically when there are players available that could have made an immediate impact for the 49ers.

So, overall for the first three rounds the overall grade for the draft of the 49ers is a D+ and the reason for that is the drafting of Crabtree who definitely helps the receiving core, but other then that the 49ers haven't gotten anyone else who will be a big time contributor.

One pick was traded away and the other pick was mishandled. The 49ers future maybe bright with Crabtree, but the 49ers didn't do anything to address other concerns specifically on the offensive line or the pass rush.