Dallas Cowboys Show Their Hearts at Charity Basketball Game

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2009

I have nothing but praise for the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

On a night when the team and the entire NFL were locked in a fight for players in the NFL draft, the Cowboys sent a contingent to Corpus Christi, Texas, to play in a charity basketball game to benefit the youth of the city.

The star of the game was Martellus Bennett, whose 40 points included 3-pointers and a 360-degree slam fed off of the backboard. Stephen Bowen did his Shaq imitation, and Marcus Dixon pounded some under the boards. Pat Watkins did some pretty impressive slams.

The local team featured a state representative and local judge along with four to five ringers. I think they were former collegiate basketball players in the school systems in the area.

The final score was Cowboys 80, Locals 62, but the real winners were those in attendance.

The Dallas players had just finished a commitment in the Valley. You could tell they had received little time in their transition, but they came full of Cowboy Pride.

Former Cowboy player and current organization employee Calvin Hill held the microphone all evening and kept people laughing. The crowd was a sea of blue Cowboys paraphernalia. Later Frisbees, small balls and Cowboy beverage containers were thrown into the stands. There were drawings for autographed shirts and footballs.

I was impressed that almost all of the souvenirs in the drawings went to youths. You should have seen the excitement on their faces as they went to center court and had Calvin Hill "drill" them humorously and then give them their individual rewards. The kids almost floated back to their seats.

After the introductions, he called for youth volunteers for a game of P-I-G. Five local kids challenged the Cowboy players. After a good effort, when even a little girl made a few baskets, the Cowboy players won.

Following P-I-G, the Cowboys signed autographs. All the players were warm and very friendly in signing papers, footballs, shirts and even clothes being worn by the fans. It was obvious by the buzz of everyone that this was very appreciated and all were thrilled to have such good access to the players.

I am very sorry that all of you could not have been there. You would have enjoyed being engulfed by the experience—the cause, the intensity of joy on all the children’s faces. It was a pleasure to see the Cowboys meeting a local need in this community—both for the youth and in the hearts of all in attendance.


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