Introducing the NFL's Best Linebacker Trio

NFL News And RumorsAnalyst IApril 26, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  Seattle Seahawks draft pick Aaron Curry poses with his family at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

I would like to introduce the newest addition to the best linebacking trio in the entirety of the league:

Here comes former Wake Forest star Aaron Curry, added today to the Seahawks' trifecta of young stud linebackers.

You could see the enthusiasm on his face as he was selected. The raw emotion of the tears streaming out of his eyes was a display not shown by any of the other top ten picks.

Curry could not ever be thankful enough to be landing in his current situation, the tears were not for nothing.

He is now paired with two of the league's bright rising defensive stars: Leroy Hill and three-time Pro Bowler Lofa Tatupu. The trinity has now been completed.

Curry was a No. 1 pick, Tatupu No. 2, and Hill No. 3; coincidence, or providence?

Instead of being a savior in a Kansas City, Cleveland, or even a Cincinnati, Curry will serve to complete the Seattle's linebacking puzzle.

The Julian Peterson trade now looks brilliant, as they got 10 years younger at one 'backer spot and picked the draft's top-rated player for another. To boot, the 'Hawks added a new starting DE in Cory Redding, sufficiently filling the void that was Lawrence Jackson and those two sacks last season.

As long as Curry does not bust as big as Rick Mirer did, this will be the first time in recent memory I've thrown my support towards Tim Ruskell and his offseason moves.

He filled the WR problem with the top available free agent at the position, T.J. Houshyourmama

He got bigger on the DL with Colin Cole, who gives the Seahawks a 3-4 NT-type to play alongside rising star DT Brandon Mebane

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He retained T Ray Willis, who could have been a starter elsewhere.

Plus, he did not draft Mark Sanchez, that should speak for itself.

Yes, the trade for Redding was a bit questionable, as he let go a guy who "simply" went to the Pro Bowl three times in his three years as a Seahawk.

But the payoff came today when Seattle got a guy who could be Julian Peterson for the next 15 years if he plays to his potential.

Ruskell also has paired Kerney with a reliable DE, so look for the Seahawks to be huge on QB pressure to help out that secondary.

Tim also got a future first-round pick for a No. 37 pick today, and although some of the avaiable prospects were tempting, nothing as good as a potential top-10 or 15 pick. Let's hope the Denver defense can repeat last season's performance, or lack thereof (cross your fingers).

We could be looking at Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, or Tim Tebow, wearing the Seahawks green and blue, certainly more appealing then a Dirty Sanchez.

All are in the Seahawks' grasp now, as they have two first-round picks as ammunition to move up. And all they had to sacrifice was a second-rounder this year

Brilliant draft, and a brilliant day for the Most Depressed Sports City in the Nation.

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