Now That Matthew Stafford Is a Lion, What Are His Pros and Cons

Andrew Jordan@@Andrew_JordanSenior Writer IApril 25, 2009

"With the first overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select Matthew Stafford!"

After an abysmal 0-16 season last year, the Detroit Lions have now chosen Matthew Stafford to become their quarterback of the future with the first overall pick in this year's NFL Draft.

They know that they will either reap the rewards or suffer the consequences. Here are the pro's and con's of choosing this player to become the future of the franchise.


The Lions need to have a face of their franchise since their terrible season last year, and the way to do that is to get a player like Stafford who will energize the team and will help make them better.

Also, he will produce money for the franchise, even though it won't probably be from Detroit with the economic situation there.

If he turns out to become a truly great player, he could make them a Super Bowl contender years down the road (Seem's funny now, but just wait). He was a great player at Georgia, which is a huge program, and that will definitely help him in the NFL. 

And finally, the most important pro is that he will energize Detroit in a time that they will need him to become a person that can provide hope to the city.

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Now that he is the face of the franchise, a humongous amount of pressure will be put on him, which is almost never a good thing for a rookie.

He never has shown the passion of a player such as Tim Tebow while in college and has never really shown that he is a true leader on his team. Even though he won three bowl games at Georgia, he never really had a truly special performance in any of them.

When Georgia was ranked No. 1 in the AP preseason poll last year, Stafford's team got blown out twice by Alabama and Florida. He never had a defining moment in college. He is going to Detroit, where almost no one has been able to do anything good the last several years, and he might be destined to do the exact same thing.

Finally, with the six-year contract reportedly contains $41.7 million in guaranteed money and carries a total value of up to $78 million that Stafford has signed, a lot of good or bad could come out of this. 

The Lions appear to know what they have just done, and they are ready for better or for worse, but definitely want the better to happen.  

Matthew Stafford could become the Lion's savior or goat in this year's draft, and only time will tell us that.

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