The Book on Jason Peters: From a Buffalo Bills Fan

Richard WhittContributor IApril 25, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21:  Jason Peters #71 of the Buffalo Bills blocks during the game against the Oakland Raiders on September 21, 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Congratulations Eagles fans. You’ve got yourself one hell of an athletic tackle there. He moves very well (he was a TE when the Bills brought him into camp). He’s obviously ambitious (more on that later). He has tremendous upper body strength and he blows people up when he gets his hands on them.

On one play in 2007 against the Houston Texans he literally managed to get a triple-pancake. Now you might ask yourself how such a feat is even possible…

Well, the Bills had a QB by the name of J.P. Losman who was very fond of a little, oh I don’t know, we’ll call it “a play-action maneuver” where he would go on what I would like to describe as a rollout, but not really.

Anyway, Peters planted the same Texans lineman (I can’t recall his name so sue me) on his back three times on one play.

I was pretty much sold on Jason Peters at that moment.

I would have said going into the 2008 offseason that he was definitely a top five tackle, and worthy of top five tackle money.

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Then he held out. He didn’t report to camp. He joined the team the week before the first game.

He then gave up 15 sacks in 2008—the most among LT’s in the NFL.

He was still physically dominant, he was just getting beat by the more experienced pass rushers like Joey Porter (on one play that cost the Bills a win).  And he wasn’t getting to his block, he was lunging.

It was clear that missing camp affected his game.

Then came this offseason and well, to boil it down to a single theory I like to call “the truth”: He wanted to leave Buffalo!

He turned down the offers Buffalo already had on the table, which were not far from what Philadelphia finally offered and his firm demand of being the top earning offensive tackle in football was apparently only a condition for the Buffalo Bills, not the Philadelphia Eagles.

And what he said in that interview about having a RT contract while he was playing LT? According to Buffalo Bills.com’s Chris Brown, there was verbiage in his contract governing such a switch. Peters signed that contract, he should have had some idea of what was in it.

So, big deal if he’s typical when it comes to NFL players who want to get paid and are willing to use whatever leverage they have to get their way.

More power to them. Just don’t treat us like we’re ten year olds. We understand.


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