The Showdown: Lil Wayne Talks Pro Wrestling "Ya Diiiiig".

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 24, 2009

If you ask 100 people on the street what they think of Pro Wrestling, you would receive an ear full on a variety of different answers.

"Wrestling is great, very entertaining, very exciting and fast pace action", while some may feel a little different, "It is stupid I can't believe you asked me that question, why the heck would anybody be watching wrestling? That stuff is just plan trash."

Pro Wrestling is not the only topic that would receive mixed reaction's of different answer's, let me introduce you to someone that is in his own world, non other than Lil Wayne.

This man has been in the game for a minute with credential's that would just make your head spin. Wayne has so many track's I bet if he listen to one he would say "When did I make that".

Some see Wayne as a music genius, while on the other hand people say his flow is whack and just make's no sense at all.

How ever you feel about the guy, you can't help but respect what he has done with his career the man sold over 1 million copies of The Carter III, in it's first week at debut.

But the point is Lil Wayne and Pro Wrestling are kind of similar they both can be loved or they both can be hated with a passion.

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So why not bring Wayne down from Wayne's World, and get his thought's and oppion's on the world of Sport's & Entertainment, Pro Wrestling.

The showdown: The Pro Wrestling World collides with Wayne's World.

Tyler: Wayne welcome to The Showdown, were we talk about a variety of topic's, it's great to have you here and by the way I am a fan.

Lil Wayne: (Take's a sip from his Styrofoam cup) Yeah man thank's for having me, I flew down from Wayne's World to be here (laughs).

Tyler: This is not your first time talking sport's either, you have a long list of credential's for that too, you have appeared on ESPN's First Take and a show I very much enjoy Around The Horn which you won that day too as I remember. But this is a little different as Pro Wrestling is labeled as Sport & Entertainment.

Lil Wayne: Yeah it is, I love my football, Bball and all that I am not on my grind when it come's to wrestling though (laugh's), but I will say this some of those what cha ma call em's um WWE Divas, they could lick, lick, lick the lollipop and the rest of the "Rapper" (laughs).

Tyler: Ha I know what you mean Wayne, so you do know your Divas?

Lil Wayne: Yeah I know a few um Trish though she gone but that was it right there lol but some interesting one's have come along like what that thing called Santina Marella, I don't know bout that one ha ha. Who ever gave birth to that, I cry for you (laugh's)

Tyler: I have no comment about that (laugh's), but mainly the Wrestling world is dominated by one company and that is WWE and is ran by the one and only Vince McMahon, what are your thought's of him?

Lil Wayne: Vince, Vince McMahon hm well first I want to say why the hell does he walk like that? Has he been to prison before? That strut kill's me but I respect him for what he does he basically built an empire. I do need to talk to Vince though, as you know T I try to be the best at what ever I do, so I am planning my Pro Wrestling debut.

Tyler: Oh really I didn't know that, so what would be your wrestling name and when are you planning to make this mega debut.

Lil Wayne: Well  I would be BWA, which stand's for Best Wrestler Alive (laugh's) and my special move would be call the toilet because I am the ish and I just be dodoing all over the other wrestler's Ya Dig (laugh's take's another sip from his cup), but the move would be (think's for a moment) like the stink face (laugh's) and than I will crank that Weezy and get that win.

Tyler: Ha great stuff and yes I can dig that, but who would you try to take out first.

Lil Wayne: My first choice would be to wrestle the Divas if you know what I mean, but that's out of the question so I would either take down who ever the champ is, right now it's Vanilla Ic (wait and think's), wait sorry John Cena and Triple H (laugh's) but them too are huge so I am going to hit the gym and get my swoll on. I guarantee I will be champion at the end of next year's Wrestle Mania and I will win my title shot at the up coming Royal Rumble.

Tyler: Sound's like a good plan to me, okay with that said what do you think of TNA Wrestling?

Lil Wayne: (Look's at his cup like something's wrong) Wait were the heck have I been, when the did they make a porno wrestling company?

Tyler: No (laugh's) Total N.......(can't get the word's out, keep's on laughing)

Lil Wayne: What Total Nasty Action, what do they do, the best 69 win's  the belt (laugh's).

Tyler: Um I will just um skip that one (laugh's). So now that your training and all sort's what last word's do you have to say to your future opponet's.

Lil Wayne: Well first I need to get my depend's because I am going to get tired of ishing all over them, and ladies and gentleman you are now messing with the BEST WRESTLER ALIVE, so what you gonna do brother when Lil Wayne crank's that Weezy Wee on yoooooooooou?

Tyler: It has been great Wayne but it look's like time is up, you have to stop by again some time.

Lil Wayne: Yeah thank's again, for real though you might as well make me co-host, but I will defiantly be back. Oh yeah I read your last Showdown all I got to say is people need to stop listening to R Kelley (laugh's), who drink's their own pee?

Tyler: I don't know Wayne it's a crazy world, I might move to Wayne's World (laugh's) but see you next time on The Showdown.

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