Jacksonville Jaguars' War Room Effectively Lowers Expectations Before NFL Draft

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 23, 2013

Photo Credit: Next Impulse Sports
Photo Credit: Next Impulse Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars' war room is in sad shape at the moment. While other teams seem to be embroiled in a stressful moment of prospect speculation, the Jaguars contingent seems to be considering lunch. 

Thanks to Next Impulse Sports, we have a rare moment of hilarity before things become all business. It's a photo of the latest anarchy taking place behind the scenes of various war rooms. 

Here is what it's like to be in an NFL front office at the moment: 

As you can see, Vikings personnel are keyed in on phones and papers strewn about desks; the Titans have more laptops open than a high school LAN party; the Chiefs are captivated by a big screen; and the Jaguars seem to be one suggestion away from a paper football session. 

These guys look like a pair of students sent to detention. 

Forget war room, these guys are setting up shop in a limited skirmish room, or perhaps we can call it a kerfuffle closet. 

Either way, it's my kind of war room. 

Really, if we are counting particulars, they have my own personal fantasy draft war rooms beat by one person and three desks. I have them bested in the amount of computers brought to the party. 

Jaguars fans, please forgo getting those panties in a bunch, because this is obviously one snapshot of a millisecond of coverage for what will be a week of NFL draft bedlam. 

Although, I can bring you images from every draft selection now: 

I am sure the Jaguars will get a third person in that war room, and they may even get a computer and some papers involved if they are really motivated. 

Also, I will assume the guy with something annoying stuck in his teeth is Dave Caldwell. Let's just hope the general manager settles that situation prior to Thursday, because these things tend to go from annoying to frustrating quickly.

Other than that, the Jags look to be in fine shape for the weekend. The only thing really missing is a bowl of Doritos and an intern who can go on Taco Bell runs during the more pivotal moments.

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