The ONLY NFL Mock Draft You Need

JW NixSenior Writer IIApril 23, 2009

ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 11:  Quarterback Matthew Stafford #7 of the Georgia Bulldogs looks on during the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Sanford Stadium on October 11, 2008 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

REMEMBER = This mock is assuming no trades are made. We all know that is not going to happen.

1. Detroit Lions - MATTHEW STAFFORD, QB, GEORGIA = Though I'd rather see Detroit trade down (swap slots with Cleveland for Derrick Anderson?), or get Curry/ Smith/ Monroe, I see them buckling under media pressure. The team needs good press desperately, and you know the draft pundits will railroad them for passing on a QB (the medias lovechild). Stafford has good tools and a chippy attitude with leadership skills. I'm not in love with him, and think there are better QB's that will last pretty deep into the draft, but Detroit will hope Stafford isn't a stronger armed version of Joey Harrington or Andre Ware.

2. Saint Louis Rams - JASON SMITH, OL, BAYLOR = After the Rams send a thank you note to Detroit, they snag Smith. Smith has the athleticism to play Guard, but will be put into LT on a young and promising OL. Monroe will be the other guy they will consider.

3. Kansas City Chiefs - EUGENE MONROE, OT, VIRGINIA = KC N-E-E-D-S blockers! Especially after trading for the rich contract of possible one year wonder Matt Cassell at QB. Monroe will rejoin his college teammate Branden Albert, and allow Albert to move to his natural Guard slot.

4. Seattle Seahawks - AARON CURRY, OLB, WAKE FOREST = Seattle has a few holes to fill. The OL needs help, but they may not want to use this pick on Oher/ Smith. The Hawks need to replace the departed Julian Peterson, and Curry fits their scheme perfectly. Jim Mora Jr. is a defensive guy, so this seems almost a no brainer pick. Still, they could tab Oher here too.

5. Cleveland Browns - MICHAEL CRABTREE, WR, TEXAS TECH = The Browns would rather have Curry, and they need blockers really bad too. Yet, they lost Joe Jurevicius to retirement and possibly Donte Stallworth to the big house. Crabtree might even teach Braylon Edwards how to not drop passes.

6. Cincinnati Bengals - MICHAEL OHER, OT, MISSISSIPPI = Cincy needs blockers, and they will decide between Oher and A.Smith. Smith's recent behavior might have the Bengals shy away, and Oher has been shooting up the board as the draft has neared. He is solid, and should help.

7. Oakland Raiders - DARRIUS HEYWARD - BEY, MARYLAND = This is my favorite slot in the draft, because of the legendary Al Davis. Al could go A.Smith here, a wise move, but we know Al loves speed. He needs to get Russell a weapon, and the fastest guy in the draft looks tempting. Maclin is another option, and is more polished. I guess it comes down to whether Al wants Cliff Branch or Tim Brown.

8.Jacksonville Jaguars - ANDRE SMITH, OT, ALABAMA = The Jags need blockers, and the versatile Smith is sitting here. If he isn't, they will hope Oher is. Another possibility is Moreno or Wells, because Mo Drew is not a every down guy over a long season. This pick could end up being traded.

9. Green Bay Packers - B.J. RAJI, NT, BOSTON COLLEGE = Raji is the guy, I think, who they have targeted for weeks. The Pack is going to a 3-4, and they need a NT to make it happen. Raji is a big kid who loves taking on multiple blockers.

10. San Francisco 49ers - MARK SANCHEZ, QB, USC = An enigma of sorts. Inconsistent in college, but some teams are in love with his tools. Considering the Niners are uncertain at this position, it may be worth the gamble getting him. Overrated, in my opinion.

11. Buffalo Bills - BRIAN ORAKPO, DE, TEXAS = Buffalo has to make defensive improvements off the edge, as well as get blockers. I can't see them getting OL help here, so Orakpo will help Schobel as a bookend. Ayers is another possibility. I can see the Bills trading this pick.

12. Denver Broncos - MALCOLM JENKINS, CB, OHIO ST. = The Broncos need CB's, and Jenkins fits their current scheme. He has FS capability, so he will be intriguing to Denver. There is a chance they go Jackson too.

13. Washington Redskins - REY MAUALUGA, LB, USC = The Redskins need a DE, so Ayers will get a look. They also could tab Moreno or Wells to help their aging backfield. BUT, they lost Marcus Washington and have no SLB in the wings. Maualuga will play there, then eventually replace the aging Fletcher at MLB some day.

14. New Orleans - CHRIS WELLS, RB, OHIO STATE = The Saints need more secondary help, so Davis is a guy you might see go here. They could tab Cushing at OLB too. They need a back who can go between the tackles. Wells has been injury prone, so they could shy away. Wells doesn't need to be "the man" here, so he has a chance of holding up while splitting carried with two other backs.

15. Houston Texans - JEREMY MACLIN, WR, MISSOURI = The Texans could tab Matthews III, because his uncle is a coach on the team. They need DE, LB, and DB help, but Maclin will be too tempting to pass up. He lets Walters go the the 3rd WR slot, his more natural position, and gives the Texans a pretty scary group of pass catchers.

16. San Diego Chargers - TYSON JACKSON, DE, LSU = The Bolts could grab Moreno here, because Tomlinson is nearing his end and Sproles is not an every down type. But they lost Olshansky, and need a replacement. Jackson fits their defense really well, though Ayers could get consideration.

17. New York Jets - JOSH FREEMAN, QB, KANSAS STATE = Freeman is huge, has a big arm, and ran a pro style offense in college. Moreno might get a look, because they need RB depth, and they really need WR's and a TE. Freeman might not be gotten here, it depends on if they love Clemens or Ratliff. I don't think they do.

18. Denver Broncos - EVANDER HOOD, DT, MISSOURI = The Broncos need to stock the defensive line badly. Hood gives them the run stopper they need. The kid has an upside that may be too hard to pass up here. Ayers and Brown will get looks, because they can get the Broncos even stronger off the edges. Jerry is another DT they could consider.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - EVERETTE BROWN, OLB, FLORIDA STATE = The Bucs need to replace Derrick Brooks. Brown is an excellent pass rusher who will have to learn how to defend the pass. Cushing will get a look, but his injury history is concerning to many. Jerry might get tabbed to help at DT.

20. Detroit Lions - BRANDON PETTIGREW, TE, OKLAHOMA STATE = It seems the Lions haven't had a really good TE since Charlie Sanders retired decades ago. Pettigrew is a good blocker who will help the run game, and he will give new QB Stafford another guy to toss the ball to after they both develop in time. Pettigrew could be a reach here, because he is so raw. Jerry would fill a big need here too, as would a CB, but Pettigrew has the ability to be special.

21. Philadelphia Eagles - KNOWSHON MORENO, RB, GEORGIA = Now that Philly has their LT in Peters, you might not see them do their usual draft day wheeling and dealing on this pick. Westbrook is basically a third down back, when healthy, at this stage of his career. Moreno will be a gift to the team if he falls this far. Donald Brown could get a look too, as could a pass rushing DE.

22. Minnesota Vikings - BRIAN CUSHING, OLB, USC = The Vikes need help in the trenches on both sides of the ball, so Jerry or Britton could go here. Cushing gives them a much needed OLB who can possibly end up giving Minnesota one of the top tier LB corps in the NFC.

23. New England Patriots - CLAY MATTHEWS III, OLB, USC = I can see the Pats trading this pick, with their many others, to move up. Matthews is versatile, a plus in Billichek's scheme. He also has the D.N.A. going for him, with his grandpa, dad, and uncle all having played in the NFL. DB is also a possibility here.

24. Atlanta Falcons - PERIA JERRY, DT, OLD MISS = Jerry fills a huge need for Atlanta. He is very strong and athletic, but the questions on his health has had him drop this far. They really need a TE, but will have to wait if Pettigrew is gone. DB is also a very good possibility.

25. Miami Dolphins - AARON MAYBIN, OLB, PENN ST. = Miami needs a WR, but the Tuna isn't noted for being defensive minded for nothing. Maybin gives them a pass rusher off the edge, and a heir apparent for the aging Joey Porter. He will need time to develop. They could go CB here as well.

26. Baltimore Ravens - KENNY BRITT, WR, RUTGERS = The Ravens could go OLB here, or OL. A center like Alex Mack is a possibility. Britt is raw in several areas, but the Ravens desperately need to get Flacco more weapons. If Heyward - Bey is here, he might go instead.

27. Indianapolis Colts - PERCY HARVIN, WR, FLORIDA = Everyone knows the Colts needs DT's, but none are worth getting at this spot. Harvin gives the Colts another versatile weapon, though his character has come into question. He might be too good to pass up here.

28. Buffalo Bills - EBEN BRITTON, OT, ARIZONA = If this mock is reality, the Bills will be pleased. Britton will be plugged into RT immediately. He has good leadership skills and is smart. He is too slow for LT, bit they moved Walker over to fill Peters slot.

29. New York Giants - JAMES LAURINAITIS, MLB, OHIO ST. = Current starting MLB Pierce is a natural SLB. Plus, his production has really gone down in each of the last three years. Laurinaitis could join the ranks of Sam Huff and Harry Carson when all is said and done. The guy is a winner, and not just of about every college award conceivable. WR is a need, but the Jints proved in their Super Bowl season, two years ago, that you can win it all with a great defense and average offense.

30. Tennessee Titans - DARRIUS BUTLER, CB, CONNECTICUT = The Titans lost two things when Chris Carr bolted. A CB and a return man. Butler can do both, and has even seen time at WR too. He has the big play capability the Titans need. Vontae Davis could go here too. DT is another possibility, because you never know what Jeff Fisher will do.

31. Arizona Cardinals - DONALD BROWN, RB, CONNECTICUT = Edge has dulled, so the Cards need to get a guy to help Hightower. There are murmurs that Arizona will trade Boldin, and possibly this pick, to move up on the board (as well as getting more draft picks). If they stay smart, and stand pat, they will decide between Brown and McCoy here. Alex Mack is a very big possibility at Center here as well.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers - VONTAE DAVIS, CB, ILLINOIS = The guy is just like his brother Vernon, an excellent athlete. Pittsburgh needs a CB, and Davis gives them a playmaker they need. There is a chance they go DT here, like Brace or Gilbert, but Davis has an upside too good to pass up.


33. Lions - ALPHONSO SMITH, CB, WAKE FOREST = The Lions need help all over, but current GM Martin Mayhew is a former CB himself. The Lions dumped Bodden, so they need a guy to start right away. Smith is that guy.

34. Patriots - LOUIS DELMAS, FS, WESTERN MICHIGAN = A four year starter in college, and smart. He will team with Merriweather to give the Pats a safety pair for years that could be special.

35. Rams - HAKEEM NICKS, WR, NORTH CAROLINA = The Rams lost Torry Holt, so they need another WR. Nicks has excellent hands, and runs good routes. He will be the big WR compliment to the speedy Avery.

36. Browns - ALEX MACK, C, CAL = To say the Browns OL was horrid last year is a understatement. Mack should supplant Fraley almost immediately. RB might be a pick here too.

37. Seahawks - MAX UNGER, G, OREGON = Current LG Wahle is ancient, and the Seahawks have little depth at Center. Unger gives them quality depth in both areas, as he is groomed to replace Wahle
38. Bengals - ROBERT AYERS, DE, TENNESSEE = He is an upgrade over the current DE's the Bengals have, and might start immediately..

39. Jaguars - BRIAN ROBISKE, WR, OHIO STATE = The Jags need help at WR, even with the signing of Holt. Robiske is polished, and has good bloodlines. He could end up starting soon. RB is another area of need.

40. Raiders - CLINT SINTIM, OLB, VIRGINIA = Right now, the Raiders have Rick Brown slated to start at SLB, as well as little depth at OLB. Not good. Sintim would start right away if tabbed here.

41. Packers - PATRICK CHUNG, S, OREGON - Bigby is coming off injury, and Collins is in the final year of his contract. Chung can play both spots, and even CB in a pinch. A real leader type who can be a Lambeau favorite for years.

42. Bills - DUKE ROBINSON, G, OKLAHOMA = This mauler is just what the Bills need. They have little depth at guard right now, and he should supplant Chambers at LG very soon. OLB is another area to look at.

43. 49ers - LARRY ENGLISH, OLB, NORTHERN ILLINOIS = The Niners got to get better production from OLB versus the run. English is a good pass rusher, hits hard, and is able to take on double teams. Lawson and Harrelson, the current starters, each had just over forty tackles last year. They are primarily pass rushers. Depth is also needed, as key LB's are aging. Singletary is trying to build a great defense in Frisco.

44. Dolphins - DJ MOORE, CB, VANDERBILT = Right now, the Dolphins have a veteran CB in Will Allen. Moore has the ability to supplant him now, or next year. He is an excellent athlete with great speed. He is smart, and loves to make the big play. He is also a super return specialist. He isn't tall, and he gambles too much. A real steal for Miami.

45. Giants - WILLIAM MOORE, S, MISSOURI = In 16 games last year, starting SS Mike Johnson defended 4 passes, intercepted one, and had sixty six tackles. Unimpressive, to say the least. Moore is a hard hitter who makes big plays. He could team up with FS Phillips to give the G-Men a very special duo. The Jints can grab a WR later in the round.

46. Texans - SHONN GREENE, RB, IOWA = A big back with little mileage on his legs. Not a burner, but runs between the tackles hard. Slaton is not an every down type, more of a pass receiver specialist, so this is a pick of necessity.

47. Patriots - STEVE SMITH, CB, UTAH = Smith is very raw, having only two years of experience after being switched over from WR. He has quick feet, long arms, and excellent size.. He will help on special teams as he learns. He also adds much needed depth at the thin CB position.

48. Broncos - RASHARD JOHNSON, FS, ALABAMA = This kid is extremely smart, and shows great leadership qualities. He is the kind of ball hawk the Broncos need.

49. Chicago Bears - WILLIAM BEATTY, OT, CONNECTICUT - Finally da Bears get a draft pick. Yet, there are no WR's worthy of this spot. Plus, Chicago cannot depend on the fragile, and old, Pace at LT. Even if Pace plays 16 games, he doesn't have many years left. Beatty will give Chicago a pair of young OT's to anchor the line for a long time. This pick is based on best player available more than need.

50. Browns - LeSEAN McCOY, RB, PITT = Jamal Lewis is nearing his end, and there isn't much behind him. McCoy could end up being the guy one day..

51. Dallas Cowboys - JARRON GILBERT, DT, SAN JOSE ST. = The Cowboys need help in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Gilbert is a versatile player with long arms, capable of lining up at DE too. He should add much needed depth.

52. Jets - LOUIS MURPHY, WR, FLORIDA = The Jets need WR's, and Murphy has the measurables to be very good. He shies from contact, but can be explosive. Another possibility is Mike Thomas or Derrick Williams.

53. Eagles - JARED COOK, TE, SOUTH CAROLINA = LJ Smith is likely playing his last year in Philly, so Cook can be groomed to replace him. An excellent athlete who has some rawness to him.

54. Vikings - RON BRACE, DT, BOSTON COLLEGE = Both Williams' are facing suspension at the start of the season, and Pat is 37 years old. Depth is needed here.

55. Falcons - CONNER BARWIN, OLB, CINCINNATI = Barwin can play TE, OLB, and DE. He also is a special teams star as well, with an innate ability to block kicks. He will help Atlanta wherever they line him up, but the Falcons need OLB help after losing two starters.

56. Dolphins - MIKE THOMAS, WR, ARIZONA = Thomas is the all time receptions leader in PAC 10 history. He is best suited for the slot in the NFL, but he runs great routes and has superb hands. Miami needs guys who can get open and hang onto the ball. Thomas can do both. He also can help in the return game.

57. Ravens - LEE ROBINSON, ILB, ALCORN STATE = Ray Lewis is aging, and Bart Scott is gone. Robinson can play OLB too. He has good speed, but has much to learn. Lucky for him that he has Lewis as a mentor.

58. Patriots - JAMON MEREDITH, OT, SOUTH CAROLINA = Meredith will give the Pats needed depth and versatility. He can play both tackle spots, and has the ability to play guard.

59. Carolina Panthers - FILI MOALA, DT, USC = Moala fills an immediate need. He provides depth at the DT position, which virtually has none right now. He specializes in stopping the run, a big need for Carolina.

60. Giants - RAMSES BARDEN, WR, CAL - POLY = Barden is a big WR who has moved his way up some boards recently. A long strider, who can jump through the roof. He won't replace Burress immediately, but he could give the Giants the red zone threat their other WR's don't appear to possess. Holds the NCAA record for consecutive games with a TD reception.

61. Colts - ALEX MAGEE, DT, PURDUE = The Colts are dreadfully thin at DT right now. They should draft a few from here on in, starting with a local product Magee. He can play some DE too, and should provide decent depth.

62. Titans - CODY SMITH, OLB, CONNECTICUT = Keith Bullock is 32 years old, and entering his tenth season. Getting a heir apparent is a good move. Brown is a pass rush specialist who played DE in college. He will need time to improve his pass coverage, but he can be used as a blitzer in the meantime. He is also excellent on special teams.

63. Cardinals - MICHAEL JOHNSON, OLB, GEORGIA TECH = The Cards SLB's are aging, so Johnson will be the future. He is all over the place on teams boards. He is very long and tall, a workout warrior. He is raw, and has a lot to learn. He had moments of disappearing in college, so this is where I think he might end up. Yet, because of his upside, I won't be surprised to see him go in the first round.

64. Steelers - ANDY LEVITRE, G, OREGON STATE = The Steelers could use this kid. He is versatile, able to play G or T, and excels in run blocking. He should provide good depth as he develops.


65. Lions - HERMAN JOHNSON, G, LSU = Johnson is humongous, and he might even get to start right away. Very raw, but his size is hard to ignore at 6'7" 364.

66. Rams - CHASE COFFMAN, TE, MISSOURI = The Rams have Randy McMichael, but he is entering his ninth season and coming off injury. Coffman has the lineage, his father Paul was an NFL TE. The Mackey Award winner has excellent hands, and runs good routes. He gives the Rams another needed weapon.

67. Chiefs - PAUL KRUGER, DE, UTAH = The Chiefs need pass rushers, and Kruger is a high effort player. He has the ability to play SLB, and is decent in pass coverage. Is a raw prospect, but his speed and quickness give him an upside too tempting to pass up.

68. Seahawks - DARCEL McBATH, FS, TEXAS TECH = The Seahawks current starter, Brian Russell, is 31 and entering his ninth season. McBath is the highest rated FS still on the board, and is a leader with intelligence and good instincts. He can be too aggressive at times, but has the ability to cover WR's.

69. Cowboys - DERRICK WILLIAMS, WR, PENN ST. = The Cowboys need someone to stretch the seam, and Williams can do that. Also a fantastic return specialist who can take some pressure off of Felix Jones. Was underutilized in college somewhat, due to inconsistent QB play, so might be better in the pros.

70. Bengals - DON CAREY, CB, NORFOLK ST. = The Bengals need more CB's, and they might have a steal here with Carey. He is athletic, tough, and fast. Though he also has FS experience, he needs work on his technique. He is very smart, having turned down an offer to attend Yale. He has the potential to play in the NFL a long time.

71. Raiders - DAVID BRUTON, SS, NOTRE DAME = The Raiders may very well say goodbye to Mike Huff next year, but they still need depth. Bruton is a very smart player who relishes supporting the run. He provides fantastic athleticism and leadership as well. Bruton could be the best special teams player in the draft also this year. Though he is not a great cover man, his desire could rub off on his teammates.

72. Jaguars - SEN'DERRICK MARKS. DT, AUBURN = The Jaguars need help at DT. Marks came out a year early, but has shot up some draft boards recently. He gives full effort at all times, and has very good speed. Despite being an excellent athlete with long arms, he needs to bulk up an already maxed out frame by hitting the weight room more often. Some question his stamina, but he could really help if he realizes his potential.

73. Packers - JASON WILLIAMS, OLB, WESTERN ILLINOIS = The Packers could get better at WLB in their new 3-4 scheme. Williams is one of the fastest OLB's in the draft, and really came on the East-West Shrine Game and combines. Is an excellent blitzer, and is a relentless pursuer. Some question the level of competition he faced, while others love the production he put up.

74. 49ers - PHIL LOADHOLT, OT, OKLAHOMA = The Niners need depth at OT, as well as a heir apparent at RT down the road. Loadholt is a massive man best suited for RT. He could improve his hand play, but should have time to develop.

75. Bills - SHAWN NELSON, TE, SOUTHERN MISS. = Buffalo already has a pass catching TE in Fine, but Nelson is better able to stretch the seam. Some scouts love his athleticism so much, they rank him the second best TE in the draft. Others question how little he seemed to progress in college. Might be a better pro than college player.

76. Jets - JAMES DAVIS, RB, CLEMSON = The Jets might have RB issues after this season, so the underrated Davis might help. Very mature, and has good size. Runs well between the tackles, and has a nose for the goal line. TE is also a huge concern, but the Jets might not want to risk losing a potential workhorse RB.

77. Texans - COYE FRANCIES, CB, SAN JOSE ST. = The Texans might lose Robinson next year, so getting Francies would be a good idea. A very good cover man, his stock has fluctuated after a great combine, but a poor workout day. Very raw, but has an upside that can be developed.

78. Chargers - ANDRE BROWN, RB, NC STATE = The Bolts need a RB for down the road. Brown had injury issues in college, and doesn't have a lot of mileage on him. Has good receiving skills, and runs with decent power. Some scouts think his game translates better to the professional level.

79. Broncos - JASPER BRINKLEY, ILB, SOUTH CAROLINA = The Broncos can't rely on the fragile Boss Bailey holding up all year at one of the ILB slots. Brinkley runs downhill well, hits hard, and is a relentless worker. He is the type of ILB who will come out on passing downs, but he is an excellent blitzer. His twin brother plays for the Panthers.

80. Redskins - GERALD CADOGAN, OT, PENN ST. = The Redskins starting OT's are aging, so it is important they keep getting young guys for the future. Heyer appears to be more a RT, and Cadogan has an upside to him. He is very athletic, and can get to the next level. The only question is his desire, so the surly Troy Kropog of Tulane could go here.

81. Buccaneers - VICTOR HARRIS, CB, VIRGINIA TECH = Macho is made for the Tampa cover two scheme. A hard hitter who plays with a chip on his shoulder. He could be a starter by the next season.

82. Lions - VANCE WALKER, DT, GEORGIA TECH = Detroit needs just about all positions filled, and DT might be the most glaring at this point. Walker specializes in stopping the run. Though he isn't much of a pass rusher, Walker plays with a nasty attitude and is very tough. He can add quality depth to the DT rotation.

83. Packers - TROY KROPOG, OT, TULANE = Getting OT depth is a good move here. Kropog plays with a mean streak, and is a good athlete. He needs some work on his run blocking, but the Pack can afford to groom him for awhile.

84. Broncos - RHETT BOMAR, QB, SAM HOUSTON ST. = Denver can afford to take a flier on a QB here. The current QB's they have are under scrutiny. Bomar needs a lot of work, but there is no denying his arm strength and confidence. His upside is intriguing to some, though there are rumors the Broncos have some interest in Texas A & M QB McGee.

85. Eagles - JARIUS BYRD, CB, OREGON = Philly needs DB's after losing Dawkins and Brown's recent contact complaints. Byrd is a very smart player, and his dad was an NFL CB. He might not be fast enough to be a CB, but he certainly has the ability to be a FS. He adds quality depth.

86. Vikings - CORNELIUS INGRAM, TE, FLORIDA = The Vikes might take a stab at Ingram. He is coming off a knee injury, and is a lousy blocker, but he is very athletic. If he is ready, he can stretch the seam as a pass catching TE in jumbo sets.

87. Dolphins - DARRY BECKWITH, ILB, LSU = Parcells loves smart players with leadership qualities, and Beckwith fits the bill. Though his durability is in question, he offers versatility, speed, and solid technique. He will help solidy the middle of the defense.

88. Ravens - SHERROD MARTIN, CB, TROY = Even with the Ravens re-signing Rolle, they need more CB's. Martin is very tough, having gone through injuries in college. His athleticism, speed, and upside might be too much for Baltimore to pass up.

89. Patriots - JASON PHILLIPS, ILB, T.C.U. = Even with the Pats striking gold with the selection of Mayo last year, they still need more ILB depth. Phillips is a Bellichek type of guy. He is exceptionally smart, has a non stop motor, and is fantastic on special teams. He is decent on pass coverage, even if he is undersized and not a superb athlete. The kind of guy you want on a roster.

90. Falcons - T.J. LANG, G, EASTERN MICHIGAN = Lang has played all over the line, so he could help Atlanta anywhere. Lang is a tough guy who works hard and is very strong. He isn't a great athlete, but he has moved up many teams boards lately. He easily could be picked by Detroit at the beginning of the round.

91. Giants - JONATHAN LUIGS, C, ARKANSAS = Sean O'Hara enters his tenth season, so getting some depth is a good idea. Very smart player with a mean streak, but needs to get stronger. His athleticism is what the Jints need at the position for the future, and they can afford to develop him due to their incumbent starter.

92. Colts - MARCUS FREEMAN, OLB, OHIO ST. = The Colts need OLB depth, and Freeman can provide it. He is very fast, and an excellent athlete. A smart player with versatility, his durability concerns have dropped him this far in the draft.

93. Panthers - ASHER ALLEN, CB, GEORGIA = The Panthers need a CB after losing Lucas, and Allen might get tabbed. Allen is fast and strong, but raw. He will help on special teams as he learns. He also adds much needed depth at the thin CB position

94. Titans - CHRIS BAKER, DT, HAMPTON = Losing Haynesworth hurts the Titans, so getting more bodies is a must. Baker has the ability to line up all over, and has the size that is needed. His stamina and character are highly questioned by many, so he needs to prove himself. If he gets his head on straight finally, he could be an excellent player. A gamble the Titans may be willing to take.

95. Cardinals - ROBERT BREWSTER, OT, BALL ST. = The Cards need depth on the OL, and the versatile Brewster can help. He started four years in college at both RG and RT. Brewster has long arms, a big frame, and is aggressive and smart. Though he needs more work in the weight room, his toughness and experience makes him a good prospect.

96. Steelers - ERIC WOOD, C, LOUISVILLE = The Steelers might even grab him earlier. They need a center to develop, and Wood is one of the top rated Centers in the draft. He is tough, nasty, and understands the game. He is not a great athlete, and needs to get stronger.

97. Patriots - KEVIN BARNES, CB, MARYLAND = The Pats could stand to get deeper at CB. Barnes is fast, smart, and has long arms. Though he can be too aggressive at times, he is known for solid technique and big hits. He could get bigger, and needs to improve his footwork, but he can help on the depth charts as he learns.

98. Bengals - DANNELL ELLERBE, MLB, GEORGIA = The Bengals could use an upgrade at MLB, and Ellerbe might be the answer. He is athletic, hits hard, and runs downhill. He needs to improve his awareness and technique, but he offers the speed needed to be a starter. His durability issues dropped him this far down.

99. Bears - BRADLEY FLETCHER, CB, IOWA = Chicago needs CB depth, and there are concerns about Vasher. Needing to maximize their few picks, it would behoove them to grab Fletcher. An excellent athlete with good speed, he can jump through the roof and hit hard. He also can contribute on special teams. He is very raw, and needs work, but his upside and versatility are hard to pass on.

100. Giants - RASHAD JENNINGS, RB, LIBERTY = The Giants have some questions about Jacobs durability, and their depth is uncertain. Jennings is a big back who is strong with decent speed. His also is an excellent blocker. He needs to hold on to the football better, and improve his stamina. He might even be able to help at FB.


101. Cowboys - CHIP VAUGHN, SS, WAKE FOREST = Dallas needs help at safety, and Vaughn may be the highest rated SS left. He is a hard hitter who specializes in run support. Vaughn is smart, but not fast. He might be the type of SS who comes out on passing downs, something Dallas has the DB depth to do.

102. Chiefs - TRAVIS BECKUM, TE, WISCONSIN = The Chiefs need TE depth. Getting a guy who can get open will help immensely. Beckum is a great athlete and a speed merchant. The kind of TE you can line up in the slot. He is not a good blocker, nor real physical, but he will give Kansas City a dimension they could use.

103. Rams - RICKY JEAN - FRANCOIS, DT, LSU = The Rams need DT's. Jean - Francois has an intriguing upside. He underachieved in college, but he is strong with long arms. A good athlete, but many question his maturity. If he realizes his potential, he will fit in nicely with Long and Carriker.

104. Browns - KRAIG URBIK, G, WISCONSIN - The Browns need to keep getting blockers who can do the job. Urbik is a huge player, and is excellent as a run blocker. He plays with a mean streak, and is durable. While he is not an exceptional athlete, he offers the Browns a toughness they need.

105. Seahawks - NATE DAVIS, QB, BALL STATE = Seattle needs to groom a guy to replace Hasselbeck one day. Davis has an accurate cannon, and is a good athlete. Though he is experienced, he will need some work. I rate him equal with Sanchez.

106. Bengals - MIKE GOODSON, RB, TEXAS A & M = The Bengals can't be satisfied with their current group. Perry appears to be a bust, and Benson is an unpredictable commodity. Goodson has home run hitting ability, especially as a receiver and return man. He has some character concerns, and he isn't a workhorse. Still, Cincy needs a back who can take it to the house at any time.

107. Jaguars - MIKE MICKENS, CB, CINCINNATI = The Jags need an infusion of youth at CB. Mickens was a four year starter in college, and was very productive. His long arms, great hands, and ability to cover man to man makes him an intriguing prospect. Needs to get stronger and gamble less, but he could help.

108. Dolphins - A.Q. SHIPLEY, C, PENN ST. = The Dolphins current starter, Jake Groves, is just average. Shipley is a smart player who is surly and never stops working. Though he is not huge, the Rimington Award winner is very strong. He is a team leader who plays with intensity.

109. Packers - KYLE MOORE, DE, USC = The Packers might want to add depth on the DL. Moore is a huge DE, and is good at stopping the run. Not a great pass rusher, but he could add solid depth.

110. Bills - BRANDON UNDERWOOD, CB, CINCINNATI = The Bills could use depth at FS, and Underwood's game translates at that position. Versatile enough to play CB, and is an excellent athlete with a nice frame. Likes to make contact, which leads him to being overly aggressive at times. A raw prospect worth developing.

111. 49ers - JUAQUIN IGLESIAS, WR, OKLAHOMA = The Niners need WR's, and they might have one here. Iglesias is a possession type who runs well with the ball. He runs precise routes, and doesn't shy away from contact. Could end up starting soon.

112. Titans - BRANDON GIBSON, WR, WASHINGTON ST. = The Titans need to get better at WR. Gibson is a possesion type with excellent hands. A good blocker who also leaps very high, Gibson is a team player whose stock suffered with his teams woes.

113. Chargers - CURTIS TAYLOR, SS, LSU = The Chargers could use depth here. Taylor is very raw and somewhat inexperienced. He is an excellent athlete, and a special teams star. Taylor is a very good athlete who displays good coverage skills, but needs to get stronger and work on his technique.

114. Broncos - KEENAN LEWIS, CB, OREGON ST. = Denver needs to keep stockpiling defenders. Lewis is extremely smart and experienced. Though he isn't a great athlete, he is a team player who likes to support the run. Has the ability to really help Denver.

115. Jets - TREVOR CANFIELD, G, CINCINNATI = = The Jets need depth on the OL, and Canfield has the ability to be a future starter. A very smart and experienced player who is nasty and durable. He needs to get stronger, and refine his footwork.

116. Saints - DeANGELO SMITH, CB, CINCINNATI = The Saints haven't picked since the first round, so they must grab a CB now. Smith, in some scouts opinions, is the top CB of the talented trio of Bearcats. Smith loves to support the run, and is a good athlete. Has FS and KR ability. Not a speed merchant, so he tends to give up to big a cushion at times. Like the other two Bearcat DB's, he tends to gamble too much. Could end up being a very serviceable defender.

117. Cowboys - ROGER ALLEN, G, MISSOURI WESTERN ST. = Dallas doesn't have many high picks to work with, so getting line help now is important. Allen is a motivated man who put on a hundred pounds during his time in college. He is mature, and has leadership skills. Is excellent in run blocking, and plays with a mean streak. Never gives up, and plays through pain. There are questions about the level of competition he faced, and he needs work on his raw technique. He has a nice upside, and could be a real sleeper.

118. Saints - LAWRENCE SIDBURY JR., OLB, RICHMOND = The Saints have two veteran OLB's who are solid versus the run, and decent against the pass. However, neither is an exceptional blitzer, nor big play maker. Sidbury is fast, and comes off the edge hard. He has leadership ability, and freakishly long arms. He was a DE in college, so he will need time to develop as a OLB. He will be used as a pass rusher until then.

119. Bears - MOHAMED MASSAQUOI, WR, GEORGIA = The Bears need to get more WR's, after giving up many draft picks for Cutler. Massaquoi is a guy whose light seemed to turn on in his senior year. He has good size and wingspan, as well as decent speed. He never gives up on a play, and is willing to go over the middle. Once he gets the ball, he can take it all the way. Needs to get stronger, because he is too easy to tackle. Must improve his route running as well. He might not be here, because some teams rate him higher.

120. Buccaneers - HENRY MELTON, DE, TEXAS = The Bucs don't have much depth here, and Melton has moved up the board lately. A converted RB, he only has two years experience at DE. Melton is a great athlete who excels on special teams. He has very good strength, but is very raw. Tampa Bay has a good pair of starting DE's, but Stylez White will be 30 years in July. Melton is a prospect worth developing for down the road.

121. Bills - TYRONE McKENZIE, OLB, SOUTH FLORIDA = Buffalo could use more OLB's, and the speedy McKenzie will provide good depth. He is very smart, durable, experienced, and a hard worker. He isn't very big, and relies on his quickness to avoid blockers. He needs to get stronger, but he could help on special teams as he develops.

122. Texans - COURTNEY GREENE, SS, RUTGERS = Houston's starting SS, Nick Ferguson, is entering his tenth season. Greene could be a steal, because his draft stock slipped after a sub par senior year. A four year starter who a big time hitter and specializes in run support. He is also an excellent special teams player. He is not fast nor great in pass coverage. He needs to improve some techniques, but could be a good player if he reverts back to his play the first three years in Rutgers.

123. Ravens - KORY SHEETS, RB, PURDUE = All of the Ravens current RB's are not great pass catchers nor breakaway threats. Sheets is an excellent receiver, and has very good speed and quickness. He can also help as a return specialist. There are concerns about his character, but he could be a decent third down type if he matures. Guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed will mentor him.

124. Patriots - DAVID VEIKUNE, DE, HAWAII = The Pats could use DE depth, and Veikune is a player who they may like. He is extremely smart, works very hard, and has the versatility to play DT or SLB. Doesn't have good clocked speed, but flies all over the field with relentless pursuit. Could help on special teams too.

125. Falcons - ROY MILLER, DT, TEXAS = Atlanta needs to keep getting DT depth, and Miller can certainly provide it. He is very strong, and is at his best versus the run. A hard worker who is smart and durable. While he isn't a great athlete, he is certainly be a guy who can contribute.

127. Raiders - JASON WATKINS, OT, FLORIDA = Oakland doesn't pick again until the seventh round, so getting a blocker now should happen. Watkins has only been playing football six years, and is very raw. He has good size and wingspan. Has played both tackle spots, and even some TE. A very good athlete who has strong hands, and specializes in pass protection. He needs to get stronger, work on his technique, and have some time to develop. His upside suggests he can be a future starting LT.

128. Colts - KALUKA MAIAVA, OLB, USC = Rumor is that Indy likes him. He is a spectacular special teams performer, has good speed, quickness, and agility. He is not very big, so he fits the Colts defensive scheme better than other teams. Raw, but should help. Most know he is from an athletic family, including many wrestlers like Duane "The Rock" Johnson.

129. Panthers - LOUIS VASQUEZ, G, TEXAS TECH = The Panthers are thin at this position, so Vasquez could provide depth. Is huge, strong, and nasty. Is very good run blocking, a must for Carolina, but has long arms to pass block. Hails from a pass oriented offense, so will have to prove he can play in a three point stance full time. Not very athletic, and needs to improve his footwork. A mailer type who fits the Panthers scheme.

130. Titans - RICHARD QUINN, TE, NORTH CAROLINA = Tennessee could use a good blocking TE, and Quinn is probably the best in this years draft. Though he is very raw as a receiver, as well as not being very fast, he can help the Titans ground attack.

131. Cardinals - ANTOINE CALDWELL, C, ALABAMA = The Cards need depth here, at the least. Caldwell may actually be an upgrade over their current starter. He is very smart and athletic. Offers leadership, and has a non stop motor. Very quick, but needs to get stronger. Has the versatility to play guard, another area Arizona needs depth at.

132. Steelers - BRANDON TATE, WR, NORTH CAROLINA = The Steelers can afford to take a flier on Tate. He may not be fully ready until 2010, but he has a possible superstar upside. Tate was just starting to come into his own as a WR in his senior year, until it was derailed by a knee injury. He excels as a return specialist, and holds the NCAA record for combined kick return yardage in a career. Needs more work on his WR skills, especially his route running. If he fully recovers, he will give Pittsburgh a huge weapon.

133. Chargers - SCOTT McKILLOP, ILB, PITTSBURGH - The Bolts could use depth here. McKillop is extremely smart and tough. He is a tackling machine who works hard, and never gives up. He is not very fast nor athletic, and needs to get stronger. A run stopping type of ILB who has a chance to find a spot on the roster and help.

134. Chargers - GARRETT REYNOLDS, OT, NORTH CAROLINA = San Diego could use RT depth, and that is the position Reynolds plays. He is huge and technically sound. Has strong hand play, long arms, and is smart. Not a great athlete, but has a nice upside. His uncle is former NFL MLB "Hacksaw" Reynolds.

135. Titans - BRANDON WILLIAMS, DE, TEXAS TECH = Jevon Kearse is aging, so getting another pass rusher is a sound idea. Williams specializes in the pass rush, and is very quick off the snap. An excellent athlete, but isn't very big. Needs to improve his run stopping ability, and has to get stronger. Though he might have been better served to stay in college another year, he can find a niche as a pass rusher and special teams contributor.

136. Colts - CLINTON McDONALD, DT, MEMPHIS = The Colts really need another DT, and McDonald has an upside to him. He is very strong, quick, and explosive. He is a decent pass rusher, but needs to work on his run stopping ability. Could bulk up more. He fits the mold of other Colts DT's like Reagor.


137. Seahawks - AL AFALAVA, SS, OREGON ST. = Afalava worked out for scouts recently, and blew them away. His numbers outperformed many of those who went to the combine. A four year starter, he has the ability and athleticism to start one day.

138. Rams - DOMONIQUE JOHNSON, CB, JACKSON ST. = The Rams CB's are an average group, so an upgrade is important. Johnson is blazing fast, and a great athlete. He has good size and length, and is smart. There are questions to the level of competition he faced, and he has had injury issues. He still needs work on his technique, but he could be a real sleeper. Has possible FS ability, another area the Rams need help at.

139. Chiefs - OTIS WILEY, FS, MICHIGAN STATE = The Chiefs could stand to get more safety depth. Wiley is a technically sound player who can player both safety slots, and help returning kick. A very good leaper, with nice athleticism, he has some questions on his durability and toughness. Needs to hit the weight room more, but he has the potential to help the Chiefs secondary.

140. Bears - JAVON RINGER, RB, MICHIGAN ST. = Matt Forte spent his rookie year, in 2008, handling the ball way too much. At this pace, he may not last long. Depth is a huge need. Ringer's stock has dropped because he has durability issues, but he is technically sound. He runs strong between the tackles, though he tends to go down on first contact. He is an accomplished receiver, and is very smart. A good back up type to have.

141. Eagles - TERRANCE KNIGHTON, DT, TEMPLE = Philly needs to get bigger in the middle of their defense,so they can reach into their back yard and grab Knighton. He is huge, has a long wing span, is versatile, and never gives up on a play. He needs to get stronger, and work on his technique, but he is a very raw prospect that could help the Eagles in time. He has an upside that could translate into something special.

142. Bengals - PATRICK TURNER, WR, USC = The Bengals could use this big WR. He is not fast, and is a possession type. He runs great routes, has good hands, and is strong. Needs to improve his blocking. Could give the Bengals the red zone threat they need.

143. Falcons - MICHAEL HAMLIN, FS, CLEMSON = Atlanta needs to get more safeties. Hamlin is very smart, and a terrific man to have in the locker room. He is big, and likes to support the run. Though he has decent pass coverage skills, he is not fast. He is not very athletic, and has stiff hips. He could conceivably be drafted earlier, but he has durability concerns. He is the kind who could start one day.

144. Jaguars - STEPHEN McGEE, QB, TEXAS A & M = There are rumors the Jags take Sanchez with their first pick, or trade down for more picks. If they stand pat, they need to get a QB to develop. McGee has really shot up draft boards because of his impressive showing at the East - West Shrine Game. He is a real student of the game, is tough, and a very good athlete. He is extremely raw, so he needs time to develop. Considering Garrard is fairly young, they can afford to do so.

145. Packers - GLEN COFFEE, RB, ALABAMA = Getting some more ball carriers isn't a bad move, considering the current backups have been inconsistent. Coffee is strong, tough, and smart. He needs to learn how to hold onto the football, and not run so high. He is not fast, and not a guy who can carry the load over prolonged stretches of time. He could, however, offer a good option as a reserve when Grant needs a rest.

146. 49ers - TERRANCE TAYLOR, NT, MICHIGAN = Getting depth at such a demanding position isn't a bad idea. Taylor is very strong, and plays with a mean streak, Though he is smart and tough, there are questions about his stamina and desire. He could add depth.

147. Bills - TONY FIAMMETTA, FB, SYRACUSE = Buffalo needs an upgrade at FB, and Fiammetta is another in a long line of excellent Orangemen FB's. He is a very good blocker and receiver. He also has decent running ability. Tough, smart, and a leader. He might be just scratching the surface of his ability, because he wasn't used much in college.

148. Chargers - JOSHUA MAUGA, LB, NEVADA = The Chargers can look to see if Mauga can provide depth. He has experience at all LB slots in a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme. He is an excellent athlete with great speed. He is smart, and has leadership skills. He dropped here because he has an injury history, and needs to improve his technique and strength. He has a shot at sticking, most likely on special teams.

149. Broncos - SAMMIE LEE HILL, DT, STILLMAN = Hill is a potential sleeper. His is huge, strong, and has a violent hand punch. He needs to work on his technique, and is a raw prospect. Has to prove he can step up in level of competition. Has the size and upside to help a defense in desperate need of players who can stop the run.

150. Redskins - EDWIN WILLIAMS, C, MARYLAND = Washington needs a guy to learn behind the aging Rabach. Williams, a local product, is very smart. He has good size, quickness, and has leadership skills. He isn't a great athlete, and needs work in a few areas. Having Joe Bugel as a OL coach helps.

151. Giants - JAMES CASEY, TE, RICE = Casey offers a dimension that the other Jints TE's do not. He is a H-Back type who has excellent hands. He has a non stop motor and is tough. A great athlete who played in the White Sox farm system three years before going to college. He is still learning, but he can be another pass catching threat for the Giants.

152. Texans - GRAHAM HARRELL, QB, TEXAS TECH - Houston's backups behind the fragile Schaub are questionable. Harrell has the potential to be a huge steal. He is a student of the game, and thrives in pressure situations. He is always refining on his game, and shows real leadership ability. Some scouts question his arm strength, and his isn't a great athlete. He has a lot of work to do on his mechanics, as well as prove his can run a pro style offense, but he is the type who will work until it is done. My sleeper pick of the draft.

153. Eagles - ZACK FOLLETT, OLB, CAL = Follett can provide good depth. He is strong, and thrives on run support. He is a hard worker, and a big hitter. He is not an exceptional athlete, and is the type who comes off the field on passing downs. He can also help on special teams, an area the Eagles are always looking to improve.

154. Bears - BROOKS FOSTER, WR, NORTH CAROLINA = Foster has a real chance on sticking on a Bears team needing pass catchers. He is very fast, athletic, and is willing to do what it takes to win. He is very raw, and needs to work on his strength and route running. He has an upside worth taking a chance on.

155. Buccaneers - CORNELIUS LEWIS, G, TENNESSEE ST = Tampa needs depth here, and Lewis could give them a potential starter. He is an excellent athlete, who is strong and has a surly disposition on the field. The questions of his character and level of play dropped him this far, but he has the potential to start soon.

156. Cowboys - PAT WHITE, QB, WEST VIRGINIA = White can give Dallas a wrinkle they don't have right now. With all of the athletes on their offense, you could see the Cowboys use the flying wedge (or Wildcat) from time to time. White could end up being like Kordell Stewart, a guy who caught passes while he learned at a backup QB. Some are mixed on White's future as an NFL QB, but he is a winner. He is the only QB in NCAA history to win a bowl game in four years as a starter. He might be underestimated.

157. Eagles - WILL DAVIS, DE, ILLINOIS = Philly loves pass rushers, and that is what Davis is. He is a fantastic athlete with good speed and quickness. He is smart, and never quits. Davis needs to get stronger, and improve his run support ability. A very raw prospect who can help out on obvious passing situations.

158. Vikings - FENUKI TUPOU, OT, OREGON - The Vikes need blockers, and Topou has the ability to play guard or RT.He is tough, and excels in run blocking. Topou plays with a mean streak, and has a very violent punch. He is raw, and needs work in some areas, but he is the kind of mauler who fits into the Vikings scheme well.

159. Eagles - JOE BURNETT, CB, CENTRAL FLORIDA = Philly still needs CB depth. Burnett is also a fantastic return specialist. He is pretty strong, and leaps high. He is short, and isn't great on run support. He could help as an extra CB.

160. Falcons.- ORION MARTIN, DE, VIRGINIA TECH - Martin translates into a SLB probably, which Atlanta needs depth at. He is also terrific on special teams. He is a good athlete who never gives up on a play. He needs work on his run stopping ability, but he could end up helping Atlanta, especially on special teams.

161. Dolphins - JOEL BELL, OT, FURMAN = Bell is a possible sleeper pick. He is huge, has long arms, and is a great athlete. He is also a hard worker, but needs to improve his strength and technique. He is a bit of a project, yet he could help down the road.

162. Ravens - CAMERON MORRAH, TE, CAL = Heap has been injury prone, and Sypniewski is coming off injury himself. Morrah is fast, athletic, and has good hands. He isn't much of a blocker, but he is strong. He is relatively inexperienced, and raw. He might be just realizing his potential now.

163. Panthers - QUINN JOHNSON, FB, LSU = Carolina needs to look ahead, because Hoover is aging. Johnson is very raw, but is the best blocking FB in the draft easily. He is a former LB who has limited experience on offense. He is not fast, and hardly touched the ball in college. He could be that masher the Panthers need to open holes for their two excellent halfbacks. He might be going too early, but this is Carolina's last pick.

164. Giants - MARKO MITCHELL, WR, NEVADA = The Giants roster is pretty stacked, so this kid is the type of raw prospect they can stash on the developmental squad to see what happens. His is tall with long arms and large hands. He has good leaping ability, and is able to stretch the seam. He must get stronger, and work on his route running. He is a project that will take time, but he could help one day.

165. Colts - AUGUSTUS PARRISH, OT, KENT ST. = Indy needs OT depth. Parrish has long arms, is experienced, and works hard. He needs to get stronger, but he has the ability to play guard too. A good backup type to have on a roster.

166. Cowboys - MIKE WALLACE, WR, OLE MISS = Crayton, Austin, and Hurd are mediocre,and Stanbeck is an unknown commodity. Bringing in more WR's is a good move. Wallace is a speed merchant who can really stretch the seam. An excellent athlete, he is also fantastic as a return specialist. He needs work on his route running, and his hands aren't exceptional. Could stand to get stronger, and improve his blocking. He is a guy who can be used in multiple WR sets to stretch the seam, as well as being employed for his special teams ability.

167. Cardinals - KORY SPERRY, TE, COLORADO ST. = The Cards could better depth at TE. Sperry is an H-Back type who is able to line up in the slot. He is a great athlete with superb hands. Intelligent and a preci


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