The Eagles Front Office Smoke Screen: Stolen 2009 Offseason Blueprint

James Senbeta@@BetaGetsBusyCorrespondent IApril 23, 2009

Hot off the copying machine are the secret conversations from Eagles management to successfully get the players they want from by the end of Draft Weekend. (Remember this is satire)

With all the pandemonium about trades for receivers and tight end we must sure up our offensive line first. Shawn Andrews was the best offensive tackle I have ever seen in college football and Herremans has the footwork and the drive to perform well at left tackle but… I cannot trust Max or Nick as full time starters at guard. Nick could challenge for the center position but I need my most trusted veterans to be my best pullers. We need a talented left tackle that will not cost us both our first round draft picks. We must better protect McNabb than we had last season.

-Andy Reid

As trade rumors about Anquan Boldin infatuated Eagles nation before Arizona’s official announcement of trading their Pro Bowl wideout the front office made a preemptive strike for Bills LT Jason Peters on March 26.

By April 18 Peters had a new deal worked out as the Eagles left tackle for $60 million in six years. As a result Philadelphia gave Buffalo the number 28 pick, a fourth round selection, and next year’s sixth round choice.

Andy I don’t know if you noticed but with Westbrook hitting 30 and Buckhalter leaving we may need some depth and a potential replacement at tailback. We all like Moreno and his skill set but we cannot go above the 21st selection to acquire him. To be honest I would love to trade down a few spots for extra picks if we can and still pick Knowshon but the risk becomes greater of missing out on him. I know he is by far the best skilled player at this position but we cannot afford him anywhere above our spot. We’re not just running a team here, it’s a business that is about to face an uncapped year after next season. If we cannot get him then we trade down to the second round to work on another positions coming back to running back in the third or later. I hear St. Louis would give up their second and third for our first.

-Joe Banner

This may be a favorite pick for some, the eventual successor to Brian Westbrook in the current draft. At least it’s a noticeable plan from the current playbook, and unlike fan statements the strategy has been more lucrative than bust compared to most other teams.

Knowshon Moreno is a bit like DeSean Jackson but for the halfback position. They both have swagger and the essential tools to become successful, even elite, players of their respective expertise. Both he and Westbrook could be an explosive two-headed monster at RB next season.

In review the Eagles have not always traded down in the first round. In 2004 Philadelphia made a deal after the Terrell Owens with the 49ers trade mustering up almost any selections to trade up ten spots for Shaun Andrews. The Eagle also traded up in 2003 for the infamous Jerome McDougle at 15.

Sure 2000 and 2003 can be considered washes but we have done well in the draft in the last four years. Mike (Patterson), Todd (Herremans), and Trent (Cole) in 05, Brod(rick Bunkley), Chris (Gocong), Max (Jean-Gilles),  Jason (Avant), and Omar (Gaither) in 06, your draft strategy from those two years has produced some serviceable to Pro Bowl players. You scored big on DeSean (Jackson), Stewart (Bradley), and Quintin (Demps), surprised yourself with Brent (Celek), and have potential in Victor (Abiamiri), Trevor (Laws), Jack (Ikegwuonu), Joe (Mays), and King (Dunlap). Don’t let the fans get to you about supposedly bad picks Andy; we have definitely made progress from those early years. We were a young team the last couple of years and now those players have begun to mature. So are you positive that you want to obliterate your first three rounds for Boldin and Tony Gonzalez? I admit I love the prospects in the second and third rounds more and more.

-Tom Heckert

Well I could settle for Tony if we have to trade down into the second round; I would even give up a third for him if we have a higher selection in said round along with our own. But it looks like with Crabtree’s diva-like actions a lot of receivers, including him, are falling down the draft board. If he falls to the Jets and pushes Heyward-Bey into the next round we could stay put or move around the second and third for talent. And it would be nice to move Reggie (Brown).

-Andy Reid

Oh and I know the two players you have become smitten with after the first round. First there’s that kid North Carolina (Hakeem) Nicks, telling him that you would love to see Eagle wings on his helmet at the combine. That is a pretty bold statement for you for any wideout right out of college. You even invited him up here spend more time with him. You still love the fact he may resemble Boldin in 2003 from his body type and playing style to the draft and possibly throughout the season.

-Tom Heckert

I’m glad that he is still falling even when he dropped 10 pounds from the 226 at his pro day. We may get lucky having him fall to us at 53. Hey, Boldin was selected at 54 years ago so anything is possible, but we need the Ravens or the Dolphins to trade for him to draft Nicks that far down. Unless Miami and Baltimore decides to negociate and the Giants’ talks with the Browns fall apart Anquan is staying in Arizona.

-Andy Reid

Very true, Boldin may be worth the risk but to what effect for building for the future? There is another guy you had wind of since your days in Green Bay, and you loved how his high school and college careers have played out. How often have you talked to his father Paul about him? Hell, you Google “Eagles TE scouting” it’s hard to deny, I’m surprised no one has been clamoring about this as a story.

-Tom Heckert

Back then it was warning him about Brett Favre’s passes and how well his kids were playing in pee wee football. But as Chase (Coffman) developed in the tight end position with tutelage from his father I started to bite at the chomp for this opportunity. He can catch and block, and would be the perfect complement to Brent as he was with Martin Rucker early at Missouri. And how often can you draft the NCAA record holding tight end for season and career receptions in the third round? Yes I love the kid, but wouldn’t you if followed his career? Chase is a must for me.

-Andy Reid

Seem like the Eagles have a real draft strategy prepared for April 25 so far. They could trade for Tony Gonzalez as long as Moreno is gone from the draft board before pick 21 and wait for a halfback later. They could go tailback, receiver, and tight end in rounds one through three to sure up the offense and go defensive for most of day two. One thing is clear; the Eagles are more prepared than ever.

Hey Andy this Sheldon Brown situation is starting to concern me. Asante (Samuel) is a nice number one and Joselio (Hanson) would be great as the number two but the depth is suspect. I think we should look at Bradley Fletcher, Greg Toler, and Coye Francies as fourth to fifth rounders at cornerback. I know we may have to package two fifth round picks to make it happen but with Jack coming off of injury it would be nice to have some insurance. If we can’t do that we could get lucky or think about Glover Quin from New Mexico.

-Jim Johnson

One thing is for sure, Sheldon Brown’s trade demand has made the secondary a guaranteed draft spot by day two of the draft. Sheldon may not be traded before the draft, but his stock as a starter is not as stable as it used to be. His skill is not the stats for interception but for prevention of scores, giving way to Hanson if he can be as diligent.

In the end a team’s successful draft is dependent on what team drafts whom before them. The speculation may increase but reality will soon take its place. The current selections are:

  1. rd1.       21
  2. rd2.       53
  3. rd3.       85
  4. rd5.       141
  5. rd5.       153
  6. rd5.       157
  7. rd6.       194
  8. rd6.       195
  9. rd7.       230

Insane Draft Day Predictions for wide receivers:

1.      Jeremy Maclin 1st round

2.      Michael Crabtree mid 1st round

3.      Darrius Heyward-Bey late 1st-early 2nd

4.      *Anquan Boldin trade to Ravens (pick 26)

5.      Percy Harvin late 1st-early 2nd

6.      *Braylon Edwards trade to Giants (pick 45)

7.      Brian Robiskie early to mid 2nd

8.      Kenny Britt early to mid 2nd

9.      Hakeem Nicks early to mid 2nd

10.    Derrick Williams late 2nd to 3rd

Also is Mr. Irrelevant really irrelevant? He seems to be more known than at least the last 50 selections before him. How about those undrafted free agents, no one really seems to pay attention to them on draft weekend.


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