NFL Draft Analysts Who Are Must-Follows on Twitter

Dan Hope@Dan_HopeContributor IIIApril 17, 2013

Once an NFL player himself, Bleacher Report's Ryan Riddle is now one of the best NFL draft follows on Twitter.
Once an NFL player himself, Bleacher Report's Ryan Riddle is now one of the best NFL draft follows on Twitter.NFL Photos/Getty Images /Getty Images

There has never been a more fun or engaging time to be an NFL draft aficionado, and Twitter is the reason for that.

The social medium is highly popular among the draftnik community, and it has enabled many knowledgeable minds with unique takes on NFL draft prospects to gain significant following and enhance the draft discussion that takes place each year outside of the NFL team offices themselves.

Until a few years ago, football fans looking to become informed on the NFL draft had to rely mostly upon the likes of ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay and NFL Network’s Mike Mayock.

While Kiper, McShay and Mayock continue to be among the most reliable, well-informed minds within the NFL draft media, fans who want to learn more about draft prospects, but may not have the time or desire to break down prospects themselves, can get a wider variety of draft opinions simply by building a Twitter list.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know about the work of Kiper, McShay and Mayock, none of whom are particularly active on Twitter. The following 10 Twitter handles, however, are all members of the NFL draft media who you should be following who consistently tweet about the NFL draft, engage with their followers and play a very positive role in the NFL draft discussions that take place on Twitter daily.

NOTE: This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but simply a small sampling of some of Twitter’s best NFL draft voices. With a steadily rising number of well-informed draftniks gaining prominence on Twitter, listing all of them here would be tedious. If there are other NFL draft analysts who you believe readers should be following leading up to the 2013 NFL draft, please feel free to recommend them in the comments section.

Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout)

If you’re reading an article about the NFL draft and Twitter on Bleacher Report, you should already be following Matt Miller, B/R’s NFL Draft Lead Writer. If you’re not, you should be.

Since joining Bleacher Report, Miller has emerged as one of the most well-known members of the NFL draft media. One of the most well-informed and hard-working NFL draft analysts in the business, Miller is also an active tweeter who posts informative news and analysis, and although his Twitter is emblazoned with the prestigious blue checkmark, that doesn’t stop Miller from conversing with his followers and answering draft questions.

Ryan Lownes (@ryanlownes)

Ryan Lownes is an analyst for Draft Breakdown who recently joined B/R as a writer of NFL draft scouting reports. He is also one of the best draft follows on Twitter, consistently sharing complete and well-thought-out analysis on NFL draft prospects and potential team selections.

Most recently in the weeks up to the draft, Lownes has been doing a nightly #NFLDraft32in32 series, in which he does a complete breakdown of one NFL team per night, complete with proposed strategies, potential selections who fit the team’s needs and scheme and also a seven-round mock draft in which he teams up with another draftnik who more regularly focuses on that night’s team.

Lownes regularly answers questions from his followers about his draft-related tweets, especially when he does series of tweets like his current #NFLDraft32in32 series.

Dane Brugler (@dpbrugler)

One of the lead draft analysts for CBS Sports, Brugler is one of the most engaging and consistent tweeters among the NFL draft analysts who work for traditional media giants.

Brugler is one of the hardest-working members of the NFL draft media, yet keeps a consistent presence on Twitter, often conversing with followers and other draftniks while bringing his unique and well-informed takes to the NFL draft discussion.

Ryan Riddle (@Ryan_Riddle)

Some former NFL players earn media jobs based simply upon the prominence of their name—Ryan Riddle is not one of those players. A sixth-round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, Riddle has successfully transitioned from playing football to being one of the media’s best at finding the best football players.

Riddle, who writes for B/R, is an active tweeter who often uses unique metrics to back up his analysis but certainly watches the necessary tape too. He is one of the best on Twitter to discuss the NFL draft with, as he engages with his followers and consistently discusses prospects knowledgeably without being argumentative.

Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks)

Formerly an NFL scout with three different teams and now an analyst for NFL Network, Jeremiah clearly has credentials you can trust.

Jeremiah backs those credentials up by consistently providing strong analysis on his Twitter, while he frequently engages his more than 55,000 followers by answering fan questions and discussing the draft with other draftniks.

Russ Lande (@RUSSLANDE)

Russ Lande recently started working in a professional football front office as the college scouting director for the Montreal Alouettes, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to share his NFL draft analysis with the world.

Lande, a former NFL scout who also writes for National Football Post, hasn’t been quite as active on Twitter since joining the Alouettes, but he still makes time to interact with and inform his followers. With the NFL draft quickly approaching, expect Lande to start making more time to continue giving some of the best analysis in the business.

Tony Pauline (@TonyPauline)

Tony Pauline is a well-established NFL draft analyst with a network of league sources, and he consistently reports the latest information and rumors that he hears from inside that network.

While this is the time of the year where wild rumors and misinformation can create false projections for what will actually end up happening in the draft, you’ll want to follow Pauline if you want all the latest buzz in the final week leading up to the start of the draft.

Benjamin Allbright (@NFLDraftMonster)

Benjamin Allbright has gained a strong Twitter following among the NFL draft media by consistently providing unique takes on NFL draft prospects, backing up his analysis and standing behind it strongly.

While some NFL draft analysts will waffle on their evaluations as more and more rumors emerge in the days leading up to the draft, you can count on Allbright to stick true to what he sees on tape, especially when it comes to quarterback prospects, which he tweets about most often. If you’re looking for a quality follow who can help simplify the complicated quarterback draft picture in the upcoming days, Allbright is a good choice.

Justin Higdon (@afc2nfc)

Justin Higdon is the only member of this list with less than 2,000 followers at the time of publication, but he deserves to have more.

Currently a lead writer for, Higdon consistently provides quality NFL draft evaluation while engaging in well-informed discussion about NFL draft prospects, both as it pertains to the Cleveland Browns and as the league as a whole. Help him get his follower count up, and add a quality draft analyst to your Twitter timeline.

Shane Hallam (@ShanePHallam)

Currently a writer for Draft Countdown, Shane Hallam has one of the best Twitter feeds among the NFL draft media.

Hallam provides frequent insight on NFL draft prospects, posts informative links and videos and is consistently engaging, answering questions and conversing with followers daily.

Dan Hope is an NFL draft featured columnist for Bleacher Report. He also tweets actively and loves to interact with followers as much as possible about the NFL draft.


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