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Writer and Draft Analyst, Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report.
Former Co-host of Football Debate Central Radio.

Developed a prospect ranking system using a weighted value metric. A key feature is the Dynamic Measurable Ranking (DMR) system which combines and ranks each NFL prospect's athletic tools. This can be seen at DraftMetric.com

-Husband and father of two wonderful daughters.
-Graduated from the University of California
-Set the school's single-season sack record (14.5)
-College football 1st Team All-American
-Drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 6th round of the 2005 NFL Draft.
-Played for the Raiders, New York Jets and briefly with the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens
-Played in the final year of the LA Avengers as a Rookie to (Arena Football).
-Work featured on CNN, TV appearances on CNN, ESPN and MSNBC.

I write stuff. Follow me on twitter if you have direct questions.

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  • Ted Dick posted 58 days ago

    Ted Dick

    You blow

  • Anton Shusterman posted 116 days ago

    Anton Shusterman

    Hi Ryan,

    Your mock draft at:http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1993814-2014-nfl-mock-draft-updated-predictions-after-first-week-of-free-agency/ is absolutely ridiculous. Your description of the bears taking an undersized DT when they have stated multiple times that they value size and power over pure speed would have them select either a large DT or Clinton Dex at 14 if he's available. The rams selecting clowney when they have two pro bowl DEs is ludicrious as well. The Ravens selecting another TE is also absolutely ridiculous. Also, you're reasoning for a team getting an OT that should be drafted in the TOP 5 is absolutely false. Lastly, with the no.1 pick the Texans select Khalil Mack? WTF? That pick itself makes your mock draft worth enough to store in a garbage dump, but the rest of your draft makes no f*ckin sense. I believe you sir, need to watch more NFL football and asses needs better such as: Texans have great linebackers Brian Cushing, JJ Watt anyone? They need another DE, ipso facto Clowney everybody. Drops mike....One last thing, Bucs selecting Bortles when they need to improve their TE options or DL, do you know who Lovie Smith is? Last time he drafted a rookie QB, he started a 50 year old veteran by the name of Brian Griese and he went to a 3rd string quarterback in Kyle Orton. Lovie Smith does not develop QBs, what are you thinking? I'm sorry, but I think you mailed in with this artcile. You need to do more research into coaches trends, also Raiders will draft an OL if the GM wants to keep his job otherwise his O-line will be more porous than swiss cheese.

    With respect, sort of,

    A fan...sort of

  • Ben Ghazi posted 188 days ago

    Ben Ghazi

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  • A j posted 189 days ago

    A j

    Your QB rankings kind of suck, man.

  • Seahawks Fan posted 230 days ago

    Seahawks Fan


    I am not sure which aspect of your writing disgusts me more, the fact that you ranked Russell Wilson number 3, when he should be 1, or your consistently idiotic writing.

    Seahawks Fan

  • Douglas Stevens posted 244 days ago

    Douglas Stevens

    Hey Ryan
    Great article.Glad to see you've become a successful writer. I remember your first flag football game so many years ago. That little boy across the street is all grown up.

  • Christopher Eich posted 244 days ago

    Christopher Eich

    Mr. Riddle, yes, Mr., you have expressed a courage and strength very rarely seen in the world today and not only to your peers but to the entire world. As I read your recent article, "I was the team Weirdo", my skin crawled and could see my own life through your words. No, I have never stepped on an NFL field or even played on a football team, but in life as a whole you can see this very same trend amoung business groups, communties, and even within families. I have put myself into the very same emotional and peer situations that you have, even though we are worlds apart, I could connect with you and literally feel your anxieties. Thank You! Thank You for taking a risk and writing this article, like many others who have commented on your behalf, I too am now a fan, and if our paths ever crossed I would be honored to shake your hand.

  • Smoove B posted 244 days ago

    Smoove B

    Ditto...what others are saying about your article on bullying in the NFL. Arrogant as I am, I consider myself to be one of the best writers I've ever met.

    But your article has humbled me. Terrific writing, from the heart, introspective, thoughtful, poignant analysis, simply amazing.

  • A A posted 245 days ago

    A A

    I've never commented on BR but had to sign up and say this.
    Your article about your experience in the NFL is just about one of the greatest articles I have ever read, ever. I just wanted to say thank you for being brave enough to show your vulnerability. Your thoughts are so well crafted, well informed and articulately laid out. wow, simply fantastic! I am incredibly moved by your words and experience and it will affect the way I view issues in life in general. I am an instant fan and will be following your work from here on. May God bless you!

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