Seahawks 2009 Draft Will Cause The New Era Sink Or Swim

Sam WoodsCorrespondent IApril 23, 2009

SEATTLE - JANUARY 21:  A flag flies over the Space Needle representing the '12th man' which honors the Seattle Seahawks fans prior to the NFC Championship Game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers to be played on January 22, on January 21, 2006 in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

This draft is by far one of the more important drafts in recent memory for the Seattle Seahawks franchise. It's been awhile since we held the No. 4 spot, and now that we have it, we have to cash it in to its fullest extent. I think we can learn a thing or two from what the Mariners have done.

They did not completely tear down and rebuild, nor did they keep the failing "It’s now or never!" faith alive. Captain Jack "reshaped" the roster so that the M's can win now AND win in the future.

At the No. 4 spot the Seahawks can do just that. As many already know, they aren't that far off from the playoffs going into next season (much like the M's). Both teams play in a considerably weak division that is easily winnable. And I believe that if everyone was healthy and the season started today, that we would win it.

That being said there are needs that need to be addressed.

This is how the Seahawks can draft to win now and for the next decade.

First Round/ No. 4 - Mark Sanchez QB USC

Now I know many people are particularly hostile to this pick, and I was once one of you. I wouldn't read anything that had to do with Sanchez going to the Seahawks because I didn't think he was worth No. 4 overall. I still think it might be a little bit of a stretch, but here's why it’s worth it.

He fits into our system very well. He's smart. He looks off defenders well, makes every NFL throw with accuracy, quick and very nice footwork help him as well. The biggest knocks are lack of experience and inconsistency (which is only from one season, so shouldn't be that big of a red flag).

That's why he sits for a year or two until Matt is done, much like Aaron Rodgers behind Favre (Hopefully we don’t have a saga like that but that’s in the future). He learns for a year or two under the best in the business, and when he's ready, he'll take the reigns and let us be competitive for another decade.

But the biggest thing I like about him is he works hard and is a winner. Did you see how pissed he was after the Oregon State game? That's the kind of attitude we need to electrify this somewhat boring team. That’s what will get us into the Super Bowl and win a *second Super Bowl.

Second Round/ No. 37 - William Beatty OT UConn (If available, if not then Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina)

This is based on need and the win now approach + pretty darn good value. Once again, they learn behind one of the best, Walter Jones, for a year and then take over. If he doesn't pan out at LT, then Beatty would be a pretty good option at RT, and we slide Locklear over (I've never particularly liked Locklear, but the team seems to, and they know more than me).

However, I think both are capable of being multi pro bowl LT though.

I also like USC's Brian Cushing/ Clay Mathews, I just have a hard time believing they make it out of the first round. If they do, it’s definitely something to consider, and a no brainer if Beatty, Britton, and Meredith are unavailable.

Third Round/ No. 68 - Chip Vaughn S Wake Forest

Once again, something we need + good value. Vaughn is more of a in the box, stopping the run minded S but I think Mora Jr. will work with him and Vaughn can become a decent if not above average cover man.

He's big 6' 2" and his hard hitting presence may strike fear into receivers as early as this year.

I like this pick because the raw ability is there, and with Mora being a former DB coach, I think he could teach Vaughn some necessary assets about playing S. Plus, we get to get rid of Brian Russell. Say it with me "YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fourth Round/ No. 105 - Ramses Barden WR Cal Poly

This might be a little late to address needs at WR for some, but I like this pick. At 6' 6", he's quite the target to throw to. I don't think he'll be much more than a possession type receiver in the NFL, but a good one at that, even if he doesn't have the coveted excellent hands.

But with his height and long arms, he kind of seems to be a poor man's Plaxico. A very poor man's, he won't be a No.1 or maybe not even a No.2 but he could be a useful big bodied target for Sanchez. He isn't likely to do much for Matt. Then again Housch won't do much for Sanchez if it takes him the expected two years.

Fifth Round/ Np. 137-Kaluka Maiava OLB USC

Lets play a game: "struggles at times because of his lack of size. He's shorter than ideal and doesn't have a lot of strength. Tight ends and tackles can easily take him completely out of a play because he struggles to disengage"

Is that the scouting report for Tatupu or Maiava? Thought so. The last time we gambled on someone that was undersized (also from USC by the way) we won to say the least. I think we can do it again.

At worst this guy is a special teams stud, which for a 5th Round pick, aint half bad. Special Teams are a 1/3 of the game right? Plus he's from USC, extra points for that.

There's a chance he could be gone however, so if this fails, I like Kory Sheets, the RB out of Purdue.

Sixth Round/ No. 178 - Ian Johnson RB Boise State

He's a hard working gamer, and as you may already know, I think that's vital to a team's success. His quick/sharp cutting running style fits well into our new zone blocking scheme. He also can be a good compliment to Jones and Duckett.

Not quite a thunder and lightning running approach that I'd like to see, but for this year, it works. Next year I think we should get focused on a Thunder/Lighting, two headed monster, whatever you want to call it type of ground attack. Hopefully that’s going through Knapp's mind as well.

Seventh Round/ No. 213-Tom Brandstater QB Fresno State

This is a late round developmental selection. A Matt Cassell hopeful if you will. That would be nice. I would also be pleased to see good interior line help here.

So there you have it. The start of a new era of fresh ideas into a organization that could fall way behind if they aren't careful. This draft should set them up towards letting that not happen.

I believe with this draft, and next year focusing on bringing in a Thunder and Lightning run game approach, while also staying true to our identity, the passing attack, and getting the line beefed up with young studs, as well as getting a playmaker opposite Trufant and maybe getting a quality pass rusher for a aging Kerney, and this club is set up to be competitive now, and great in the future.

This philosophy of reshaping now, dominating later that Captain Jack has introduced, must take flight in all of Seattle. We must tweak our conventional ways to modernize ourselves and be ahead of the game and be the team of next decade like the Pats were this decade. This city, although not necessarily making it too obvious, is hungry and deserving of NFL dominance.

Reshape now, dominate later. Spread the Word.


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