Bret Hart: Why He's The Best.

ryan underwoodContributor IApril 22, 2009

This is my second post and its about none other than "the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be." (man, what a cheesy line!)

I thought Bret Hart was quite the boring wrestler, when I was much younger and he was on tv.. but how he proved my wrong..

He is in my mind one of the greatest wrestler that existed because without him, we won't have "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. 

Ok, Austin came into existence way before their match at Wrestlemania 13. Perhaps you may say when they fired Austin from WCW and then took his anger to ECW, this lead to his victory of the 1996 King of the Ring.

Before the feud with Bret Hart, Austin had never beaten a top star. He had the talk, even beating up a washed up Jake "The Snake" Roberts, never put him over.

Alas, that is the beauty of why Bret Hart scores high on my list of greatest wrestlers, he put Austin over, even though, he beat him at WreslteMania.

Creative, Steve Austin, and Bret hart knew what they were doing. They knew that the fans were going to turn.

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It was Hart's ability to put a wrestler over that made him great. he did this plenty of times. This is what separates him from the Hulk Hogans, Ric Flairs, Triple H's and fans recognise that by still supporting him and giving him his dues.

This brings me to the current so called superstars like Triple H, who by virtue of backstage politics has put him in a situation, where one day he may be the WWE champion and the owner at the same time, like Vince Mcmahon was in 1999.

If you thought his title reign was bad, imagine that situation. You might still have him at age 60 wrestling a 45 year old Randy Orton, and a great great great granddad Batista.

Vince says that what is good for business, is good for him, well frankly triple H being the wwe champion is not good for business. If he had put Randy Orton over, like Bret Hart did Austin, would have done wonders for his reputation and WWE. But no. We have a situation that he may lose the WWE title by not losing at Backlash.

That's why I think Triple H will be never as great as Bret hart.