Ideas/Suggestions For The Improvement of the NBA Community on Bleacher Report

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IApril 21, 2009

Over the last few days, I have been trying to brainstorm at least a little bit for ways to improve, or just add a few features to Bleacher Report, and in particular right now, the NBA section.

Bleacher Report is an amazing congregation of sports knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm, so why not try to take advantage of it... Right?

A few of the ideas are just ways of the community writers working together, while others are things that could be added to the site to open it up to more possibilities in that writing.

Here we go...

The Double Slideshow

Perfect for comparisons between two players or teams, the double slideshow allows the writer to compare and contrast two players, teams, events, anything side-to-side. Especially valuable during the playoffs, comparing fantasy matchups, or even draft picks, it would be a great addition, and one that would be used quite often I would think.

Creature Vs. Creature Team Previews For Later Rounds Of The Playoffs

There are plenty of writers on here with strong allegiances to a certain team, and what better way to preview a playoff series. Pick one writer for each team to write a preview of their team, fully equipped with their strengths, weaknesses, and how they will match up with the other team.

This would be a popular series, especially when it reaches the finals, you could easily have multiple write-ups receiving good reader traffic, each offering a in-depth look, complimented by the rival teams take on the series.

It could work for the whole series, each writer, or even multiple writers giving their take/recap of each game. Classify the articles together, and when the series is over, archive them together so we can all look back and see what the series was like from each teams fan's point of view.

I truly doubt we will have a problem finding Cavs, Lakers, Magic and etc's fans.

Writer Of The Month Award/Top New Writer Rankings?

In an attempt to allow more writers to showcase their work, why not create a list of the most promising new writers in the section?

Obviously it takes a while to reach the top of the writer rankings, and I am sure a lot of great articles are going unread due to a someone's new writer status on the site. Why not create a separate list, or at least spotlight one or two writers from time to time who have made an immediate impact with their work on the site?

Also, why not highlight a writer every month for their exceptional work? Turn it into a title they can place on their writer profile page under their number of articles written and comments posted. That will look good on any profile, and definitely encourage people to check out their work.

Perhaps even next season, we can keep track of a writer's work for the whole season and have a sort of MVP contest for the writers until the end of the season?

Player Rankings/Team Rankings Before Next Season

Before the next NBA season starts, why not pull together the whole community to place their votes on the team rankings, and player-by-position rankings?

It can be a wonderful way to start the power rankings for the preseason, and even a great in-depth fantasy guide for plenty of people. Create a generic form, email to it to each contributing member, or just write an article, and open up the comment box for everyone to rank the players and teams.

This way, the community can come together before the season and start it off right. Even beyond that, why not pick the most qualified writer from each team, and have them right a season preview for their team, and when all is done, post them all in the same archive and allow you to view each team one by one if you so please.

That is guaranteed to bring traffic to B/R, as I look for that every offseason, and i'm sure others do as well.

Open In-Game Discussion on Articles

This is one that people may have seen around various sites, but I think it is a great idea to increase traffic and activity on the site during games. At this point, there is very little discussion on certain parts of the game, because as we all know, b/r is not a message board.

But by opening a single game thread/article, it enables the comments to be a sort of message board for interaction during the game.

The article could be just a short preview of the game, with the listed starters, and all the basic stuff, but it could increase traffic if done correctly, and allow some people to share their thoughts without having to write a whole article about it after the game.

Bleacher Report has the ability to turn into something extremely special, the number one spot on the web for user content obviously, but also, the number one spot for personalized coverage! We are a community of passionate, intelligible fans who are all trying to either, express ourselves, or find great sports coverage.

The growth has been rapid, but the limits are nowhere in site, the potential is there, and we just need to take advantage of it. For every step Bleacher Report takes as a site, the more we are doing for the sports media world.

No reason for us fans to be stuck with the bias coverage, sometimes to the point of nausea that basic media has left us! We have the ability to get the word out, and bring true media back to the world!

I'm ready, aren't you?


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