20 Sporting Events That Nobody Cares About

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMarch 31, 2013

20 Sporting Events That Nobody Cares About

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    Sure, we all pack our living rooms and go HAM when the Super Bowl is on, but what about the events that, even as a giant sports fan, we kind of couldn't care less about?

    While most of us will usually tune into anything that involves sports on TV, we admit to not keeping up with these events because, for whatever reason, they just don't appeal to us.

    Go ahead and say you'll try to get into some of these this year, but quit lying to yourself, because it's not happening.

20. Summer X-Games

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    Though the most popular action sports event has been around an astounding 18 years—and has obviously grown the participating sports' popularity—you'd be hard-pressed to find many casual sports fans tuning in each summer.

    Expanding to more international locales should help this sporting event's growth—we just hope it's to more than just middle school and high school kids.

19. Winter Olympics

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    Though everyone seems to count down the days till the next Summer Olympics immediately after the previous one ended, the same cannot be said for the winter counterpart.

    Maybe it's because they take place in the winter, have to compete with some other major sports or, perhaps, the events or athletes just aren't appealing enough. But we don't know too many friends who are hosting opening ceremony parties like they do for the Summer Games.

18. WNBA Finals

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    Competing with the middle of the football season and MLB playoffs, the WNBA Finals has the difficult task of maintaining some of the fans that may have watched closely through the summer's regular season.

    It's great for female basketball stars to have the opportunity to hit up the professional ranks, but until the league decides to alter the playoff schedule, few fans will be watching the most exciting time of any sports' league—the playoffs.

17. Little League World Series

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    How can you watch this video and not shed a little tear?

    To see a 12-year-old kid jack an opposite-field walk-off to win the LLWS is a beautiful thing...too bad there weren't a whole lot of people watching it.

    Our old co-worker once used his vacation each summer for 13 years to head to Williamsport with his boys, but most fans wouldn't even know where this tourney was even played.

16. NBA and MLB All-Star Game Competitions

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    Besides the Slam Dunk Contest and Home Run Derby giving us some memorable moments, no fan really anticipates anything huge to happen at these midseason festivities.

    And in all honesty, the only reason why anyone watches is because there's absolutely nothing else to watch on a weekend in February and a Monday in July.

15. Running of the Bulls

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    When you watch videos like this one, it kind of makes you wonder how (or why) no one really cares about watching this thing.

    From sixth grade on, I remember thinking about trying to do this, but for whatever reason haven't dived into actually doing it—even after multiple trips to Europe the past couple years.

    Anyone else down for the thrill of a lifetime?

14. Tour De France

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    Sure, the Tour de France is popular, but as prestigious of a race it is, it's not nearly as recognizable as it could be.

    Thanks to all the doping that takes place, it's nearly impossible for fans to latch onto a competitor and cheer for them year-in and year-out, because victories are often tarnished just several years later.

13. Race Walking

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    While you're busy running around the neighborhood trying to break sub-seven splits, that geriatric lady who lives down the street is hitting the pavement hard—by power walking.

    So go ahead and make fun of how she looks like a penguin waddling back and forth with each step, but if she gets good enough, she could compete in the Olympics one day!

12. Rugby World Cup

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    For one reason or another, rugby just can't get mainstream in the U.S.

    We've had friends who have played on both club and university teams throughout their college days, but besides that, people don't show much interest.

    It's a bunch of dudes going full speed, knocking heads and doing what guys in the NFL do—but without pads!

11. ASP World Tour

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    Names like Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater are synonymous with surfing, but besides a few other men and women we all might be familiar with, absolutely no one just sits around and watches surfing.

    It's kind of a shame, too, because it's absolutely nuts what some of these surfers can do with a board on water.

10. FIBA World Championship

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    With the global popularity basketball's had ever since the original Dream Team back in '92, it's a little shocking there aren't more fans of this international tourney.

    Though the U.S. doesn't always feature its A-list of stars, many rosters feature some of the top young talent in the world—with many of the players either already or soon to be playing in the Association.

9. Steeplechase

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    No, we're not talking about that horse event in May when everyone goes completely crazy day-drinking and getting all dolled up (though this is pretty much the same thing, just without the equines).

    We're referring to the Olympic sport where runners are hurdling puddles and other obstacles on a track.

    It looks like it'd be great for a "Field Day" event like most of us had back in middle school, but as an Olympic sport? Ehhh, not so much our thing.

8. Olympic Badminton

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    Badminton might be a great game to play at a high school graduation party, but when it comes to actually sitting down to watch people play it, we can't say it'd be all that entertaining.

    Maybe we're all just missing something that fans of the sport understand, but sports like tennis and racquetball are much more entertaining thanks to balls traveling at over 100 miles per hour speeds, and not a shuttlecock floating around in the air.

7. The Westminster Dog Show

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    Does this technically count as a sport?

    Who knows? But we're adding it this high because, for whatever reason, ESPN continues to report on who wins.

    Maybe it's just because its been around for over 137 years, but we don't know anyone who runs an office bracket to pick the winner. 

6. Any Draft Outside of the NBA or NFL

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    Playing soccer our entire life, we'd like to think we like soccer a little more than just the casual supporter, but that doesn't mean we're hosting draft parties for the Columbus Crew or Seattle Sounders every year.

    Truth is, even major sports like baseball and hockey don't get the acknowledgement that basketball and football do with their drafts, and we wouldn't imagine that changing anytime soon.

5. Women's NCAA Tournament

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    There might be some backlash for putting the women's NCAA tourney this high, but it has nothing to do with the product on the court or the (somewhat) predictability of a champion.

    Nope, the women's version of March Madness finds itself at No. 5 because of how insanely popular the men's tourney is.

    For all the analysis the men's side gets, unfortunately, most fans don't seem to give as much love to the ladies.

4. The World Baseball Classic

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    While every resident in the Dominican Republic partied hard after their country won this year's WBC, there were few baseball fans here that even paid attention to the undefeated run the team had.

    Some of the players said the title meant the world to them—which we totally understand—but there weren't too many fans who even watched a single pitch of any game.

    To be honest, the only thing we even remember from the entire tournament is that crazy plantain the team coined as its lucky charm.

3. NHL All-Star Game

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    The 2013 version may have been cancelled due to the NHL lockout, but you'd be hard-pressed to find fans that really gave a damn about missing it.

    We admit that the format the league uses is amazing, giving new meaning to fantasy sports, but we all know hockey isn't exactly the world's most popular sport—as exciting as it is—so an exhibition game featuring names only a few casual fans can't be expected to excel in the ratings department.

2. World Series of Poker

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    Thanks to poker being the go-to "sport" for guys everywhere, the WSOP remains to be somewhat popular to follow. But even the biggest gamblers in the world probably don't sit around and watch the main events on TV.

    We truly believe the live crowd watching are just Vegas regulars enrolled in an AA-like program, helping them get over their gambling addictions. Why else would anyone want to watch this in person?

    The worst is when ESPN re-runs previous tournaments to fill its programming schedule. Seriously, it's brutality at its finest.

1. The Grey Cup

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    Quick, name the Grey Cup champ from last year!

    Can't do it? Don't worry, you're not the only one.

    With football becoming the most popular sport in the United States, it's a little surprising that the Canadian's version hasn't caught on.

    Those darn Canucks changed up some rules and the field dimensions, but football is football, so maybe we should start getting into this league?


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