More Fearless, But Not So Bonehead Predictions, of the 2009 NFL Draft

David CoatesContributor IApril 19, 2009

FOXBOROUGH, MA - 2006:  Josh McDaniels of the New England Patriots poses for his 2006 NFL headshot at photo day in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Getty Images)

So, here we are, bored again. Needless to say that I am attempting to keep my overactive imagination in check this time (No $80 Gazillion contracts).

Also, I decided to pass some of my delusional ideas on to the group, who I have come to respect, because no matter what anyone else says about ya'll, you guys are the best reporters in sports. And I won't tell anyone about that thing with thing....

10. Josh McDaniels finally convinces everyone he is an idiot.

I have been hard on him since he let Cutler go. I don't care who's fault, who's cajones are bigger, our who cried more. Bottom line is Jay Cutler produced with a mediocre offense and watched his artwork go to shame by the Broncos horrible defense. That said, McD will draft Sanchez or a another not needed position and solidify his standing as "Village Idiot".

9. Crazy, Ridiculous, Insane. 

Adjectives used to describe the first 10 picks. Why? Trades, my man. With Edwards and Boldin on the block and top notch talent available everywhere in the draft, someone will do something ludicrous.

8. Jerry Jones is the guy from No. 9.

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Dallas needs a big time receiver. Period. They have the best TE in football with Witten, but a mid-level QB on a high in Romo. JJ goes hard for either Crabtree, Maclin, or Heyward-Bey.

7. The NFL Draft is delayed so we can check President Obama's mock draft.

Cheap shot. Yes, but you can't give love to the NCAA without giving love to the NFL Draft.

6. The Goose goes 28-32 in the first.

Do you know the Goose? If not, he has a cool little dilly here, http://dallasnews.upickem.net/upickem/registration/login.asp?contestid=5593

hey if you beat him you get a T-Shirt. And its free to play, and it is MAD bragging rights to the draftniks. But I don't think you will.

5. Some broadcaster will try to imitate John Madden.

It will happen. Unfortunately. There was and is only one John Madden. Hopefully, no one else (Collinsworth, that means you) will try and pick up the marker.

4. Sanchez gets picked No. 4 Overall.

I hate saying that. I really do. But with all the pre-draft trades and draft day trades and pirates and stuff. Sanchez gets picked to replace Matt Hasselbeck in a couple years.

3. Tennessee actually picks a WR in the first.

Hasn't happened since like '98. Hmmmmm...11 years? Coincidence?

2. Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions STUN the world.

It has been so quiet out of Detroit lately I am not even sure they know what day the draft is. Actually, I think that Schwartz is playing it close and will actually PREVENT the Lions from mucking up this year.

1. Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions STUN the world.

So amazing I had to put it on here twice. Actually, I think that Schwartz is playing it close and will actually PREVENT the Lions from mucking up this year.


Stafford falls out of the Top 5. Crazy? Impossible?

Why? Besides the "Need Everything" Lions, who else actually NEEDS a QB in the top 5? Exactly, for the kind of money people are spending on high picks, it makes a good argument. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. But stranger things have happened....

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