Jamal Mashburn: Clueless

Damian JacksonContributor IApril 18, 2009

The Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs tip off their first round series tonight.

Jamal Mashburn sat down to preview the matchup and offer his analysis.

It was first brought to my attention by its mention in an article on DallasBasketball.com.

Mike Fisher and his site are bomb. Visit to watch the video.

Throughout this slightly over two-minute video preview, Mashburn makes several comments and remarks which show he is clueless when it comes to the Dallas Mavericks, a team he played for—a very long time ago.

1. Can Dallas Take the Spurs, Who Have Won Eight Straight First Round Series, This Year?

JM: Nah...I don't think so. Dallas has been a very inconsistent team this year.

Okay, I agree the Mavericks have played inconsistently for most of the season. However this year, meaning the season, is over. Dallas ended it consistently and played extremely well. Meanwhile, the Spurs discovered they lost Manu Ginobili for the entire playoffs.

2. Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Roger Mason, and Michael Finley="Jump-Shooting Dallas Team"

I do not understand. Parker drives often and scores at will on the fastbreak, true. Duncan has his very efficient low-post game, but even he shoots jumpers—the "Duncan Bank," which is encouraged without offering checking or savings accounts.

The other two mentioned Spurs, Mason and Finley, are strictly jump shooters. Even other players such as Matt Bonner, Bruce Bowen, and Kurt Thomas.

I'm more comfortable with Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, and Jason Kidd taking jumpers.

A side-note: Spurs were dead last in FT attempts this season. (20.0)

3. Does Jason Kidd Elevate the Mavericks with His Sense of Urgency?

JM: Well, well the thing is with Jason Kidd is Jason Kidd has to guard another quick point guard in Tony Parker and that's a tough matchup for him. And who else are you gonna have out there? J.J. Barea (which he pronounced incorrectly) to guard Tony Parker?

Do Parker's speed and quickness cause a bad cover for Kidd? Yes. The thing is, Kidd will not start out covering Parker. Barea won't be asked to take that duty either, Jamal.

Antoine Wright, Dallas' starting shooting guard who has recently taken the defensive assignments of Chris Paul and Deron Williams, will have Parker in this series.

Another side-note: Mash mentions Parker's experience will dominate the point guard matchup. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard this player Jason Kidd has some experience himself.

4. Dallas Doesn't Have That "One Guy"

JM: Dallas doesn't have that one guy I would say you could just drop it into. Dirk Nowitzki is basically a 7'0", three-point shooter.

Wow, Jamal. Wow. This type of comment is something that, maybe, would make more reasonable sense in Dirk's early days with Don Nelson playing Nellie ball.

Dirk is far more than "basically a 7'0" three-point shooter" and has been for years now.

Nowitzki was 15th in the league in free-throw attempts per game. He shot at 89 percent.

Eighth in total attempts.

Fourth in scoring, 25.9 points per game.

Dirk's trey tries (2.1) are his lowest since his rookie year.

5. A League Poll: Who Is Dallas' Best Player?

JM: If you poll everybody around the league, and you ask who's the best player on the Dallas Mavericks team, I think everybody would be surprised that people would say Jason Terry because he is a player in the fourth quarter that really steps up.

And he's your sixth man. Can you advance past the Spurs with your sixth man being your best player? I don't think so.

To start with this one, I have to say they do poll everyone around the league, Mr. Mashburn. It's called the All-Star Game.

Who was there representing the Mavericks? Dirk, not Terry.

I'm quite sure almost everybody, besides yourself, is already surprised by how convinced you are Terry is the Dallas' best player, not Nowitzki.

I won't take anything away from JET and his fourth quarter performance level, but I will defend Dirk's presence which somehow JM doesn't acknowledge.

Mavs go to a two-man game towards the end of games: Nowitzki and Terry. Both players hit big shots and make big plays.

Mashburn obviously knows how good Terry is. Props on that tidbit. It's time he recognized Dallas' big German isn't too bad himself.

And a few last words (on whether or not he thinks the Mavs can win):

I Don't Think So

The assumption is Mash isn't the biggest Mavericks fan, but he doesn't need to be.

Dallas Mavericks—and I'm confident I speak for most if not all—would prefer he brush up on his facts and understanding of the team before making these bold statements.


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