20 Great Moments in Kiss-Cam History

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIMarch 29, 2013

20 Great Moments in Kiss-Cam History

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    The Kiss Cam is as much a part of sports as beer and hot dogs. It's an institution. 

    For some of us (me, for example), a sneak-attack by a JumboTron is a lifelong fear. But others thrive under the bright lights and on the big stage.

    Celebrities and regular old fans alike take pleasure in either making the crowds coo with their romantic flavor or making them howl with laughter when they choose to make out with their beer bottle instead of their girlfriend. Or, even better, when they dump their beer all over the guy in front of them mid-kiss. 

    Whether they make you want to laugh, cry or vomit, here are some of the best Kiss Cam moments we've seen. 

20. Hurricanes Fan vs. Thrashers Fan

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    For most couples, it's all in good humor when you're fans of opposing teams. You may rib each other every so often about tough losses or bad press involving star players, but for the most part, you can laugh off any drama. 

    Unless you're at the rink watching those two teams face each other and one of the teams is getting blown out by the other. 

    Such was most likely the case when these two fans—one a Hurricanes fan and one a Thrashers fan—ended up on the Kiss Cam. Check out the 1:32 mark: The guy is ready to let bygones be bygones and share an on-camera kiss, but the chick is not into it. 

    When he goes in to make his move, she fakes him out and instead dumps their bucket of popcorn on his head. Well-played. 

19. Proposal Goes Awry

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    Not all couples that appear on the Kiss Cam are happy couples. And guys, just because you propose on camera in front of thousands of people doesn't guarantee a "yes." 

    This guy, unfortunately, learned that the hard way. 

    Last year, during a basketball game, UCLA's "Mistletoe Cam" caught this guy as he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. Either he was clueless about their relationship or she is soulless, because she shot him down in front of a rather enormous crowd. The sideline reporter had her guy mic'd up and everything. 

    In her defense, at least she tried to push the microphone away as she told him no. 

18. The Mani Te'o Kiss Cam

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    This creative take on the traditional Kiss Cam only requires one participant rather than two. 

    A few Notre Dame fans I know seem to be fans of taking photos of themselves "Teo'ing"—that is, posing with their arms around an invisible person. This "Manti Te'o Kiss Cam" at a Cleveland Cavaliers game takes that one step further by displaying guys with empty seats next to them—I'm sorry, with their invisible girlfriends. 

    Props to the JumboTron operators at Quicken Loans Arena for coming up with this one. 

17. Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

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    Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have never been shy about their affection for one another. 

    It is not uncommon that the two of them are captured on camera in a steamy embrace—whether it's in one of his music videos or in public. They are every PDA-phobe's nightmare, but that didn't seem to worry them at the Key Biscayne tournament a few years ago. 

    Rule No. 1 is that when you're on the Kiss Cam, spectators shouldn't be able to see tongue. That's gross. It doesn't matter if you're famous people. Keep it classy. 

    And for the love of God, Enrique, put down the empty bottle. 

16. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

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    There are Enrique and Anna, and then there are celebrity couples who know how to do the Kiss Cam right. Exhibit A: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. 

    At a L.A. Kings game against the Ducks last year, Rita and Tom popped up on the JumboTron, breaking up a string of some very bored and unhappy-looking couples and, alternately, some couples who appeared to be auditioning for something inappropriate. 

    We can learn a lot from these two, as they did everything right: They actually looked excited when their faces appeared on the camera, unlike most celebrity couples, and they kept the actual kiss short and PG. 

    Take note, everyone else in this video.  

15. Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman

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    L.A. Lakers games tend to get the courtside seat-seeking celebrities coming out in full force—especially when they're Lakers-Celtics playoff games. 

    And at one such game in 2010, Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman gave the crowd a bit more than it bargained for. 

    This was not a case of the JumboTron guy trying to play some kind of joke on the two stars: Hoffman's wife was sitting right next to him. When he appeared on the Kiss Cam, the option was there.

    But instead, he turned to Bateman, and the two shared a tender and hilarious moment in front of the sold-out crowd. 

14. Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler

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    Not to be outdone, the most famous Lakers courtside seat-holder of them all had to get in on the fun, too. 

    At a different Lakers game against the Grizzlies in March 2009, Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler—who had just filmed Anger Management together—were caught on camera at the Staples Center, and they had no choice but to make a best of it. 

    The infamous jokers appeared just before the end of a timeout (check the 1:17-minute mark), and even though Nicholson didn't appear to be all that into it, Sandler forced him to endure a small peck on the cheek to the raucous applause of thousands before they both collapsed into fits of laughter. 

13. Texas A&M Kiss Gone Awry

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    It can be very confusing for some guys when a potential Kiss Cam moment doesn't work out the way they planned. Take this Texas A&M fan as an example. 

    Though this wasn't technically a Kiss Cam, it might as well have been, because the cameras caught him right as he was about to make his move on his lady friend. Except she was the only one who didn't notice. Either that, or she's just too nice to tell this dude she isn't into him. 

    After turning her head to avoid the kiss, she continued to watch the game obliviously as her guy stared at her in utter befuddlement before looking like he was thinking about trying it again at least three or four more times. 

12. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

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    Back during the happier days—before Justin Bieber started refusing to wear a shirt in public and had to deny rumors of a mental breakdown and before Selena Gomez realized she could do so much better—this generation's version of Justin and Britney enjoyed public displays of their affection at sporting events. 

    Judging by this video, nobody should have seen their breakup as a surprise. She is probably the only tween girl in America who looks humiliated to be making out with Justin Bieber. 

    Maybe she was just surprised? Or maybe Selena really is the Justin Timberlake and Bieber really is the Britney in this relationship.

11. Will and Jada Smith

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    And unlike Bieber and Selena, these two have weathered many a breakup rumor but have still managed to stay together. 

    Maybe it's because they can put on such a convincing happy face in instances such as these. 

    During the 2012 NBA playoffs, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were a frequent fixture at many of the games, including at the Heat-Sixers series, when they were caught on the Kiss Cam. By all indications, they appear to be doing just fine here. 

    Or maybe Jada just was over-embellishing because she realized how...unsavory her alternative was. 

10. Kid Slaps Other Kid

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    Oh, the joys of young love. Or the lack thereof. 

    More than a few times, we've seen what happens when a girl doesn't appreciate the advance made by the dude sitting next to her at a game when their faces pop up on the Kiss Cam. It always ends badly for the dude. 

    But it ended the worst for this kid. 

    A few years ago, a toddler and his female toddler friend appeared on the JumboTron, and when the little player aggressively went in to make his move, the girl unfortunately didn't have time to catch her bearings and deny him—but she made him pay by smacking him in the head. 

9. Kim and Kanye

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    There probably wasn't anyone who was excited when these two appeared on the Kiss Cam at a Lakers game last May—except for them. Not only because it meant that two courtside seats at a Lakers playoff game were wasted, but also because there are no celebrity couples that are more annoyingly overexposed. 

    According to gossip sites such as this one, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent more time at this game "cuddling" and "whispering to one another" than they spent actually watching the action. Shocker. 

    Further rumors claim that when Kanye and his lady were bypassed by the Kiss Cam earlier in the game, the rapper spent halftime reaming out the JumboTron operator so that they could get on it in the second half.

    Whether that's true or not, it's clear that he recovered in time for his big moment. 

8. Guy Chooses Beer over Girl

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    It's an age-old Kiss Cam trick, but it never ceases to please. 

    When a guy looks up at the Kiss Cam and sees his own mug staring back at him, the immediate reaction is to grab his lady and pucker up...most of the time. Every once in a while, though, we get a clown like this who changes things up. 

    At a hockey game a few years ago, this guy made quite a show out of showing his beer some love. While his girlfriend looked on angrily, he engaged in a passionate moment with his frothy beverage.

    Only that—not a regular old Kiss Cam moment—will land you on SportsCenter's top 10, so, apparently, it was worth it. 

7. Prince William and Kate Middleton

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    Not even one of the most infamously private couples in the world can evade the Kiss Cam. 

    It was a given that Kate Middleton and Prince William would put in an appearance or two in the stands at this summer's Olympic Games in London. That also meant prime Kiss Cam material for the operators of the big screen. But according to CeleBuzz.com, the prince and his lady were "dreading" being caught on camera. 

    Alas, there was no avoiding it—but the two of them made the best of it and kept it classy, limiting their exchanges to mostly hand-holding and flirtatious glances. 

    Maybe Kim and Kanye could learn something from these two. 

6. LeBron James and Chris Bosh

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    What is the secret to winning a championship? Team chemistry. 

    The Miami Heat have it; they just don't put it on display on the JumboTron.

    Just a few months after Miami took home the NBA title, the Heat took the court for the 2012 preseason and proved that they were ready to make another run for a ring—and that they weren't going to waste any time with any silly Kiss Cam antics, even if the games didn't count yet. 

    So when LeBron James and Chris Bosh appeared on the big screen with a heart around their heads as they sat on the bench in the second quarter of a game against the Atlanta Hawks, they did the only thing they could do: They pretended they didn't notice. 

    Rather, LeBron pretended he didn't notice. Bosh sat there looking decidedly uncomfortable and unsure about how he should respond to the prank. 

5. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

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    Now this is how you rock the Kiss Cam. 

    Shortly after there were rumors of breakups, there were rumors of engagements. And in one of their first public appearances together after speculation about a possible wedding, Justin Timberlake and now-wife Jessica Biel made it clear that they were heading for wedding bells. 

    Sitting courtside at the same Lakers playoff game in which Kim and Kanye assaulted the eyeballs of millions, the couple gave the crowd quite a show when they appeared on the big screen. 

    But they were just kidding around so their super-PDA is acceptable. Maybe. 

4. David and Victoria Beckham

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    Britain's other royal couple has had its share of Kiss Cam moments too.

    The Beckhams were suddenly in the news a lot more in the U.S. when David inked a deal with the L.A. Galaxy. That meant many more opportunities for them to sit courtside at Lakers games (of course) and give the JumboTron operators plenty of ammunition. 

    Last May, Posh and Becks were caught on camera at a Lakers game, and instead of hiding or rolling their eyes or playing dumb, they just went for it and got a good laugh out of it. That's what the fans like to see. 

3. A 'Stepbrothers' Kiss Cam Moment

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    The Kiss Cam operators at the Staples Center have to know that any time Will Ferrell appears at a Lakers game, shenanigans are bound to ensue. 

    And that is precisely what happened a couple of years ago, when Ferrell sat courtside with his Stepbrothers co-star, John C. Reilly. 

    There was no LeBron-Bosh nonsense when these two showed up on the big screen. They set aside their feasts, they faced each other wearing their matching Lakers shirts and they went for it, full throttle.

    If only everyone who ever appeared on the Kiss Cam could be that hilarious without even trying, 

2. Beer-Spill Fail

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    This is a Kiss Cam classic. 

    Skip ahead to the 30-second mark. Though the operator seems to be focusing on the couple at the top of the frame, nobody is looking at them—they're all looking at the guy in front of him, sitting all by himself, with no potential Kiss Cam partner in sight.

    At first, he looks like a little bit of an Eeyore, but once he sees himself on the big screen, all loneliness is forgotten—this guy is pumped to just be on the JumboTron. 

    He doesn't notice the happy couple behind him, however, until the guy actually engaging in Kiss Cam activities accidentally dumps the entirety of his beer onto his lonely section-mate's head and shoulder. 

    You could not pay an actor to fake a better reaction. He goes from pure elation to rage blackout in a matter of seconds. 

1. Barack and Michelle

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    There's nothing better than seeing the most powerful man in the world put aside work for a second to enjoy some basketball—and a little one-on-one time with his First Lady. 

    This summer, President Obama was courtside as Team USA prepared for the Olympics with an exhibition matchup against Brazil. When he and Michelle appeared on the Kiss Cam, however, he suddenly got camera shy and flubbed his big moment. 

    But have no fear: He made up for it seconds later, as the television cameras captured an intimate moment between him and his lady. And here, we learn the most important lesson of all: Even the president can blow it, but there's always an opportunity to make up for lost time. You just have to seize the moment. 


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