LeBron James Photobombs Ray Allen During Interview, Shows America LeTroll Face

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 26, 2013

Show me your troll face!

The bomb bay doors were opened after the Heat’s 108-94 victory over the Orlando Magic, and the photobombs were dropped. 

The victory extended the Heat’s titanic win streak to 27 games, and only the gooniest, weirdest expressions could continue the ongoing postgame warfare the team has begun waging on one another's interviews. 

Our latest photobomb victim is now Ray Allen, who was attempting to answer some questions about the game when James slid silently into the shot sporting an expression I will call “LeTroll.”

James’ face was a true masterwork—half Furbie eyes, half Derp-mouth and 100-percent certain to haunt all of our dreams for the next week or so.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the carpet-bombing only lasted several strange seconds. 

Allen looks like, “Welp, this is just what happens around here,” and LeTroll slid away, presumably returning to his abandoned water tower off by the Florida Turnpike to polish his “precious.”

Now, the question remains: Who is the ultimate troll on the Miami Heat? Who is the lead bombardier of the postgame interview? This bombing changes everything and presents a clear challenge to Chris Bosh’s throne as the team’s reigning troll king.

Will James wheel out another a face after the Heat’s next win? Will I ever sleep soundly again? If I do, will I only see LeTroll, gutting fish by an underground lake and muttering in tongues?

We shall see.

Trolls gotta troll: Dr__Carson