Marshall Henderson Gives Fans the Bird After Losing to La Salle (Video)

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 26, 2013

You’ve got to give Marshall Henderson credit—he's an incredibly consistent crazy person.

After falling to the No. 13 seed La Salle in the third round of the NCAA tournament, Ole Miss’ resident sociopath/shooting guard went out in a blaze of kicking, screaming and middle fingers.

Walking off the court, Henderson teed off on a water bottle holder, flipped the bird and shouted what sounds like a muffled F-bomb at fans above the tunnel.

The Rebels' Sweet 16 dreams had just been smothered by a “South Philly Floater” from La Salle guard Tyrone Garland with two seconds left, but it was taunting from fans that slipped under Henderson’s skin.

According to reporters, Henderson said fans had called his sister “a whore” and “said something about cocaine.”

Now, no one here at Bleacher Report claims to be a soothsayer or in possession of a crystal ball, but the band is playing loud as ever as Henderson walks off the floor. The only audible derision toward Ole Miss is some loud booing.

So it may be safe to say that the “sister/cocaine” bit was either a canned excuse he had ready or a mantra the goblins chant in his head-movies as he sleeps at night.

Either way, let's be completely frank—we all knew this was how it was going to play out.

As soon as Ole Miss won the SEC tournament and received its automatic bid to the NCAA tournament, we all knew this wasn’t going to end in Marshall Henderson cutting down the nets and handing small Bibles to children.

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